CyrusOne: CyrusOne secures billion dollar credit facility for data center expansion

Jul 09, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Data center firm CyrusOne this week announced the closing of a $7.9 billion Warehouse Credit Facility incremental to the $1.8 billion Revolving Credit Facility financing completed in May, providing the company with approximately $9.7 billion of additional debt capital raised.

“The successful closing of this significant financing, combined with our strong business outlook for growth, expands our ability to deliver world-class digital infrastructure projects that meet the growing needs of our customers while positioning CyrusOne for future investment and development opportunities,” said Eric Schwartz, CyrusOne CEO. “We are extremely grateful to our financial partners for their continued support of CyrusOne.”

Fran Federman, CyrusOne's chief investment officer, added: "Our ability to raise these debt facilities and the tremendous interest that we have received from the lender community are a testament to the strength of our business and the market’s confidence in our ability to continue to build on the significant momentum we have achieved thus far.”