Digital Realty Trust, a real estate investment trust (REIT), engages in the ownership, acquisition, development, redevelopment, and management of of strategically located properties containing applications and operations critical to the day-to-day operations of technology industry tenants and corporate enterprise datacenter users.

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Alibaba Cloud to launch London region

China’s favorite e-commerce giant Alibaba is planning the launch of a cloud region in London, two years after entering the European market with a data center in Frankfurt.

The move was not highly publicized; the company merely updated its website to advertise the future availability zones in the UK and an unspecified ‘Launch Date,’ offering early bird plans and free services to its potential customers.

Among these are three types of elastic compute services from low to high performance web servers, as well as a database hosting service, ApsaraDB for RDS.

It is unclear whether the company is building its own data center in the UK, and the information on its site – promising two nines of availability, dual availability zones and other generic data center characteristics such as CCTV, fiber diversity and 24/7 on-site engineers – gives little clue as to where it could be leasing the space.

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Charlotte-IX is Launched, Flexential is an Early Supporter

Charlotte-IX was launched with the support of Flexential. The new peering exchange point is available at Flexential's Charlotte and Raleigh data centers.

Learn more at:

Digital Realty opens new Sydney Data Center at Erskine Park

Digital Realty’s SYD11 data center at Erskine Park in Sydney is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2018. To look at how the new facility reflects both the evolution of Digital Realty’s global design standards and Australia’s capacity for early adoption of data center innovation, DCD spoke with Peter Adcock, VP of design and construction at Digital Realty Asia Pacific.

Digital Realty is the largest data center owner, operator and developer in the world. According to Structure Research, at the end of 2016 it accounted for 20 percent of the wholesale colocation market by space. Nine months after the paper was published, the company merged with DuPont Fabros Technology, the third largest data center operator listed, thereby consolidating its position further.

The majority of Digital Realty’s 205 properties and 32 million square feet (3.1 million square meters) at end 2017 were located in North America, but the Asia Pacific region is viewed as an important target for expansion. Inherent demographic and economic growth factors add an extra momentum to the increase in infrastructure requirements and its ‘fragmentation’ (to borrow the Digital Realty term) represents a mix of established markets able to support facilities that meet Digital Realty’s global standards, adjacent to high-growth emerging markets.

Starting from zero at the beginning of the decade, Digital Realty saw some of its fastest growth in this particular region. Digital Jurong (SIN10) on the west side of Singapore, for example, is in the top three of the best-performing facilities in the whole of its global portfolio.

Digital Realty first arrived in Australia with the SYD10 data center at Erskine Park, 42 kilometers west of the city center, at the end of 2012. A second data center in Deer Park, Melbourne, and a third at North Ryde, Sydney, followed in 2013.

In meeting local IT infrastructure requirements, the facilities in Australia are playing a wider role within the Digital Realty standards program. Adcock sees Australians as early adopters of new technology, with data centers now in their second or third design iteration, as well as boasting a considerable heritage of incubating IT companies, and a culture that is not constrained by tradition.

“It is easier to adopt and to innovate. The US market is huge – it steams ahead like an aircraft carrier which means it is not easy to change direction but it is easier to do that in a smaller market, you can be a bit more nimble.”

As an example, Adcock cites opportunities to prototype, test and develop alternative approaches to power and cooling – Digital Realty in Australia was the first to adopt the new distributed redundant power solution. SYD11 will also introduce the latest 4.0 Architecture POD modular design.

The data center will deliver between 14MW and 18MW of IT capacity, with two levels, each housing three data halls. Digital Realty started out building 4.8MW and has added another 3.6MW to satisfy two global customers that wish to keep some capacity in reserve. SYD11 is adjacent to SYD10, therefore easy to access; it is also a location which lends itself to the addition of a two-storey office space for key customers. The facility is due for completion before the end of the year. Adcock explains: “Once the structure shell and core - the PBB (Powered Base Building) - is there, the transformers, UPS and switchboards are pre-fabricated off-site and the electrical units are wired off-site so they slot into place very quickly.”

SYD11 has been designed and constructed to take advantage of the economies of scale. The first key ingredient, common among major builders of data centers, is modular design. For Digital Realty, the module is typically 1,000 square meters in size and can provide power densities from 1.5 kW per square meter up to 3.0 kW per square meter. This range fits customers from wholesale up to the lower end of hyperscale, as Digital Realty does not offer retail colocation in Australia yet. Its projects typically also incorporates “skids” – modular electrical plant rooms at 400 volts and 11kV, with utility supply at 11kV, allowing generators to be shared in order to improve reliability and remove stranded capacity.

The second key ingredient is management of the supply chain. In order to arrive at a cost-effective solution and to meet schedules, Digital Realty orders equipment on the basis of long lead times to use across several projects. “When it comes to the key requirements of time, quality and cost, it used to be said that you can get two but not all three,” Adcock told DCD.

”But when you go modular and because you are building the same thing time after time, the reliability improves and the costs and the timeframe also go down. Five to 10 years ago, data centers were a bit of a bespoke cottage industry. Now they have become very much industrialized, and they have to be. The cloud lives in data centers, all that content, processes and apps have to sit somewhere.”

The practices that Digital Realty’s standards rely on also have their basis in analytics. Two hundred and five data centers, the largest footprint in the world and decades of feedback from the operations team enable Digital Realty to deploy capital very efficiently. Using an analytics program which has now reached version 3.0, and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software to harvest data collected above the Building Management System (BMS), the information is analyzed globally by algorithms to see how the facilities can be adapted and fine-tuned.

Source: Datacenter Dynamics

Digital Realty, IBM Expand Cloud Connections

Digital Realty, a global provider of data center, colocation and interconnection solutions and an IBM Business Partner, announced today it will expand dedicated, private access to the IBM Cloud in 15 major metropolitan areas around the world. These on-ramps help ensure efficient and secure access to vital enterprise applications in the IBM Cloud through Digital Realty’s Service Exchange platform and augment the numerous existing IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated Hosting deployments across multiple continents within Digital Realty’s global portfolio.

Businesses are turning to the cloud to extract new value from their data and deliver better customer experiences faster than ever before," said Kit Linton, vice president of Network, IBM Cloud. "The combination of Digital Realty’s extensive global reach and highly resilient connectivity from IBM Cloud Direct Link can help businesses build the protected, hybrid cloud environment they need to innovate at scale.

Direct access to IBM Cloud is now available through the Digital Realty Service Exchange and IBM Cloud Direct Link via more than 70 Digital Realty data centers in Amsterdam, Ashburn, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Phoenix, Portland, New York, Santa Clara, Seattle, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto. (Source: Light Reading)

Digital Realty considering $1bn Acquisition of Ascenty

Digital Realty is in talks about buying Ascenty, which operates eight data centres in Brazil and is planning six more.

A still unconfirmed report says that Digital Realty is talking to Great Hill Partners, the private-equity owner of Ascenty. None of the partners are commenting on the report from Bloomberg, which cited "people with knowledge of the matter".

According to Bloomberg the talks are about Digital Realty working with a joint venture partner, leading to speculation that this might by Mitsubishi, which already has a joint venture with it to operate data centres in Japan.

The report says that Ascenty’s customers in Brazil include Amazon, Facebook and Oracle. The company has its own 4,000km fibre network linking São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza, the coastal city that that has become a landing point for a number of subsea cables from the US, the Caribbean and Africa. The company opened its first data centre in São Paulo in March 2017 and was planning to open its second the following month. Read More at Capacity.

Digital Realty Trust Data Center Map

Digital Realty Trust Locations

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1 Century Place (TOR1) Digital Realty
1 Century Place
Vaughan, ON L4L 8R2, Canada
Located in Toronto
  • 226,000 Gross SqFt
  • 46.0 Megawatts

This site was originally operated by Dupont Fabros as TOR1 before being acquired in Sept 2017 by Digital Realty Trust in a $7.6 Billion 12 datacenter deal.

Located just outside the city of Toronto in nearby Vaughan, this Canadian wholesale data centre spans over 66,000 square metres (711,000 square feet) with a critical power capacity of up to 46 megawatts. The site was the former Toronto Star Printing plant.

1 Olivers Yard - Digital Realty
One Oliver's Yard
55-71 City Rd, London EC1Y 1HQ, UK
Located in London
  • 27,114 Gross SqFt
  • 2.3 Megawatts

This site was formerly a Telecity site that was acquired by Equinix (January 2016) and subsequently sold to Digital Reality Trust (July 2016.)

100 Delawanna - Digital Realty
100 Delawanna Ave
Clifton, NJ 7014
Located in New Jersey
  • 179,000 Gross SqFt
  • 8.0 Megawatts

2 Peekay Drive is a purpose-built colocation facility adjacent to 100 Delawanna Avenue. The three-story facility boasts 215,000 sq.ft. of high power density, energy efficient space.

101 Aquila - Digital Realty
101 Aquila Way
Austell, GA 30168
Located in Atlanta
  • 175,000 Gross SqFt
  • 313,000 Building SqFt

Digital Realty has fully leased the building to a triple net client. The client is likely Google.

105 Cabot - Digital Realty
105 Cabot St
Needham, MA 02494
Located in Boston
  • 40,000 Gross SqFt
  • 6.0 Megawatts
  • 3 Story Structure
  • Flood Zone: Outside 100 and 500 Year Flood Plain
  • Seismic Zone 2A
1100 Space Park (SCL1) Digital Realty
1100 Space Park Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Located in San Francisco Bay Area
  • 167,951 Gross SqFt
  • 9.0 Megawatts

Digital Realty acquired the 3 story facility in 2006. Telx formerly operated the building MMR. Digital Realty acquired Telx in 2015.

111 8th - Digital Realty
111 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Located in New York
  • 116,843 Gross SqFt
  • Does not own Owns the Building
1125 Energy Park - Digital Realty
1125 Energy Park Drive
St. Paul, MN 55108
Located in Minneapolis St Paul
  • 112,827 Gross SqFt
113 N Myers - Digital Realty
113 North Myers Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Located in Charlotte
  • 29,218 Gross SqFt
115 2nd - Digital Realty
115 Second Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451
Located in Boston
  • 71,545 Gross SqFt

Digital Reality full leased the building to a Triple Net tenant, CenturyLink BO3


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Chessington is Digital Realty’s network rich and purpose-built data centre for the London market. Housing both private 1.4 MW suites and smaller retail cage environments
Digital Realty’s Redhill data centre facility Unit 3, Foxboro Park
Overhead view of the four building campus at Profile Park.
The data center was launched in 2013
120 E Van Buren
Posted in 120 E Van Buren - Digital Realty Source:
120 E Van Buren Outside
Posted in 120 E Van Buren - Digital Realty Source:
Chessington is Digital Realty’s network rich and purpose-built data centre for the London market. Housing both private 1.4 MW suites and smaller retail cage environments
Floor Plan
Posted in DRT London (Chessington)

Chessington is Digital Realty’s network rich and purpose-built data centre for the London market. Housing both private 1.4 MW suites and smaller retail cage environments

Source: Digital Realty Trust
Digital Realty’s Redhill data centre facility Unit 3, Foxboro Park
Exterior View
Posted in Digital Redhill (Foxboro Park)

Digital Realty’s Redhill data centre facility Unit 3, Foxboro Park

Aerial View of Digital Realty's Ashburn Campus
Posted in Digital Realty Loudoun Ashburn Campus
Rendering of DRT's planned 12-story Data Center at 330 East Cermak
Posted in 350 E Cermak - Digital Realty Source: Digital Realty Trust
Outside of 350 E Cermak
Posted in 350 E Cermak - Digital Realty
Exterior View
Posted in Digital Profile Park Dublin Source: Cundall
Data Center Room at DRT's Profile Park
Posted in Digital Profile Park Dublin Source: Cundall
Overhead view of the four building campus at Profile Park.
4 Building Site Plan
Posted in Digital Profile Park Dublin

Overhead view of the four building campus at Profile Park.

MWAA Aerial View of 424-Acre Parcel
Posted in Digital Realty Dulles Source: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
424-Acre Lot to the West of Dulles Airport
Posted in Digital Realty Dulles Source: CBRE
The data center was launched in 2013
Outside of Digital's Melbourne II data center at Deer Park
Posted in DRT Melbourne 72 Radnor

The data center was launched in 2013

Site Plan of Deer Park II
Posted in DRT Melbourne 72 Radnor
Digital's Melbourne II Site Has 6 2-MW Generators
Posted in DRT Melbourne 72 Radnor
Digital Realty MEL II
Posted in DRT Melbourne 72 Radnor Source: Greenbox Architecture
Conference Room in 72 Randor
Posted in DRT Melbourne 72 Radnor
Tech Customer Space at Digital Deer Park
Posted in DRT Melbourne 72 Radnor
Lobby at Digital's Melbourne Site
Posted in DRT Melbourne 72 Radnor Source: Greenbox Architecture
Conference Room in 72 Randor
Posted in DRT Melbourne 72 Radnor Source: Greenbox Architecture
Digital Realty's Piscataway Campus
Posted in 3 Corporate - Digital Realty
200 Paul After Renovation
Posted in 200 Paul (SFR1) Digital Realty
Digital's new Toronto Site was Formerly the Toronto Star Printing Facility
Posted in 1 Century Place (TOR1) Digital Realty
Meeting Space Inside Digital's TOR1 Toronto site
Posted in 1 Century Place (TOR1) Digital Realty
Digital's Amsterdam Data Tower is one of the 'Most Beautiful' Data Centers in the World
Posted in Amsterdam Data Tower - Science Park 120 - Digital Realty
Front Gate
Posted in 505 N Railroad Ave - Digital Realty Source: Digital Realty Trust
Overhead at Twilight
Posted in 505 N Railroad Ave - Digital Realty Source: CBRE
Equipment Yard
Posted in 505 N Railroad Ave - Digital Realty Source: CBRE