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5 Brewery St

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Opened in January 2010, the first phase of JB1, the Johannesburg based colocation data centre environment was originally set over 1250sqm. Growth in the market required further expansion phases that increased the colocation data centre floor space in JB1 East to over 3 850sqm. Continued demand for Teraco's neutral colocation services has resulted in the building of a second facility, JB1 West, which houses over 5000sqm of data centre floor space and resulted in a total of 20MVA of power supplied to the site.

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5 Brewery St
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Sites within 15 miles of Teraco Johannesburg JB1

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0.00 miles Telehouse Johannesburg
0.08 miles Teraco JB3
0.71 miles Teraco JB5
6.69 miles Teraco Bredell Campus (JB2)
8.97 miles Teraco JB4
9.51 miles Vantage Johannesburg
10.05 miles ADC Midrand JHB1
10.06 miles Internet Solutions Johannesburg 158 Jan Smuts
14.79 miles ADC Samrand JHB2
ADC´s JHB2 Samrand Data Centre is a former Standard Bank data centre
14.94 miles xneelo JNB1 Samrand
15.31 miles NTT Johannesburg 1
15.72 miles Microsoft: Centurion, South Africa
Microsoft plans to construct an expansive data centre campus in Kosmosdal area of the city, to the south of Pretoria. Microsoft will be the first US cloud provider to enter in South Africa.

Teraco Johannesburg JB1 Data Center Photos

There are 3 buildings on campus
* JB1 East
* JB1 West 
* JB3

The Teraco Johannesburg Campus Layout (J1, J3)

There are 3 buildings on campus

  • JB1 East
  • JB1 West
  • JB3

Operating Company

Founded in 2008, Teraco Data Environments operates carrier neutral data centers in South Africa.

Over the past decade, Teraco has focused on growing its ecosystem of carriers, content, financial services, enterprise and service providers. Its offering is underpinned by providing clients with direct access to Africa’s largest Internet Exchange Point (IXP), NAPAfrica, which includes all the benefits of interconnection via the Teraco platform.

8 Facilities Owned
3 Markets Served
62.2 Megawatts
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tech-spec-jb1-jb3_-_teraco_2020 August 2021

JB1 and JB3 Data Sheet (PDF)