Digital Realty Erskine Park (Sydney)

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Site: Digital Realty Erskine Park (Sydney)

Company: Digital Realty Trust
Metro: Sydney
Country: Australia
Region: Oceania
Region: Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Short Code: SYD10 and SYD11
Total Building SqFt: 172,246
Usable SqFt: 41,320
Total Power: 15.0 Megawatts

Located in Erskine Park, in Western Sydney, 1-23 Templar Road was opened in November 2012. The building houses four Digital Realty Turn-Key Flex areas within its 8,010 sq. m. of capacity. The site features 6MW of power and an N+1 free air cooling architecture.

Erskine Park 1 located at 1-11 Templar Road has 8,010 sqm floor space and 6 MW of power.

Erskine Park 2 located at 13-23 Templar Road is a 19MW facility. Phase one will be delivered in Q4 2018 with 86,327 with 9 MW to be delivered in Q4 2018. It has 14,000 sqft of office & storage space.

Site Name Address Building SqFt Usable SqFt Power MW Status
Erskine Park 1 SYD10 1-11 Templar Road 86,219 6 Built in 2012
Erskine Park 2 SYD11 Phase 1 13-23 Templar Road 86,327 41,230 9 Delivery in Q4 2018
Erskine Park 2 SYD11 Phase 2 13-23 Templar Road 86,327 41,230 9 Future Phase
Total Built 172,246 41,320 15 (only showing built capacity)

Map and Nearby Locations:

1-11 Templar Rd, Erskine Park NSW 2759, Australia

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.00 miles Rackspace Erskine Park SYD2 5.60
2.40 miles CDC Eastern Creek Sydney Campus
2.43 miles CDC Eastern Creek 3 25.00
2.52 miles CDC Eastern Creek 1 7.00
2.54 miles CDC Eastern Creek 2 13.00
4.43 miles Amazon SYD51
5.05 miles AirTrunk Sydney 269,100 90.00
7.33 miles Amazon SYD5
7.36 miles Fujitsu Western Sydney Data Centre 96,875

Colocation Floor Area
SYD11 Lobby
Entrance to SYD11
Source: AW Edwards