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Distance Site About
0.32 miles Microsoft Hoffman Estates 2
3.67 miles Complete Source Schaumburg
4.60 miles Compass Hoffman Estates
8.33 miles Aligned: ORD-03
Aligned is about to build a datacenter campus after acquiring an assemblage of beleaguered office properties near O’Hare International. The company’s plan for the 36-acre site calls for a pair of two-story, 520,000-square-foot data centers.
8.91 miles NTT Chicago CH1
RagingWire’s Chicago CH1 Data Center is under construction and in the pre-leasing stage. It will be a 654,000 square foot, 52 megawatt facility on a 19-acre fenced campus near Chicago.
9.06 miles T5 Chicago II
9.07 miles NTT: 1250 N Arlington Heights (Planned)
In November 2023, NTT Global Data Centers in November paid $27.5 million for the building
9.11 miles NTT: 1200 N Arlington Heights (Planned)
Expansion site acquired in November 2023.
9.63 miles Prime Elk Grove
9.82 miles CenturyLink: Arlington Heights
9.84 miles CloudHQ Mount Prospect ORD3
9.86 miles CoreWeave: US Central ORD1
9.93 miles STACK CHI01B
STACK INFRASTRUCTURE CHI01B Chicago Data Center is located at 1441 Touhy Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL, which currently offers 24 MW of critical power and 221,000 square feet of space.
10.03 miles STACK Chicago CHI01
10.07 miles Skybox Chicago I
10.48 miles 1450 E Devon Ave (CH3) DRT
10.56 miles Stream Chicago II
10.57 miles ServerCentral CH1
10.57 miles ColoCrossing CH1
10.57 miles Digital Elk Grove Village Campus
Digital Realty Trust's Chicago campus is massive and is split among 3 buildings. The campus was acquired from Dupont Fabros in September 2017.
10.58 miles Rackspace Elk Grove ORD1
10.58 miles 2200 Busse Rd (CH1) DRT
10.64 miles Equinix Chicago CH3
10.73 miles Stream Chicago I
10.73 miles EdgeConneX CHI02
10.74 miles 2299 Busse (CH2) Digital Realty
10.80 miles Colocation America CH3
10.80 miles DataBank ORD3 Mount Prospect
10.84 miles Edgeconnex Chicago Campus
The first Chicago site was leaked to the press in Oct 2016. Microsoft is expected to be the anchor tenant with the site supporting up to 25-30 MWs.
10.84 miles EdgeConneX CHI01
10.85 miles Cyxtera Elk Grove CH3
Cyxtera's CH3 Elk Grove site is across the street from the Digital Realty Chicago campus (former Dupont Fabros) and close to Equinix CH3.
11.24 miles Element Critical CH1
Element Critical acquired the site in January 2019 from Sungard. The facility was previously known as SunGard Wood Dale (711).
11.27 miles Element Critical CH2
Element Critical acquired the site in January 2019 from Sungard. The facility was previously known as SunGard Wood Dale (341).
13.81 miles Iron Mountain Chicago
First announced in 2018, the former Hart Schaffner Marx suit factory started construction in 2024.
15.00 miles T5 Northlake IL
15.20 miles New Continuum: 603 Discovery
15.49 miles Microsoft Chicago Northlake
15.85 miles 505 N Railroad Ave - Digital Realty
The Digital Chicago Campus covers 21 acres of land with access to major fiber networks and can support up to 8 MW of IT load at N+1 redundancies.
15.94 miles Aligned Chicago ORD-01
Aligned's ORD-01 data center is a state-of-the-art facility located in Northlake, IL, just outside of downtown Chicago. At full build, Aligned’s Chicago campus covers 520,000 sq. ft. and offers ~72 MW of critical load.
15.96 miles Aligned ORD-02
Aligned's ORD-02 is a data center located in Northlake, IL near downtown Chicago. Part of Aligned's 18.5-acre hyperscale campus, ORD-02 offers exceptional connectivity at the convergence of over 12 metro/long-haul networks. At full build, ORD-02 building will provide 36MW of critical load capacity expandable to ~52 MW.
16.74 miles CyrusOne Chicago Lombard
9 MW of critical capacity Both a 1.5MW and a 2MW transformer
17.19 miles 360TCS-Lombard
17.19 miles Digital Fortress: Chicago Lombard
17.52 miles Digital Chicago Franklin Park Campus on Grand Ave - Digital Realty
Digital Chicago is a master-planned 40-acre campus in the Village of Franklin Park. The campus has 3 existing buildings, totaling 574,994 sqft
17.53 miles 9377 Grand Ave
17.55 miles 9355 Grand Ave
17.59 miles 9333 Grand Ave (DRT)
17.59 miles SingleHop Chicago
17.63 miles Tierpoint Chicago West
18.76 miles NetSource Chicago
18.91 miles Server Farm Oak Brook
The campus was originally built as the corporate headquarters of the Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CB&I).
18.91 miles US Signal Oakbrook
800a 480V 3 phase 450kW diesel generator with 24 hour run time at full load 500kVa UPS capacity with battery backup
18.91 miles XO: (Oak Brook)
18.92 miles NYI Chicago (Oak Brook)
19.01 miles LexusNexis Oak Brook
19.01 miles XO (Swift Dr)
19.01 miles DataBank (ORD4) Oak Brook
19.03 miles Cogent Naperville
19.18 miles Evoque Lisle CH1

Microsoft Hoffman Estates 1 Data Center Photos

Rending of 1 of the proposed MSFT data centers in Hoffman Estates

Proposed Microsoft Campus Plan
Source: Hoffman Estates

The former AT&T campus is shaped like a old telephone

State of Azure Locations as of July 2019
Posted in Microsoft Azure
Source: Microsoft

Conceptual Azure Regions and Availability Zones diagram
Posted in Microsoft Azure
Source: Microsoft

Operating Company

Microsoft uses Containers (called ITPACs) to build out its data centers. These Containers are Shipping Containers fitted with all the necessary climate control, networking, server racks and other hardware necessary to be a “mini” data center all in one.

Azure Regions

An Azure region is a set of data centers deployed within a latency-defined perimeter and connected through a dedicated regional low-latency network.

With more global regions than any other cloud provider, Azure gives customers the flexibility to deploy applications where they need to. Azure is generally available in 46 regions around the world, with plans announced for 8 additional regions.


An Azure geography is a discrete market, typically containing two or more regions, that preserves data residency and compliance boundaries.

Geographies allow customers with specific data-residency and compliance needs to keep their data and applications close. Geographies are fault-tolerant to withstand complete region failure through their connection to our dedicated high-capacity networking infrastructure.

Availability Zones

Availability Zones are physically separate locations within an Azure region. Each Availability Zone is made up of one or more data centers equipped with independent power, cooling, and networking.

Availability Zones allow customers to run mission-critical applications with high availability and low-latency replication.

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24 Markets Served
1822.4 Megawatts
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pbz30821 March 2021

Village of Hoffman Estates Zoning Committee Mtg on Feb 8 2021 discussing Microsoft's campus plan