Hong Kong Data Center Market

The Hong Kong data center market is located in the country of China within Asia-Pacific (APAC). Hong Kong has 55 facilities with 5,298,777 sqft and 635 megawatts.

The top providers in Hong Kong are iAdvantage (SUNeVision) (7 sites) and Equinix with 5 facilities. The most popular facilities are Equinix Hong Kong HK1 and Global Switch Hong Kong.

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Market Facts

Hong Kong Data Center Map

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Data Centers in Hong Kong

Name Company Gross SqFt Type
SunnyVision Hong Kong SunnyVision Carrier-Neutral
CITIC Telecom Tower CITIC Telecom CPC 100,000 Gross SqFt Carrier
HSBC Building Tseung Kwan O HSBC 100,000 Gross SqFt Enterprise
CITIC Telecom CPC CITIC Telecom CPC 40,000 Gross SqFt Carrier
Vantage Fo Tank (HKG2) Vantage Data Centers 15 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
China Mobile Global Network Center (GNC) China Mobile 104,410 Gross SqFt Mobile
Equinix Hong Kong HK1 Equinix 86,909 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Vantage On Lok (HKG1) Vantage Data Centers 64,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Vantage Kwai Chung (HKG3) Vantage Data Centers 29,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Equinix Hong Kong HK5 Equinix 48,115 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
BDx HKG1 - Cavendish BDx Data Centers Carrier-Neutral
Vantage Tsuen Wan West (HKG5) Vantage Data Centers Carrier-Neutral
Equinix Hong Kong HK2 Equinix 87,509 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
iAdvantage One iAdvantage (SUNeVision) 20,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Goodman: Tsuen Wan West Campus Goodman Group Real Estate
Goodman: Texaco Centre Goodman Group Real Estate
iAdvantage MEGA Gateway iAdvantage (SUNeVision) 200,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Sun Network HK1 Sun Network (Hong Kong) Ltd Carrier-Neutral
Sun Network HK2 Sun Network (Hong Kong) Ltd Carrier-Neutral
BDx HKG2 - Watson BDx Data Centers Carrier-Neutral
Cyxtera Hong Kong HK2 Cyxtera Technologies Carrier-Neutral
iAdvantage MEGA IDC iAdvantage (SUNeVision) Carrier-Neutral
GDS HK1 GDS Services Ltd Carrier-Neutral
BDx Hong Kong BDx Data Centers 119,996 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Digital Tseung Kwan O (33 Chun Choi, Hong Kong) Digital Realty Trust 64,583 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
TGT Hong Kong DC 1 Towngas Telecom (TGT) 25,000 Gross SqFt Carrier
Internap Hong Kong HorizonIQ Carrier
Digital Realty Kwai Chung HKG11 Digital Realty Trust Carrier-Neutral
iAdvantage MEGA-i Hong Kong iAdvantage (SUNeVision) Carrier-Neutral
Telstra (Pacnet) Hong Kong DLS Telstra Carrier
Colt Hong Kong HKDC1 Colt Data Centre Services Carrier
TGT Hong Kong DC 2 Towngas Telecom (TGT) 236,806 Gross SqFt Carrier
Telehouse Hong Kong CCC Telehouse Owned by a Carrier, but operates as Carrier-Neutral
HKEX Data Center HKEX 337,986 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Rackspace Fotan, Shatin HKG1 Rackspace 13,272 Gross SqFt MSP
iTech Tower 2 iTech Towers 108,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Apple Hong Kong Apple Hyperscale
i-Advantage JUMBO iAdvantage (SUNeVision) 120,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
LexisNexis Hong Kong LexisNexis Carrier-Neutral
HKCOLO Sino Favour Centre HKCOLO Carrier-Neutral
PCCW Hong Kong MCX6 Cyberport PCCW Limited 13,954 Gross SqFt Carrier
HSBC Shek Mun Building HSBC Enterprise
Epsilon Hong Kong Mega-i Epsilon Telecommunications Limited Carrier
HKBN Trans Asia Centre HKBN Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited Carrier
iTech Tower 1 at Tsuen Wan iTech Towers 190,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
iAdvantage TKO MEGA Plus iAdvantage (SUNeVision) Carrier-Neutral
Telstra Hong Kong HKCS2 Telstra Carrier
neuCentrIX Hong Kong Telin Singapore Owned by a Carrier, but operates as Carrier-Neutral
Equinix Hong Kong HK3 Equinix 93,708 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
AirTrunk Hong Kong HKG1 AirTrunk 187,271 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
iAdvantage MEGA Two (SHKLC) iAdvantage (SUNeVision) 260,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Reach Telecom House Reach Ltd Carrier
Singtel HKTKO Singtel Carrier
Global Switch Hong Kong Global Switch 753,474 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Equinix Hong Kong HK4 Equinix 42,840 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral

Largest Providers in Hong Kong

iAdvantage (SUNeVision)
Facilities: 7
Power: 66 MWs
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Facilities: 5
Power: 41 MWs
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Vantage Data Centers
Facilities: 4
Power: 35 MWs
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BDx Data Centers
Facilities: 3
Power: 14 MWs
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Largest Data Centers in Hong Kong

Location Total SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW)
Goodman: Tsuen Wan West Campus 1,600,000 SqFt
0 SqFt
??? NN
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Global Switch Hong Kong 0 SqFt
753,474 SqFt
??? NN
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Telehouse Hong Kong CCC 360,000 SqFt
0 SqFt
??? NN
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iAdvantage MEGA Two (SHKLC) 520,000 SqFt
260,000 SqFt
??? NN
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Digital Realty Kwai Chung HKG11 226,042 SqFt
0 SqFt
??? NN
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Sites Under Construction in Hong Kong

Location Building SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Estimated Launch
Vantage Tsuen Wan West (HKG5) ??? NN
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Goodman: Texaco Centre ??? NN
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iAdvantage MEGA IDC 500,000 SqFt ??? NN
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About This Metro

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It has 260 islands and a long coastline of approximately 730 km (453.6 mile). The territory consists of around 1,104 square km. Hong Kong has a population of approximately 7 million people and an economy that is based on trade and services

Hong Kong's proximity to mainland China and free and open flow of information serves as a gateway for companies to set up infrastructure to serve the Chinese market.

The new data centers currently are clustered around industrial zones, which can be renovated factory buildings or industrial estates. A popular area for new data centers is the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate.

HK Telecom Infrastructure

Hong Kong is a major logistics hub for many industries including financial, trading, and telecommunication.

Hong Kong has a robust telecommunication infrastructure with 9 regional and trans-Pacific submarine cable systems, and more than 200 internet service providers licensed in Hong Kong, The city is also one of the 4 primary interconnection hubs in Asia Pacific region. The other Asian Internet peering hubs are Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney

Large US Cloud Company Announcements

Major cloud companies are also building data centers in Hong Kong. Both Amazon Web Services and Google have recently announced new data center builds.

Notable HK Data Center Providers

  • NTT Communications has nearly a quarter of the colocation market share in Hong Kong
  • Equinix operates four sites with good network connectivity
  • Global Switch operates one of the largest data centers in Hong Kong
  • MEGA-i operated by SUNeVision at 399 Chai Wan is a major peering point and the center point of Network interconnection


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