Site: MC Digital Osaka 2 (KIX11) is a part of MC Digital Osaka Connected Campus (KIX)

Company: MC Digital Realty
Metro: Osaka
Prefecture: Osaka Prefecture
Country: Japan
Region: East Asia
Region: Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Region: World
Total Building SqFt: 249,238
Total Power: 28.0 Megawatts
PUE: 1.4

MC Digital Realty, Inc. is a 50/50 joint venture with between Mitsubishi Corporation and Digital Realty Trust, Inc. In addition to offering high levels of robustness and security, stable power supply, air-conditioning and other functionality, MC Digital Realty combines Mitsubishi Corporation' s realty and IT-related knowledge with Digital Realty' s network of overseas customers and expertise in large-scale data center operations to provide data center operation services to satisfy the global-standard needs of data center users.

  • 23,155 square metres building with eight 3,500 kW TKF data suites (approx. 1,200 sqm each) at a 2.8 kW per square metre density. Onsite office, meeting rooms, break-out area and storage space available.
  • This Osaka facility is Uptime Institute Tier Ill design certified. Wall air-conditioning system - AHU with EC fan, hot aisle containment and ceiling return in N+2 in suite CRAH. Diverse and redundant 77 kV 50 MVA utility power supplies. Carrier neutral with multiple carriers on site
  • Complete access to the Digital Realty Ecosystem
  • Connected campuses are formed between adjacent data centers, and buildings can be connected as if they were the same data center.


  • Diverse and redundant 77 kV 50 MVA utility power supplies. Each of the TKF data suite has a dedicated 5 MVA/4 MW 6.6 kV gas turbine generator with back-up from a common '+1' generator.
  • 48 hours of concurrently maintainable onsite fuel storage at full load conditions.
  • 2N power distribution pathway.
  • High reliability dedicated N+1 parallel redundant UPS with 7 minutes battery autonomy for each TKF suite.

Map and Nearby Locations:

5 Chome-33 Saitoyamabuki, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0086, Japan

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0.15 miles MC Digital Osaka 3 (KIX12) PROPOSED
0.23 miles MC Digital Osaka 4 (KIX14) PROPOSED
3.72 miles NTT Osaka 7 11.50
11.59 miles NTT Data Osaka Dojima Building
11.71 miles Equinix Osaka OS3 33,000 3.40
12.91 miles Amazon NRT51
12.92 miles INAP Osaka
12.93 miles Equinix Osaka OS1 32,000
13.07 miles NTT Osaka OS4

KIX11 Facility at launch in 2019
2nd building on campus launched in 2019

June 2019

MCDR Digital Osaka 2 data sheet

July 2019

KIX11 DRT data sheet