BBVA CPD Tres Cantos

Ronda de Valdecarrizo

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Operated by: BBVA

  • The DPC’s total surface area: 20,000m2, or 2.6 times the size of Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu soccer stadium
  • Its construction required 32,000m3 of cement, 3,700 tons of steel, or 500 tons of rolled steel, enough to build a train track from Madrid to Beijing
  • The building’s cable systems required 215 kilometers of copper wire and 694 kilometers of fiber optic lines
  • The site includes an electricity substation with capacity to power a town of 3,500 households (available capacity totals 16 MW)
  • The facility is outfitted with eight electricity generators fuelled by 240,000 liters of diesel oil, which enable the DPC to generate its own power for 96 hours in the event of a breakdown in its electricity supply
  • The site can house 10,000 high-range processors, vs. the old building’s 4,800-unit capacity

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Ronda de Valdecarrizo
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5.66 miles Equinix MD6
5.68 miles CyrusOne Madrid I
CyrusOne’s MAD1, finished in 2023, is a located in the municipality of Alcobendas. The data center will ultimately deliver 6,000 sq m (64,584 sq ft) of world-class technical space within a two-story building with a total IT load of 18 MW.
5.78 miles Equinix MD3x
5.83 miles Equinix Madrid MD1
5.96 miles DATA4 Madrid - Alcobendas
6.88 miles Equinix Madrid MD2
6.98 miles Ibercom Madrid
8.48 miles GTT Madrid-Lezama
10.33 miles Produban Mesena 80
11.72 miles Colt Madrid
12.52 miles Hispaweb Miguel Yuste
12.53 miles Interxion MAD4
12.62 miles Interxion MAD2
12.64 miles Interxion MAD1
12.85 miles Nabiax: Julián Camarillo Campus
12.89 miles NTT Madrid 1
12.95 miles Interxion MAD3
13.09 miles Global Switch Madrid
13.09 miles Verizon Nap of Madrid
13.09 miles Level3 Madrid
13.30 miles IPCore Madrid
14.90 miles Iron Mountain MAD-1
Iron Mountain acquired the campus from XData Properties in November 2022.
16.78 miles inAsset NixMad
19.69 miles Nabiax: Alcalá de Henares
19.93 miles Adam MAD Alcala

BBVA CPD Tres Cantos Data Center Photos

BBVA Data Center Floor


CPD Building Cutaway Illustration of TC1 in Tres Cantos
Source: Aguilera Ingenieros
The illustration shows location of MAD1, MAD2, and the new MAD3 facility that will open in Q2 2019
Interxion's Data Centers in Madrid
Posted in Madrid

The illustration shows location of MAD1, MAD2, and the new MAD3 facility that will open in Q2 2019

Source: Silicon Alley Madrid

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