Site: MC Digital Osaka 2 (KIX11) is a part of MC Digital Osaka Connected Campus (KIX)

Company: MC Digital Realty
Metro: Osaka
Prefecture: Osaka Prefecture
Country: Japan
Region: East Asia
Region: Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Region: World
5 Chome-33 Saitoyamabuki

Total Building SqFt: 249,238
Total Power: ??? NN
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PUE: 1.4

MC Digital Realty, Inc. is a 50/50 joint venture with between Mitsubishi Corporation and Digital Realty Trust, Inc. In addition to offering high levels of robustness and security, stable power supply, air-conditioning and other functionality, MC Digital Realty combines Mitsubishi Corporation' s realty and IT-related knowledge with Digital Realty' s network of overseas customers and expertise in large-scale data center operations to provide data center operation services to satisfy the global-standard needs of data center users.

  • 23,155 square metres building with eight 3,500 kW TKF data suites (approx. 1,200 sqm each) at a 2.8 kW per square metre density. Onsite office, meeting rooms, break-out area and storage space available.
  • This Osaka facility is Uptime Institute Tier Ill design certified. Wall air-conditioning system - AHU with EC fan, hot aisle containment and ceiling return in N+2 in suite CRAH. Diverse and redundant 77 kV 50 MVA utility power supplies. Carrier neutral with multiple carriers on site
  • Complete access to the Digital Realty Ecosystem
  • Connected campuses are formed between adjacent data centers, and buildings can be connected as if they were the same data center.


  • Diverse and redundant 77 kV 50 MVA utility power supplies. Each of the TKF data suite has a dedicated 5 MVA/4 MW 6.6 kV gas turbine generator with back-up from a common '+1' generator.
  • 48 hours of concurrently maintainable onsite fuel storage at full load conditions.
  • 2N power distribution pathway.
  • High reliability dedicated N+1 parallel redundant UPS with 7 minutes battery autonomy for each TKF suite.

Map and Nearby Locations:

5 Chome-33 Saitoyamabuki

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KIX11 Facility at launch in 2019
2nd building on campus launched in 2019

June 2019

MCDR Digital Osaka 2 data sheet

July 2019

KIX11 DRT data sheet