Westin Building Seattle

2001 Sixth Avenue

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The Westin Building is a Carrier Hotel and the communications hub of the Pacific Northwest. The 34 story building has a conglomeration of colocation providers, carriers, and peering exchanges (SIX and the PNWGP.) The colo providers are listed in the table below.

The Westin's Meet-Me-Room (MMR) is on the 19th floor.

Originally built as a high-rise office building in 1981, the Westin Building has been significantly upgraded with a robust electrical and mechanical infrastructure. There are 17 diesel generators, totaling 19.5 MW


The building hosts the main node of the SIX (Seattle Internet Exchange) and the Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP).

Building Stacking Plan

Datacenter Suite
Cogeco Peer 1 Suite 701
Equinix SE2 Suites 1150, 1202, 1300
Level3 15th floor
Semaphore Suite 1700
Building Meet-Me Room (MMR) 19th floor
Optic Fusion Suite 2505
Colocation NorthWest Suite 3020
Green House Data Suite 3200
Astute Hosting unknown
zColo unknown

Map and Nearby Locations:

2001 Sixth Avenue (Suite 300)
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Sites within 15 miles of Westin Building Seattle

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Distance Site About
0.00 miles Equinix Seattle SE2
Equinix SE2 occupies 4 different floors with in the Westin Building
0.00 miles Optic Fusion Westin
0.00 miles Semaphore Seattle
Semaphore is a local provider in Seattle. It was one of the first to provide colocation in the Westin Building.
0.00 miles Lunavi Seattle
0.00 miles Astute Hosting Seattle
Astute Hosting's site is in the Westin Building
0.00 miles DataBank Westin SEA1
The site was a former zColo (Zayo) facility before being acquired in 2020.
0.00 miles Fiberhub SEA1
0.00 miles Colocation Northwest Westin Downtown
0.04 miles Equinix Seattle SE3
Equinix SE3 is an 8-story steel and concrete structure designed to meet Zone 3 seismic specifications
0.04 miles Clise: 2020 Fifth
Completed in 2013, the facility repurposed a 1975 seven story parking garage, and was honored as NAIOP’s Redevelopment of the Year in 2013 and received the AGC Grand Award for Construction in 2014.
0.16 miles 365 Seattle
0.27 miles Lumen Seattle 3
0.34 miles Verizon: 1000 Denny Way
0.34 miles Lumen Seattle 1 (1000 Denny Way)
The site is a Level3 Gateway for Seattle.
0.35 miles H5 Seattle
H5 owns the building and is landlord to the Seattle Level(3) Gateway and a XO data center.
0.54 miles Evocative Seattle SEA1
0.54 miles TierPoint Seattle DC1 and DC2
TierPoint's marketing describes two data centers in Seattle, but in reality, they are in the same building. The site was formerly operated by Adhost before being acquired by TierPoint in 2012.
0.54 miles KOMO Plaza (was Fisher Plaza)
The buildings have been used as the exterior for the fictional hospital in the “Grey’s Anatomy” TV show set in Seattle. In real life, it also houses Univision Seattle, KVI Radio, Star 101.5 radio and a data center.
0.56 miles Lumen Seattle 4
0.57 miles Verizon: Seattle 1100 2nd
Former XO Communications site
0.86 miles Digital Fortress Downtown
Purpose-built, high-density datacenter with Seismic Zone 4 construction.
0.87 miles NYI Seattle SEA1
8.35 miles EdgeConneX Seattle
8.56 miles COLOinSeattle Tukwila
8.56 miles Digital Fortress South Seattle
Digital Fotress's NOC and data center are located on Sabey's Intergate West Campus
8.57 miles Sabey Intergate.East
Sabey's Integrate East campus has 3 buildings. Its location is close to both Boeing and SeaTac airfields
8.57 miles DataBank SeaTAC SEA2
UPS/DC power with battery back-up with 2N configuration
8.71 miles Sabey Intergate.West
Intergate.West is part of Intergate.Seattle, one of the largest privately owned multi-tenant data center campus on the West coast. Intergate.West provides excellent access to I-5, I-405, Hwy 99, SR-599 and East Marginal Way. Sea-Tac
International Airport is only 3 miles away;
8.71 miles Cyxtera Seattle SEA1-A
8.73 miles Cyxtera Seattle SEA1B
8.73 miles Internap Seattle 3355 120th
9.42 miles Colocation Northwest Redmond
9.76 miles Colocation Northwest Belleview
10.83 miles WORLDLINK Seattle South
12.58 miles Cyxtera Seattle SEA2
Formerly known as SE4. Cyxtera's SEA2 site in Tukwila Washington was acquired from CenturyLink.
13.96 miles Lumen Seattle 5 (Bothell)
The site was a former tw telecom facility.
13.98 miles Equinix Seattle SE4
Equinix SE4 is located 16 miles from SE2 and SE3, which are both located in Downtown Seattle. It is a 1-story building located 8 miles away from the Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA).
14.04 miles Microsoft Canyon Park
14.04 miles WORLDLINK Seattle North
14.05 miles QuadraNet Seattle
14.56 miles Digital Fortress Lynnwood
In 2021, Landmark Infrastructure acquired the facility, but Digital Fortress operates it.
14.56 miles HostPapa SEA1
The ColoCrossing site is located within Bytegrid's datacenter(former NetRiver)
15.24 miles Microsoft Redmond Ridge
Built in July 2009, The 57,000 square foot Redmond Ridge 1 data center is about eight miles from Microsoft's headquarters campus in Redmond. The site was a cultural shift for Microsoft employees at the time. At the time each development team had their own server labs on the Redmond campus. Today cloud computing is commonplace, but this data center forced the teams to think and develop software in terms of remote computing.
15.82 miles Centersquare: Lynnwood SEA1
Centersquare's Lynnwood data center is situated 15 miles north of Seattle and 30 miles from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, servicing the northwest of the US.

Westin Building Seattle Data Center Photos

Looking Up

Telecom Nerve Center

8th Floor Layout
Source: westinbuilding.com

Westin MMR

24th Floor Layout
Source: westinbuilding.com

Lobby of the Westin
Source: Clise Properties

Westin's Dual 500 KVA UPS Distribution System
Source: WBX

The WBX Makes its Conference Room Available to Tenants Upon Request
Source: WBX

Operating Company

Digital Realty Trust, a real estate investment trust (REIT), engages in the ownership, acquisition, development, redevelopment, and management of of strategically located properties containing applications and operations critical to the day-to-day operations of technology industry tenants and corporate enterprise datacenter users.

210 Facilities Owned
41 Markets Served
2581.05 Megawatts
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