Madrid Data Center Market

The Madrid data center market is located in the country of Spain within EMEA. Madrid has 28 facilities with 1,054,859 sqft and 185 megawatts.

The top providers in Madrid are InterXion (4 sites) and Equinix with 4 facilities. The most popular facilities are Verizon Nap of Madrid and Nabiax: Alcalá de Henares.

Market Facts

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Data Centers in Madrid

Name Address Gross SqFt Type
Equinix Madrid MD1 Calle Valgrande 18,686 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
CyrusOne Madrid I Plot 5a 64,584 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Equinix MD6 Calle de la Pedriza 12 15,780 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Interxion MAD1 Calle de Albasanz 26,910 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Equinix MD3x Calle de la Pedriza 12 63,163 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Iron Mountain MAD-1 4 Calle del Mar Egeo Carrier-Neutral
Interxion MAD4 Calle de Alfonso Gómez Carrier-Neutral
NTT Madrid 1 Calle Aquisgrán 38,750 Gross SqFt Owned by a Carrier, but operates as Carrier-Neutral
GTT Madrid-Lezama Calle de Lezama 48,437 Gross SqFt Carrier
Global Switch Madrid Calle de Yécora 235,966 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Verizon Nap of Madrid Calle de Yécora 10,764 Gross SqFt Carrier
Interxion MAD2 Calle de Albasanz Carrier-Neutral
BBVA CPD Tres Cantos Ronda de Valdecarrizo Enterprise
IPCore Madrid Calle Marzo Carrier-Neutral
Nabiax: Julián Camarillo Campus C. de Julián Camarillo Carrier-Neutral
Interxion MAD3 Emilio Muñoz 49-51 93,612 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Ibercom Madrid Calle de María Tubau Carrier
Adam MAD Alcala Avenida Punto Mobi 37,674 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
inAsset NixMad Calle Casas de Miravete Carrier-Neutral
Hispaweb Miguel Yuste Calle Miguel Yuste Carrier-Neutral
Colt Madrid Calle de Telémaco 23,681 Gross SqFt Carrier
Produban Mesena 80 Calle de Mesena 80 Carrier-Neutral
Adam Madrid Carretera de Extremadura Carrier-Neutral
Nabiax: Alcalá de Henares Av. Punto Com 100,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Level3 Madrid Calle de Yécora Carrier
DATA4 Madrid - Alcobendas Avenida de la Industia 78,684 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Cogent Madrid Subestacion Electrica de REE Carrier
Equinix Madrid MD2 Isabel Colbrand 53,378 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral

Largest Providers in Madrid

Facilities: 4
Power: 51 MWs
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Facilities: 4
Power: 27 MWs
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Facilities: 2
Power: 4 MWs
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Facilities: 2
Power: 32 MWs
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Largest Data Centers in Madrid

Location Total SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW)
Interxion MAD4 376,737 SqFt
0 SqFt
??? NN
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Nabiax: Alcalá de Henares 265,869 SqFt
100,000 SqFt
??? NN
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CyrusOne Madrid I 0 SqFt
64,584 SqFt
??? NN
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BBVA CPD Tres Cantos 215,278 SqFt
0 SqFt
??? NN
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Global Switch Madrid 0 SqFt
235,966 SqFt
??? NN
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Sites Under Construction in Madrid

Location Building SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Estimated Launch
Iron Mountain MAD-1 ??? NN
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