21745 Sir Timothy (ACC9) Digital Realty

21745 Sir Timothy Drive

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ACC9 is part of the legacy Dupont Fabros Ashburn campus which was acquired from Dupont Fabros in September 2017.

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21745 Sir Timothy Drive
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Distance Site About
0.13 miles 21744 Sir Timothy Drive (ACC10)
0.18 miles Aligned Ashburn
The first building on the Aligned 26-acre campus was launched in September 2019.
0.23 miles 21625 Gresham (ACC7) Digital Realty
ACC7 is part of the legacy Dupont Fabros Ashburn campus
0.26 miles CloudHQ LC2
0.30 miles Equinix Ashburn DC5
0.30 miles NTT VA3
RagingWire's Ashburn VA3 Data Center is phase one of the massive Ashburn Data Center Campus development which can accommodate six buildings on the 76.5 acre site.
0.31 miles CloudHQ Ashburn Campus
0.32 miles Equinix Ashburn DC4
0.32 miles ANEXIO ACC5
Anexio acquired the data center from Net Data Centers (Net2EZ) in October 2015.
0.32 miles 44480 Hastings (ACC4) Digital Realty
ACC4 is part of the legacy Dupont Fabros Ashburn campus which was acquired from Dupont Fabros in September 2017.
0.35 miles Equinix DC13
0.36 miles Equinix Ashburn DC1
0.41 miles Equinix Ashburn DC2
The heart of interconnection in Ashburn
0.41 miles ANEXIO Ashburn IAD4
0.41 miles 44521 Hastings (ACC2) Digital Realty
0.42 miles Equinix Ashburn DC6
0.42 miles Equinix Ashburn DC11
0.42 miles Equinix Ashburn Campus
Equinix's Ashburn campus consists of many buildings (table below) arranged in a campus environment. A simple cross-connect will reach any other building on the campus.
0.42 miles NTT Ashburn Campus
0.43 miles 44274 Round Table (Bldg L)
0.44 miles 44521 Hastings (ACC4) Digital Realty
0.47 miles NTT VA5
0.47 miles QTS Ashburn (Carpathia)
QTS acquired this site via the Carpathia acquisition in 2015
0.47 miles VPLS IAD
0.47 miles 44372 Round Table: Digital Realty
0.50 miles Rackspace Ashburn IAD3
0.50 miles 44461 Chilum (ACC6) Digital Realty
ACC6 is part of the legacy Dupont Fabros Ashburn campus which was acquired from Dupont Fabros in September 2017.
0.51 miles 44520 Hastings (ACC3) Digital Realty
0.53 miles 21780 Filigree: Digital Realty
In 2019, Digital Realty acquired the site from aircraft manufacturer Airbus Americas for $28 million
0.54 miles NTT VA4
0.54 miles Aligned IAD02
0.55 miles 44751 Round Table (Bldg P)
0.56 miles Sabey Intergate.Ashburn
Intergate.Ashburn is a purpose-built data center campus on 38 acres
0.57 miles 44490 Chilum Place: Digital Realty
0.59 miles 44470 Chillum - Digital Realty
0.61 miles Equinix Ashburn DC3
Equinix's DC3 site is logically part of Equinix Ashburn Campus but the building is physically on the Digital Realty campus.
0.61 miles ServerCentral Ashburn DC3
0.65 miles Cologix Ashburn ASH1
Cologix is planning to construct three data centers totaling nearly 1 million square feet across 22.6 acres at Beaumeade Corporate Park in Ashburn. The company bought the site for $38 million, or $1.68 million per acre, from the Christian Fellowship Church in July 2018.
0.67 miles Equinix DC21
0.72 miles Lumen Ashburn
0.74 miles Sabey Intergate.Ashburn (Building A)
0.79 miles H5 Ashburn
The data center located on Beaumeade Circle will qualify for Virginia data center sales and use tax exemption.
0.83 miles FastServ Ashburn
0.83 miles Databank Ashburn IAD1
In December 2020, Databank acquired the site from Zayo.
0.83 miles NTT VA1
RagingWire’s patented electrical infrastructure offers 2N+2 redundancy -- twice the redundancy of a standard Tier 3 data center.
0.83 miles ANEXIO VA1
0.87 miles DataBank Ashburn IAD3
0.87 miles NTT VA2
0.88 miles Evoque Ashburn WDC1
24x7x365 on-site staff
0.90 miles PowerHouse ABX1
0.93 miles Equinix Ashburn DC10
Equinix sells "Business Suites" at DC10. Business Suites are dedicated rooms rather than retail colocation racks and cages and are intended for deployments larger than 250 kVA.
1.01 miles Equinix DC15
1.08 miles Equinix Ashburn DC12
Equinix's DC12 site is logically part of Equinix Ashburn Campus but the building is physically separate and 0.6 miles away.
1.08 miles Digital Realty: Broderick Drive
1.08 miles 43780 Digital Loudoun Plaza (Bldg H)
1.08 miles 44060 Digital Loudoun Plaza (Bldg K)
1.08 miles 44100 Digital Loudoun Plaza (Bldg J)
1.10 miles Amazon IAD71
1.10 miles Amazon IAD60
1.10 miles Amazon 44862 Interconnection Plaza
1.13 miles Amazon IAD50
1.13 miles Digital Realty: IAD43
1.15 miles 43915 Devin Shafron (Bldg A)
1.15 miles QTS Ashburn-Shellhorn DC2
1.16 miles Amazon IAD-67
1.16 miles 43940 Digital Loudoun Plaza (Bldg G)
1.18 miles Amazon 44858 Interconnection Plaza
1.18 miles 43830 Devin Shafron (Bldg F)
1.21 miles Digital Realty Loudoun Ashburn Campus
The Digital Ashburn (Loudoun) Campus is 98 acres and consists of 9 datacenters. There are at least 37 suites within nine buildings on the Loudoun Exchange campus.
1.22 miles 43790 Devin Shafron (Bldg E)
1.22 miles PowerHouse Pacific
1.24 miles QTS Ashburn-Shellhorn
1.24 miles 43881 Devin Shafron (Bldg B)
1.24 miles Amazon 44854 Interconnection
1.30 miles 43831 Devin Shafron (Bldg C)
1.32 miles Import Plz, Ashburn
1.34 miles Sentinel Washington Dulles Gateway
Sentinel Data Centers acquired the 280-acre plot in Sterling Virginia for $82.5 million. As of July 2018 the land is undeveloped and Sentinel has not announced plans for the site.
1.34 miles QTS Ashburn 1
There is 2.66 MW of Critical Power per Data Hall
1.35 miles 44351 Import Plz
1.35 miles Amazon IAD-54
1.35 miles 43791 Devin Shafron (Bldg D)
1.39 miles QTS Ashburn Lockridge
1.43 miles 21710 Charles View
1.46 miles STACK Northern Virginia
The Infomart Ashburn site contains up to 6 data halls. Each data hall is 10,000sqft and can handle between 2 and 3 MW each. There is also 10,000 sqft of office space.
1.48 miles 21641 Charles View
1.64 miles Amazon IAD76
1.65 miles Vantage VA13
1.70 miles QTS Ashburn-Moran
QTS acquired this site via the Carpathia acquisition in 2015 and was previously known as "QTS Dulles (The Vault)"
1.71 miles Vantage VA12
1.71 miles Sentinel Ashburn
1.74 miles AWS: 20945 Loudoun County Pkwy
1.74 miles Vantage VA11
1.75 miles Amazon 45259 Severn
1.77 miles Amazon IAD32
1.77 miles Vantage Ashburn Campus
The first phase of the campus was completed in Q1 of 2019. The phase will consist of a 24MW capacity building, with 6MW of critical IT load fully operational on day one.
1.78 miles Amazon 45305 Severn
1.79 miles AWS: 20935 Loudoun County Pkwy
1.83 miles Amazon IAD15
1.87 miles Amazon IAD10
1.87 miles CyrusOne Northern Virginia Sterling V
1.89 miles Amazon IAD16
1.96 miles Skybox Northern Virginia
Skybox NOVA is a ten-acre private campus with flexible configurations with 30 MW of power and 210,500 SF from 120-600 watts per square foot.
2.02 miles Amazon IAD12
2.05 miles Amazon 22370 Kipper
2.06 miles Aligned IAD03
Phase one delivery of the campus’ first facility, IAD-03, is targeted for Fall 2023. Once complete, the Build-to-Scale deployment is planned to culminate in a four-story, 72 MW, 430,000 sq. ft. hyperscale data center.
2.07 miles Amazon IAD-88
2.08 miles Amazon 45111 Loudoun Downs
2.13 miles Amazon 22420 Kipper
2.25 miles Vantage VA2 Campus
2.25 miles Amazon IAD-51
2.25 miles Amazon IAD-56
2.26 miles Amazon IAD-57
2.31 miles EdgeCore Ashburn
2.34 miles Amazon IAD-58
2.56 miles COPT: 45751 Maries Rd
2.58 miles Cyxtera Sterling DC7
Cyxtera's DC7 site in Sterling Virginia was acquired via a $2.8 billion transaction to acquire 57 datacenters from CenturyLink
2.61 miles COPT: 45761 Maries Rd
2.73 miles Visa Eastern US Ashburn
Visa completed its new 350,000 square foot data center in October 2008. The Tier IV property features five data center pods of 30,000 sf each
2.82 miles Cyxtera Sterling DC3
2.87 miles CyrusOne Northern Virginia Sterling I, II, III
2.88 miles CyrusOne Sterling VIII
2.91 miles Amazon IAD-69
2.92 miles Cyxtera Sterling DC2
2.99 miles CyrusOne Northern Virginia Sterling IV
3.00 miles 21110 Ridgetop - Digital Realty
The site is fully leased to triple net tenants.
3.00 miles Cyxtera Sterling DC4
3.07 miles Cyxtera IAD2-B
3.08 miles AWS: 22945 International Dr
3.09 miles Cyxtera IAD2-A
Cyxtera's DC5 site in Sterling Virginia was acquired via a $2.8 billion transaction to acquire 57 datacenters from CenturyLink.
3.14 miles AWS: 22868 International Dr
3.35 miles AWS: 22900 Platform Plz
3.36 miles AWS: 45950 Pathfinder Plz
3.51 miles AWS: 45930 Pathfinder Plz
3.55 miles 45900 Pathfinder Plz
3.92 miles Digital Realty Dulles
Digital Realty acquired the 424 acre parcel in September 2018 for $236.5 million from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA).
4.33 miles Compass Loudoun County
4.43 miles CyrusOne Sterling IX
4.81 miles Google Leesburg Stonewall Park
5.01 miles Vantage VA3 Campus
5.30 miles Amazon Fadeley I
5.30 miles TA Realty: Leesburg
In November 2023, TA Reality announced that the entire 5 building campus would be leased to a large hyperscaler.
5.41 miles Amazon Fadeley III
5.41 miles Amazon Fadeley II
5.64 miles Lumen Herndon 1
5.66 miles Lumen Herndon 3
5.74 miles Aptum Herndon
The site was originally a Peer 1 site before the Cogeco acquisition.
5.77 miles Google Dulles Arcola Center
5.84 miles Cogent: 510 Huntmar
5.88 miles InfoRelay Herndon
6.00 miles Google: Arcola 2
6.00 miles Equinix DC97
6.04 miles Lincoln Rackhouse 251 Exchange
The site also houses a Verizon CO and was formerly Level3 site known as Herndon 2, but Level3 has since moved out.
6.17 miles PowerHouse Arcola
6.31 miles Yondr Arcola, VA
The campus's first building was delivered in late 2023.
6.44 miles Amazon 25020 Willard Road
6.44 miles Amazon Willard Road (Land)
6.52 miles Amazon 41992 John Mosby Highway
6.57 miles Microsoft Aldie
6.62 miles Microsoft IAD11
6.68 miles Amazon 13600 EDS Drive
6.71 miles Microsoft Leesburg 1A
6.75 miles Amazon 25420 Sutton Bay
6.81 miles CoreSite Reston VA3
As part of VA3 Phase 1B, CoreSite will build the shell of an 80,000 Gross sqft, 12 megawatt building, and a 77,000 NRSF centralized infrastructure building. which will serve the entire VA3 property.
6.81 miles Amazon Prediction Lane
6.84 miles Amazon 25410 Sutton Bay
6.85 miles Amazon IAD-63
6.92 miles Amazon 25430 Sutton Bay IAD150
6.97 miles Amazon IAD61
7.01 miles CoreSite Reston Campus VA1 VA2
VA1 and VA2 are on Sunrise Valley Drive in Reston. VA2 was built in the parking lot of the original VA1 data center.
7.01 miles Contegix Reston
The Contegix site is on CoreSite's Reston Campus
7.17 miles IBM Softlayer Chantilly WDC01
7.21 miles Lafayette Center Drive Campus - Digital Realty
In 2010, DRT acquired this site from 365 Main. The transaction included 4 other data centers and was for a total of $725 Million.
7.85 miles InfoRelay Reston
7.95 miles Amazon IAD9
8.06 miles Amazon IAD22
8.07 miles Amazon IAD1
8.46 miles Lincoln Rackhouse 1807 Michael Faraday
The facility was constructed in 1982 and was fully renovated in 2008, 1807 Michael Faraday Court is a single-story data center located approximately 20 miles west of Washington, DC and 15 miles east of Ashburn, VA.
8.64 miles VPLS DC1
The site is expandable to 53,000 sqft and 5.7 MW of capacity.
8.75 miles ANEXIO Reston
8.75 miles 1780 Business Center Drive (VA3) Digital Realty
This site was originally operated by Dupont Fabros as VA3 before being acquired in Sept 2017 by Digital Realty
13.47 miles Equinix Vienna DC8
14.62 miles Cogent Vienna
14.66 miles 8100 Boone - Digital Realty
14.68 miles AOL: 7777 Infantry Ridge
14.78 miles Equinix Manassas DC14
15.08 miles DataBank McLean IAD2
15.09 miles Equinix Vienna DC7
15.13 miles Lumen McLean 1
15.14 miles Element Critical VA1
15.53 miles XO Fairfax
15.81 miles Amazon 7500 Bethlehem
15.89 miles Amazon IAD7
15.91 miles Amazon IAD24
15.97 miles Amazon IAD11
15.97 miles Amazon IAD-59
16.04 miles Amazon IAD-52
16.05 miles Corscale: Gainesville Crossing
16.12 miles Amazon IAD14
16.65 miles Amazon: 8190 Bethlehem
16.69 miles NTT Gainesville VA Campus
16.73 miles Amazon Bethlehem Technology Park DC20
16.73 miles Amazon Bethlehem Technology Park DC19
16.74 miles Amazon Bethlehem Technology Park DC18
16.88 miles Amazon: 5945 Wellington
AWS has proposed the site for a 2.2 million sqft data center campus on approximately 117 acres.
16.88 miles Amazon IAD-55
16.90 miles Iron Mountain Northern Virginia (Manassas)
Announced in March 2016, Iron Mountain’s Manassas data center in Prince William County will include four buildings totaling 915,000 square feet and 60 MW of power. The campus is 83 acres. VA-1, the first building on the campus, is a 165,000Sqft facility with 12.4 MW of power.
16.95 miles Iron Mountain VA-2
16.97 miles Amazon: 15455 John Marshall
17.03 miles Amazon 15465 John Marshall
17.07 miles Amazon IAD-73
17.09 miles Amazon IAD-74
17.14 miles Opus Interactive Manassas
17.46 miles Yondr Bristow Campus
17.70 miles 9020 Freedom Center
17.78 miles 9040 Freedom Center
17.89 miles 8217 Linton Hall (VA4) Digital Realty
18.12 miles QTS Manassas DC1
18.19 miles QTS Manassas DC5
18.37 miles QTS 10680 University Blvd
18.77 miles CloudHQ Manassas Hornbaker
Built in 2010, The site was previously known as COPT-6. There is a 100,000 SF raised floor data area, divisible in bays of 6,250 SF
18.77 miles VAZATA Northern Virginia (NoVa One)
18.77 miles Amazon IAD-77
18.77 miles Evoswitch USA WDC 1
18.97 miles Amazon: 11150 Thomasson Barn
19.00 miles Amazon: 11200 Thomasson Barn
19.25 miles AWS 10261 Tanner
19.36 miles AWS IAD 101
19.38 miles AWS 10281 Tanner Way
19.48 miles AWS IAD 100

21745 Sir Timothy (ACC9) Digital Realty Data Center Photos

Map of data centers immediately surrounding the Equinix campus and Beaumeade Circle.
Ashburn Data Center Cluster Map
Posted in Northern Virginia

Map of data centers immediately surrounding the Equinix campus and Beaumeade Circle.

Operating Company

Digital Realty Trust, a real estate investment trust (REIT), engages in the ownership, acquisition, development, redevelopment, and management of of strategically located properties containing applications and operations critical to the day-to-day operations of technology industry tenants and corporate enterprise datacenter users.

164 Facilities Owned
55 Markets Served
2055.4 Megawatts
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