About Baxtel

Baxtel is one of the largest information resources for Data Centers. The site uncovers the cloud from the data center and provides tools to make more informed data center deployments.

Founded in 2015 by Eric Bell, a 20 year veteran of the network and data center industries, Baxtel began as a hobby project to develop coding skills. What began as a side project has blossomed into a business that provides a platform for advertising and data center consulting.

Find a Data Center

Baxtel is designed to be intuitive and quick. The site is categorized into three general areas:

  • Site Pages - Contains information on an individual data center.
  • Company Pages - Contains all the data centers the organization operates.
  • Regional Pages - Aggregates all the data centers in a region.

User Contributions

Baxtel is open to user feedback and contributions. Please contact us if you would like to provide updates to the database, news, or tips.