The Los Angeles Data Center Map Has 89 Sites

List of Los Angeles Data Centers:

Site name Gross SqFt Usable SqFt Power (MW)
One Wilshire Building 21.00
200 North Nash - Digital Realty 113,606
2260 E El Segundo - Digital Realty 135,600 80,000 15.00
3015 Winona - Digital Realty 82,911
600 W 7th St, Los Angeles - Digital Realty 450,000 27.00
800 South Hope 241,356 0.48
818 West 7th 375,000
Alchemy Downtown 22,000
Alchemy Irvine 42,500
Alchemy LAX 20,000
ANEXIO LAX1 50,000 4.00
ANEXIO LAX4- El Segundo 30,000
ANEXIO LAX6 20,000 15,000
Aon Center
ARP Networks
Atlantic Metro-Los Angeles LAX0 10,000
AT&T Hawthorne LAX1 132,018
AT&T Irvine 149,100 81,500
AT&T Los Angeles
AT&T Los Angeles 2
AT&T Switching Center Los Angeles
China Telecom Los Angeles 6,500
Cogeco Peer 1 Los Angeles
Cogent Los Angeles (530 West 6th) 8,400
Cogent Orange County 1,169
Colocation America (LA4) 10,000 6,200 0.50
ColoCrossing LA1 50,000
CoreSite Los Angeles (LA1) One Wilshire 156,521 156,521 15.00
CoreSite Los Angeles (LA2) 900 N Alameda 281,078
Cyxtera Burbank BR1 82,911 4.00
Cyxtera El Segundo LA1 113,606 6.00
Cyxtera Irvine OC2 132,000 51,103 12.00
DRT-telx Los Angeles 21,947 21,947 0.50
Equinix Los Angeles LA1 125,479 60,718 2.30
Equinix Los Angeles LA2 33,080 13,819 0.70
Equinix Los Angeles LA3 106,885 78,323 5.60
Equinix Los Angeles LA4 177,469 62,159 3.50
Equinix Los Angeles LA5 20,606 20,606 0.40
Equinix Los Angeles LA7 108,000 70,200 12.00
Evocative Los Angeles LA1 42,000 2.50
Evocative Los Angeles LA2 7,000 Irvine 22,000 11,377
InfoRelay LAX1, LAX2, LAX3
Integra Los Angeles 560 1.75
Internap Los Angeles LAX 15,350 6,350 0.55
Internap Los Angeles LAX014 100,700 5.00
Level3 Los Angeles (1200 West 7th)
Level3 Los Angeles (600 Wilshire)
Level3 Los Angeles (818 West 7th) 75,031 33,430
Level3 Los Angeles (Anaheim)
Level3 Los Angeles (Riverside)
Level3 Los Angeles (San Bernardino)
Level3 Los Angeles (Tustin)
Level3 One Wilshire
Level3 (was GX) Anaheim 47,600 36,000
Level3 (was GX) Los Angeles
Level3 (was TWTC) Los Angeles (1110 Palmyrita) 900
Level3 (was TWTC) Los Angeles (3700 Wilshire)
Level3 (was TWTC) Los Angeles (Irvine)
Level3 (was TWTC) Los Angeles (Ontario 1)
Level3 (was TWTC) Los Angeles (Ontario 2) 1,500
Level3 (was TWTC) Santa Barbara
OC Online Anaheim
Ontario DC
QuadraNet LAX (Century)
QuadraNet Los Angeles 530
SMH Colocation 110,000 64,000 6.00
Sprocket Los Angeles
Sungard Los Angeles-Cypress 38,000
T5 LA 100,500 15.90
Tata Los Angeles 5,443
Telecom Center LA Building (530 West 6th) 163,600
Telehouse 626 Wilshire 13,000
The Garland Building (1200 West 7th) West 7 Center 282,000
United Layer-LA4 3,000 2,000 0.60
US Colo (800 Hope) 20,000 15,000
US Colo (One Wilshire) 6,000 5,000
US Colo (Quinby) 13,000 9,000
Wilcon 530 West 6th 3,200 2,900 3.00
Wilcon 607 West 7th 6,500
Wilcon One Wilshire 14,000 14,000 6.50
XO Los Angeles (600 West 7th) 8,000
XO Los Angeles (818 West 7th) 1,300
XO Los Angeles (Santa Ana) 4,500
XO Santa Ana
zColo 17400 Von Karman 87,800 10.00
zColo Latisys 17222 Von Karman 52,800 30,000 6.00
zColo Los Angeles 707 Wilshire 7,465 0.40
zColo Riverside 23,000

Los Angeles is the second largest data center markets in California after the Bay area.

LA as a Network Gateway to Asia

Los Angeles started as a telecom hub, a place to interconnect long distance voice traffic, not as one of the original Internet interconnection points. The telecom interconnection was driven by the number of transpacific cables that land in Southern California. As many as six transpacific cables extend to the One Wilshire data center building.

Downtown Los Angeles Market

Downtown LA contained most of the early data centers. The downtown buildings were converted office buildings such as One Wilshire, 600 W 7th, and the Garland Building. Converted office buildings do not make good bones for racks of heavily loaded servers.

Outside of Downtown LA

As the LA market matured, larger purposed built data centers sprouted outside of downtown. Power is less expensive in the LADWP service area and El Segundo became a focal point for new data centers. Initially lead by Equinix LA3 and LA4, then by Digital Realty, and T5.

Los Angeles Colocation Providers

  • CoreSite is a dominant provider in Los Angeles. The company has the largest presence in One Wilshire (known as LA1) and their 900 N Alameda site (LA2). LA2 is tethered to LA1 with high count fiber on diverse paths.
    • CoreSite LA1 Address: 624 S Grand
    • CoreSite LA2 Address: 900 N Alamenda
  • Equinix has 6 sites in LA. Including a large space in 600 W 7th and two data centers in El Segundo.
  • Digital Realty in LA has 4 sites
  • Companies such as QuadraNet or Colocation America can resell colo as cabinets, cages, or the RU (as low as 1U) in a handful of major LA data centers.

Antenna Mast on the Roof of One Wilshire
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Vacant and Undeveloped Floor at OW
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One Wilshire
Posted in One Wilshire Building Source: Hines
Doorway to Meet Me Room at One Wilshire
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Top Datacenter Providers in Los Angeles

Sites Sites Gross SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Power (MW)
CenturyLink | Level 3 16 125,031 0.00
Equinix 6 571,519 24.50
AT&T 5 281,118 0.00
XO 4 0 0.00
Zayo 4 171,065 16.40
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Largest Datacenters in Los Angeles

Gross SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Power MW
600 W 7th St, Los Angeles - Digital Realty 450,000 27.00
818 West 7th 375,000
The Garland Building (1200 West 7th) West 7 Center 282,000
CoreSite Los Angeles (LA2) 900 N Alameda 281,078
800 South Hope 241,356 0.48
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