Microsoft Azure: Microsoft signs 420MW worth of PPAs

Jun 13, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Microsoft has signed a number of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to procure renewable energy in Sweden and Denmark from European Energy. It will procure the output of six wind and solar sites in Spain from Repsol.

“We are excited that Microsoft has committed itself to driving forward the green transition. The roll-out of renewable power is dependent on major stakeholders dedicating themselves to buying the renewable electricity that is being produced from these assets, which require substantial capital investments,” said Jens-Peter Zink, deputy CEO of European Energy.

Adrian Anderson, general manager of renewables, carbon-free energy, and carbon dioxide removal at Microsoft, added: “We’re pleased the projects we contracted with European Energy have achieved commercial operation – directly contributing to our sustainability goals which includes a 100 percent. renewable energy coverage for the company’s operations by the end of 2025.”

João Costeira, executive managing director of low carbon generation at Repsol, said: "This agreement with Microsoft, a strategic partner, highlights the importance of renewable energy for the digital revolution in which we are deeply involved, and it also demonstrates Repsol's commitment to decarbonization.”