STACK New Albany NAL01

7300 Souder Rd

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STACK acquired the facility in October 2019 from Nationwide Insurance. Nationwide initially built the facility in 2008 for a cost of $96 million.

This Tier IV data center encompasses 50% of the land and has 112,000 square feet with a future build-out program for the balance of the 45 -acre parcel that will potentially double the size of the data center facility on the campus.

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7300 Souder Rd
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0.16 miles Stack: NAL01 Future Expansion
STACK INFRASTRUCTURE plans to expand it's NAL01 campus, located at Souder Road, New Albany, OH. Upon completion, this facility will have an available power capacity of 48 megawatts.
0.29 miles Compugen New Albany
0.45 miles Compass New Albany
0.47 miles TJX Corporate Techno
0.74 miles Edged Energy: New Albany, Ohio
Edged Energy is developing a data center in the Ohio city. the data center is expected to span 210,000 sq ft (19,510 sqm) on a 15-acre parcel at 6385 New Albany Road East.
0.77 miles Discover Financial Services New Albany
2.58 miles Amazon New Albany: Jug and Beach Road
2.66 miles Amazon: CMH56
2.70 miles Amazon New Albany
2.71 miles Amazon: CMH53
2.91 miles Lincoln Rackhouse: Silicon Heartland Innovation Park
2.97 miles Amazon: CHM59
3.38 miles QTS: New Albany 2 DC2
QTS is planning to build four-building data center campus in New Albany, Ohio. New Albany 2 DC2 will be located at 675 Beech Rd SW, Etna, OH. New Albany 2 will offer 78MW critical power capacity across two facilities.
3.64 miles QTS: New Albany 1 DC2
QTS is planning to build four-building data center campus in New Albany, Ohio. The second building, New Albany 1 DC2, of the campus will be located at 1275 Beech Rd SW, New Albany, OH. The buildings at the first site will reportedly span 885,600 sq ft (82,275 sqm).
3.71 miles QTS: New Albany 1 DC1
QTS is planning to build four-building data center campus in New Albany, Ohio. The first building of the campus will be located at 1225 Beech Rd SW, New Albany, OH . New Albany 1 will offer 144MW across two facilities.
3.71 miles Facebook New Albany Ohio
In August 2017, Facebook announced plans to build its first data center in the state in New Albany. The 970,000-square-foot facility is being constructed on 345 acres in the business park on the east side of Beech Road and south of the state Route 161 interchange.
3.72 miles Amazon New Albany: Innovation Campus Way
Amazon Web Services plans to invest $400 million to build a 170,000-square-foot data center on 100 acres in the eastern portion of the New Albany International Business Park
3.82 miles Amazon: 2675 Newton
3.84 miles Amazon: 2875 Newton
3.84 miles Amazon: 2775 Newton
4.00 miles Amazon: 2575 Newton
4.13 miles Google New Albany Ohio
4.15 miles QTS: New Albany 2 DC1
QTS is planning to build four-building data center campus in New Albany, Ohio. New Albany 2 DC1 will be located at 785 Beech Rd SW, Pataskala, OH. New Albany 2 will offer 78MW critical power capacity across two facilities.
4.44 miles CyrusOne: New Albany, Ohio
CyrusOne is planning a $150 million data center development in New Albany, Ohio. The company will spend $100m on building the data center, and $50m on acquiring the land for the facility. The site is located at 12181 Jug St, Johnstown, OH .
7.45 miles eNET Columbus
7.66 miles WeConnect Westerville
8.17 miles CeraNet Columbus
9.00 miles Racksquared 2560 Value Way
10.56 miles Cologix Columbus COL4
Cologix is building COL4, a 256,000 square foot data center on 9 acres along Alta View and Worthington Woods boulevards in Ohio. This facility will offer 27 MW of capacity.
10.61 miles Cologix COL3
10.66 miles Cologix Columbus COL1, COL2
COL1 (32,000sqft) and COL2 (20,000sqft) represent 2 phases of buildout in the same building. Cologix entered the Columbus market in February of 2014 through an acquisition of DataCenter.BZ
11.76 miles Expedient: Lewis Center
Expedient data center Located at 281 E. Powell Road in Lewis Center township with The 102,000 sq ft (9,475 sqm) facility offers 3MW of initial power capacity that will be increased to 7.5 MW in the future.
11.91 miles Cyxtera Columbus CMH1
DCI Technology Holdings owns the building and is CenturyLink's landlord
13.82 miles Lumen: 580 North 4th
13.98 miles Racksquared 325 E Spring St
14.01 miles CityNet Columbus
14.04 miles Lumen: 266 North 5th
14.04 miles Cogent: 240 North 5th
14.06 miles WOW! 226 N 5th
WOW!'s Columbus datacenter was acquired in 2013 from Bluemile assets. The site offers 26,00sqft and can expand to 52,00 sqft.
14.06 miles Lumen: 226 North Fifth
14.28 miles US Signal Columbus
DC power w/battery backup available
Multiple diverse power feeds from utility grids
14.29 miles Deep Edge: 180 East Broad
14.53 miles Crown Castle 101 E Town
Crown Castle acquired Lightower in 2017
15.12 miles Expedient Upper Arlington
16.12 miles Compass Groveport AEP II
American Electric Power invested approximately $125 million into the data center on Hamilton Road
17.43 miles DartPoints Dublin
The facility was previously operated by Metro Data Center LLC before being acquired by Dartpoints in October 2020.
17.88 miles Amazon: 5113 Hayden Run
17.94 miles Amazon Hilliard: 5109 Hayden Run
17.94 miles Amazon: 5117 Hayden Run
18.15 miles Expedient Dublin
Offering 29,000 square foot of total floor space, Expedient’s Dublin data center is powered by redundant electric utility power feeds and 4 auto-cutover diesel generators
19.37 miles IBM Columbus

STACK New Albany NAL01 Data Center Photos

Map of Nationwide Insurance Campus in Columbus

Expansion area

Operating Company

Infomart Data Centers is owned by ASB Allegiance Real Estate Fund, a $5.5B Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).


2019: Infomart combines data center assets with IPI Partners and rebrands as STACK INFRASTRUCTURE
2018: IPI Partners Acquires the three remaining Infomart data centers from ASB Real Estate (source: DCF)
2018: The Infomart company sold the Dallas Infomart Building to Equinix
2014: Acquired the building for Infomart Ashburn from AOL
2014: ASB Real Estate Fund (a subsidiary of DCI Technology Holdings) merged Infomart with Fortune Data Centers. The combined company was renamed to Infomart Data Centers.
2012: Expanded to Oregon with a building in Hillsboro
2007: John Sheputis purchased first Fortune Data Center in San Jose, CA, backed by ASB Real Estate
2006: ASB Real Estate purchased Infomart Dallas building
2006: Fortune Founded as Fortune Data Centers

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nal01_property_overview October 2019

New Albany Data Sheet (PDF)