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Conference DCD Connect | Madrid photo

DCD Connect | Madrid

in 2 days

DCD>Connect | Madrid returns to the Spanish capital, this time at the Eurostars Madrid Tower, for its 17th edition, bringing together more than 1400 data center design and build supply chain executives from Spain and Southern Europe.It's the Ultimate Discovery Experience for the Data Center Industry Supply Chain.

Country: Spain

Location: Madrid

Industry: Data center

Conference National Data Center Investment Expo & Conference (DICE): East photo

National Data Center Investment Expo & Conference (DICE): East

in 2 days

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Why You Should Attend This Premier Event: Visionary Keynotes and Speakers: Immerse yourself in thought-provoking fireside chats, panel discussions from industry-leading visionaries, technologists and professionals who have shaped and are re-shaping the data center landscape. Gain insights into the latest trends, emerging technologies and strategies that will help position you for the right business opportunities. Tech Showcase and Exhibits: Explore a dynamic showcase of cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Find out what tools you are missing out on to further improve your business strategy.  Wide Range of Topics Explored: Learn about all aspects of the data center landscape across two days and 20-plus sessions. You'll hear local and global perspectives on how data centers are built and managed.  Unique Networking Opportunities: We curate an experience that makes it easy to network, build lasting connections and foster a sense of community. You won't be among a sea of people, but rather a welcoming community of like-minded individuals ready to shake hands.  Value Pricing: Given industry competition and the importance of building strong partner relationships, attending events is critical and our competitive pricing makes attending this event a no-brainer. Access to the Opening Night Kick Off Party and Casino Night: Your ticket gives you access the our opening reception on May 21 at the Hyatt Regency. Join fellow attendees for an evening of casino games, drinks, light bites and music, and prizes. It's a great way to connect with friends, old and new before two days of content.               * BONUS Live DJ Performance: From DJ Extraordinaire to Economic Visionary and Back Again: Buddy Rizer Returns to the Turntables! *Before revolutionizing economic development, Buddy was spinning records and igniting the radio waves. Now, he's back to showcase his legendary DJ skills at the hottest party in town.Get ready to dance the night away with Loudoun County's very own Buddy Rizer, the man who, for one night only, is trading spreadsheets for beats!
What You'll Learn From CRE Leaders: Global Industry Growth: Global data center consumptionis set to reach35 GW by 2030, up from 17 GW in 2022. How are investors and developers bracing for this pace of growth? Artificial Intelligence Hype Cycle: Where are we in the AI hype cycle? Will demand continue to reach new highs or will it slow down in 2024? Market Dynamics: The dynamics of the largest data center market in the world, Northern Virginia, and other primary markets are changing — what are the ripple effects for stakeholders and secondary markets? Supply Chain: What are developers and service providers doing to manage the chronic supply chain challenges? How have they adjusted their processes for this “new normal"? Design and Construction: How are developers changing their approach to meet the unprecedented demand within budget and on time?  Sustainability: How are data center developers and operators actively addressing the sustainability challenges and minimizing their environmental footprints? Is there a sense of urgency? High Performance Compute: What can we learn from power-hungry, high-performance computing technologies? What does it mean for the industry? Future-Proof Engineering: How are engineering practices and applications changing to adapt to today's needs? What are the current misconceptions? Rack Densities and Cooling: What market factors are driving demand  for higher power densities in the rack? What are the implications for the ecosystem and changes in cooling strategies?  Capital Markets: How is the current cost of capital impacting investors' investment thesis? Is more M&A on the horizon? Innovation: What will be the future innovations and big ideas that will shape this industry for the next three to five years?  How You'll Do More Business From Attending This Event: Learn how top players are navigating the industry's density, power and land challenges, which deals are coming to the market, how industry titans are driving new trends to shape the industry as well as the impact AI will have on the year ahead. Hear from the industry's most influential leaders, connect with decision-makers and expand your network with seasoned professionals in the heart of Data Center Alley. 

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Conference  National DICE Data Center Development, Construction & Design - West photo

National DICE Data Center Development, Construction & Design - West

in 16 days

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What You'll Learn At This Data Center Event: With Northern Virginia being the third largest data center market in North America and a sub 4% vacancy rate, what does the development pipeline look like? What is the current state of the data center market on the West Coast and what can we expect for the year ahead? How will secondary markets like Phoenix be impacted by the power and land limitations in California? How are developers navigating the market with land and power constraint challenges in California? What are the current design and construction trends across the West Coast? With artificial intelligence front and center, what does data center design and engineering look like for current and future builds? With the market more focused on sustainability, what will it take to truly build the most sustainable data center possible? What new tools and technologies are being leverage to improve sustainability across the development phases through deployment?   How You'll Do More Business From Attending This Conference:Dive into the development, design and construction trends across the West Coast market, learn where the opportunities are, and how to leverage them to be well-positioned to make the best business decisions and grow your network.  Who You’ll Network With In CRE:Owners, providers, brokers, investors, engineers, vice president of design and construction, heads of acquisitions, directors of site selection, end-users, and more commercial real estate decision-makers. How You'll Do More Business From Attending: Get up to speed on one of the fastest growing tier two data center markets, learn what customers are looking for and make better business decisions based on the right insights.

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Conference Datacloud Global Congress 2024 photo

Datacloud Global Congress 2024

in 16 days

Datacloud Global Congress 2024 will see over 2,500 senior decision makers gathering in the heart of the French Riviera, Cannes, to network, close deals and gain insights from world-class digital infrastructure experts.

Join us for the premier leadership gathering of senior executives in the digital infrastructure space, including data centres, cloud providers, and edge providers.

The event brings together finance and tech leaders, enterprise representatives, terrestrial and subsea fibre providers, energy companies, and government agencies.
Conference GBI: Advancing Sustainable Data Centers photo

GBI: Advancing Sustainable Data Centers

in 25 days

GBI's Advancing Sustainable Data Centers Seminar will bring together data center designers, owners, and operators to share innovative strategies to improve the sustainability and resilience of data centers during a time of unprecedented demand. Attendees will hear from industry leaders who are optimizing energy and water efficiency and implementing creative solutions for decarbonization. This must-attend, collaborative event will feature case studies, how-tos, and plenty of networking opportunities.

The National Conference Center 18980 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg, VA 20176

9:00-9:20am – Breakfast & Networking9:20-9:30am – Opening RemarksVicki Worden, President & CEO, Green Building Initiative9:30-10:10am – Keynote AddressBuddy Rizer, Executive Director of Economic Development, Loudoun County, VA10:10-10:35am – Your Data Center's Data: Where is it? And what does it tell you about sustainability?Garrett Helmer, Chief Revenue Officer, CohesionData Centers produce a lot of data, and we're not talking about what's inside the racks. We're talking about physical access, occupancy, energy utilization, air quality, temperature, etc. How do you bring it all together easily, and how can it tell a sustainability story?10:35-10:55am – Networking Break10:55-11:25am – Green Bytes: Advancing Energy Efficiency in Next-Generation Data CentersJohn Khazraee, CEO, InnovateSphere ConsultingDiscover the essential principles that drive eco-friendly operations in sustainable data centers, from harnessing renewable energy to implementing cutting-edge techniques and methods. Uncover how these principles not only reduce environmental impact but also pave the way for unprecedented efficiency gains.Attendees will be able to examine the difficulties, strategies used, and advantages experienced by companies that have implemented sustainable methods, offering practical guidance for incorporating similar approaches into their own activities. Explore how these innovations revolutionize data center sustainability, leading to significant reductions in carbon emissions and enhanced operational resilience.11:25am-12:05pm – Using A Sustainability Index To Create a Green Baseline For Your New Data CenterKaren Petersburg, Vice President of Development and Construction, PowerHouse Data CentersElizabeth Larsen, Senior Sustainability Engineer, Bala Consulting EngineersThe market need for a standardized sustainability assessment tool for new data center builds is significant and growing. This is driven by several key factors, including: environmental concerns, regulatory compliance, corporate sustainability goals, operational efficiency, and technological advancements. With these factors converging, best practices are emerging to measure and standardize environmental considerations with new data center construction. Developed by Elizabeth Larsen (Senior Sustainability Engineer for Bala Consulting Engineers) and adapted to mission critical projects by Larsen and Karen Petersburg (Vice President of Data Center Development and Construction for PowerHouse Data Centers), the Bala Sustainability Index represents a new way to set baseline measurements for data center aspects such as carbon offsets, carbon footprint, PUE, and WUE. In this presentation, Larsen and Petersburg will walk the audience through the ins and outs of the index, and how it can be used toward lifecycle assessments for new data center construction projects, as well as how it can be applied to GBI’s Journey To Net Zero program. As an example, the presentation will cover a real world case study, using the index’s baselines to evaluate the design of a new hyperscale facility located in Reno, Nevada.  12:05-12:20pm – Green Globes for Data CentersMegan Baker, Vice President of Engagement, Green Building Initiative12:20-1:05pm – Networking Lunch1:05-1:35pm – The Sustainable Digital Shift: Designing Data Centers for the AI-powered FuturePhill Lawson-Shanks, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Aligned Data CentersThe imperative for sustainable data centers is stronger than ever. Aligned Data Centers has set ambitious goals and demonstrated leadership in designing, constructing, and operating high performing data centers since its inception. The company is continually evaluating and implementing new sustainability strategies into its growing portfolio, including lower carbon construction, highly-efficient cooling for higher densities, and alternative power options. Aligned has implemented a suite of technology that enables better tracking and informs an overall understanding of each facility’s environmental impact. The company is committed to transparency and accountability, pursuing GBI’s Green Globes certification for new construction projects nationwide. Achieving Green Globes certification has allowed Aligned to demonstrate its achievements to clients, community members, and other key stakeholders. Attendees will learn how Aligned is removing barriers and implementing innovative strategies to improve portfolio performance with recent case studies.1:35-2:20pm – Decarbonizing Data Centers: An Industry Up to the ChallengeJ.D. Lambert, Sustainable Design Leader – Mission Critical, Associate AIA, LEED AP BD+C, GGP, Fitwel Ambassador, RELi AP, HKS, Inc.Emily Sanders, Sustainability and ESG Consultant, JacobsJeff Sprau, CEO, LegenceData centers face a critical challenge: meet the ever-growing demand for data while reducing their construction and operational carbon footprint. It is estimated that the U.S. data center footprint will require 35 gigawatts of power by 2030, representing more than two times the 17 GW total in 2022. By adopting deliberate design strategies and innovative technologies, data centers can work collectively to decarbonize the industry and become leaders for other resource intensive industries. Panelists will share strategies for performing whole building life-cycle assessments using a cradle-to-cradle system boundary for data center design and construction, achieving hourly time-matched clean energy, and leverage AI solutions to monitor consumption real-time.2:20-2:30pm – Closing RemarksJack Bidlack, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Information and Engineering Technologies, Northern Virginia Technical CollegeAnna Figueroa, DCO Technician I, CoreSite2:30-3:00pm – Networking

Conference Data Centre Investment & Expo (DICE): Canada photo

Data Centre Investment & Expo (DICE): Canada

in 30 days

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What You'll Learn:  Last year was a tame year for Toronto's data center market. Will 2024 compete with 2022 when it hit a record absorption of 75MW? What are the main drivers of growth for major markets like Toronto, Montreal and Calgary? What makes these markets desirable for hyperscale and enterprise clients? What is the current state of power availability and renewable energy in the region? What innovations and best practices in data center management help facilitate maximum efficiency? How are operators using less water and energy to cool increasing rack density? What cooling strategies will we see more of in the next three to five years? What are vendors and operators seeing from their customers regarding this topic? What types of developments are taking place int he region and across the nation to meet the speed of client expectations? What future-proofing strategies are being implemented?  How You'll Do More Business From Attending: Get up to speed on one of the fastest growing tier two data center markets, learn what customers are looking for and make better business decisions based on the right insights. Who You'll Meet During Networking: Investors, vice president of design and construction, owners, head of acquisitions, data center providers, contractors, engineers, brokers and developers.

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Conference DCD Connect | Asia Pacific - Bali photo

DCD Connect | Asia Pacific - Bali

in 37 days

DCD>Connect is the ultimate in-person event for those who design, build & operate next-generation data centers.Bringing together over 750 senior leaders working on the largest data center projects in the region, DCD>Connect | Asia Pacific will drive industry discussion in 2024, help you forge new partnerships, and identify innovative solutions to your core challenges.
Networking in Paradise: Forge new connections in a 5-star setting
DCD>Connect | Asia Pacific will take place at the 5-star Grand Hyatt in Bali, Indonesia!

This hotel is the crown jewel of resorts in Nusa Dua, featuring five pools, spa & fitness club, world-class restaurants, and direct access to the longest beach in Nusa Dua. The resort perfectly blends Balinese hospitality, tropical sceneries, and modern conveniences.
All the conference activities will make the most of the stunning location, so you can be sure it will be a memorable two days out of the office!
You can connect with like-minded peers through a variety of excursions & parties, such as: Icebreaker Party (June 24) Beach Party (June 25) Guided yoga meditation Underwater sea walking experience Golf excursions And so much more!
Conference DCD Connect | London photo

DCD Connect | London

in 121 days

Three dedicated content stages. Best-in-class technology discovery. Unparalleled networking opportunities. Whatever your role in the data center industry, DCD>Connect | London gives you access to the information you need to design, plan, build and operate at the forefront of the industry.
Conference infra/STRUCTURE 2024 photo

infra/STRUCTURE 2024

in 128 days

Structure Research brings you infra/STRUCTURE week in Las Vegas in September 2024! 

infra/STRUCTURE is a week devoted to exclusive events, networking, high quality independent industry research content ... and of course, sun, fun and relaxation ... for the infrastructure operating executive.
Conference DCD Connect | Cancún photo

DCD Connect | Cancún

in 129 days

DCD>Connect Cancún trae a más de 1000 profesionales de los Data Centers más influyentes de Latinoamérica, en el Moon Palace Cancún.Esta es la mejor experiencia de descubrimiento de partners para el ecosistema de Data Center.
Conference Mingtiandi APAC Data Centre Forum 2024 photo

Mingtiandi APAC Data Centre Forum 2024

in 142 days

With over 15,000 views since its first-ever edition featuring Princeton Digital Group and Warburg Pincus, Asia’s top event on digital infrastructure investment will be back for its fifth year in October 2024.

The four-part APAC Data Centre Forum 2024 will feature a spotlight session where Mingtiandi founder Michael Cole will interview a leading data centre player about their projects and strategies, as well as discussing opportunities and challenges for investing in digital infrastructure in Asia Pacific.

In the days following the spotlight interview, the forum will offer panels focused on data centre investment in Asia’s hyperscale markets, Southeast Asia, as well as Japan and Korea.


Joelin Ma, Director, Non-Listed Real Estate Asia, APG Asset Management

Zhang Yi, Joint Venture Director, Asia Pacific, EdgeConneX

Paul Dwyer, Head of Data Centres, LOGOS

Jing Zhou, Senior Director, Alternatives and Strategic Transactions, Nuveen

Josephine Yip, Senior Director, Investments and Asset Management, Asia Pacific, Ivanhoé Cambridge

Diarmid Massey, CEO, Data Centres, ESR

Rangu Salgame, Chairman & CEO, Princeton Digital Group

Ellen Ng, Co-Head of Asia Real Estate, Warburg Pincus

Patrick Boocock, Chief Executive Officer, Private Equity Alternative Assets, Real Assets, CapitaLand Investment

AGENDA Spotlight Interview with Market Leader in Data Centres

Tuesday 8 October 2024, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM HKTMingtiandi’s annual Data Centre Forum kicks off with a spotlight interview session featuring a top executive from a leading digital infrastructure player.

SpeakersTo be announced Panel: Investing in Asia’s Hyperscale Market

Thursday 10 October 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM HKTThe expansion of major Internet players from North America and Asia is driving demand for ever-larger server facilities with industry leaders joining to discuss opportunities for returns from large scale data centres.

Speakers Senior director, ESR Additional speakers to be confirmed Panel: Opportunities for Data Centres in Southeast Asia

Tuesday 15 October 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM HKTAmidst the rapid growth of data centres in Southeast Asia, industry players unveil prime markets and platform strategies responding to the demand for digital services and infrastructure.

SpeakersTo be announced Panel: Opportunities for Data Centres in Japan and Korea

Thursday 17 October 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM HKTDigital economies are booming in Japan and Korea with rising demand for server facilities attracting large scale investments and new platforms.

Speakers Senior director, ESR Additional speakers to be confirmed
Conference NANOG 92 photo


in 155 days

Country: Canada

Location: Toronto

Industry: Telecom & networks, Peering, Nogs

Conference DCD>Connect | São Paulo photo

DCD>Connect | São Paulo

in 170 days

DCD>Connect | São Paulo retorna ao Brasil para a sua nova edição, que acontecerá no Sheraton São Paulo WTC Hotel, reunindo mais de 1000 executivos da cadeia de fornecimento e design de Data Centers do país.A melhor experiência de busca por partners no ecossistema de Data Centers!
Conference DCD>Connect | Virginia photo

DCD>Connect | Virginia

in 171 days

Three dedicated content stages. Best-in-class technology discovery. Unparalleled networking opportunities. Whatever your role in the data center industry, DCD>Connect | Virginia gives you access to the information you need to design, plan, build and operate at the forefront of the industry.
Conference SC24 photo


in 182 days

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis