Site: Global Switch Madrid

Company: Global Switch
Country: Madrid
Country: Spain
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Calle de Yécora

Gross SqFt: 235,966
Total Power: ??? NN
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Ownership: Global Switch owns the building.


Global Switch Madrid is located close to the financial district and city centre. Importantly, it is to be found in ‘Silicon Alley Madrid’, an area known for its high concentration of internet and technology companies and which has the highest per capita connectivity in Spain, with a large number of fibre optic networks available.

Building Overview

  • Exceeds Tier III operational performance
  • 21,922 sq m of gross space
  • 3 data floors
  • Flexible IT space with the ability to create bespoke environments as required
  • Reinforced concrete frame with reinforced concrete floors, metal faced cladding and glazing
  • 3.7m slab to slab height
  • Raised floor height of 800mm
  • Minimum from raised floor: typical 3m clear height to underside of deepest beam
  • Floor loading of 9kN/m2 for technical areas.
  • 1 goods lift (2.5 tonnes), 1 passenger lift


  • 15kV utility supply with N+N redundancy
  • Utility power supply capacity of 18MVA (current)
  • Technical (IT) power supplied by on-site 2N static UPSMechanical systems backed up by standby generator system with N+1 redundancy
  • Fully diverse power distribution to technical areas
  • On-site fuel storage to support 24 hours at full capacity with 24x7x365 fuel delivery
  • Offering 1,000 W/m2 as standard, with higher power density solutions fully supported

Map and Nearby Locations:

Calle de Yécora

SITES within 15 miles of Global Switch Madrid

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0.00 miles Verizon Nap of Madrid 10,764
0.00 miles Level3 Madrid
0.24 miles IPCore Madrid
2.56 miles Interxion MAD1 26,910 11
2.56 miles Interxion MAD2 4
2.74 miles Hispaweb Miguel Yuste
2.81 miles Interxion MAD3 93,612 6
2.98 miles Interxion MAD4 30
3.09 miles Nabiax: Julián Camarillo Campus 19,375 3
3.77 miles Colt Madrid 23,681 5
The illustration shows location of MAD1, MAD2, and the new MAD3 facility that will open in Q2 2019
Interxion's Data Centers in Madrid
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The illustration shows location of MAD1, MAD2, and the new MAD3 facility that will open in Q2 2019

Source: Silicon Alley Madrid