STACK INFRASTRUCTURE: Stack inaugurates a data center in Toronto

Sep 22, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Stack Infrastructure has established a data center in Toronto, Canada. This week, the company revealed the dispatch of the first 8MW phase of the 56MW Ontario campus. First Gulf, a Toronto-based developer, collaborated with Stack to execute the initial 8MW data center by refurbishing an existing 20-acre building. 

In May 2021, Stack initially announced his intention to build the campus at 3650 Danforth Avenue, approximately 6 miles from central Toronto. Initially, the firm scheduled the first phase to launch in "mid-2022." The subsequent 24MW development phase is anticipated to be completed by the second quarter of 2026. The third phase will provide an additional 24MW. Toronto Hydro will deliver hydroelectric electricity from three substations in the second phase.

The site, located in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough, was formerly the location of Eli Lilly's Canadian manufacturing operations. After 70 years, the corporation closed the facility in 2019 and relocated its offices to downtown Toronto. The initial campus release was Stack's first move abroad. However, since then, the IPI-owned company has announced initiatives in Germany, Australia, Japan, and South Korea and acquired existing facilities in Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

The Stack website mentions another intended Canadian development in Calgary but provides no additional information.