Site: NTT Slough 2

Company: NTT
Metro: London: Slough
Metro: London
Country: England
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Gross SqFt: 9,677
Total Power: ??? NN
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The site was previously known as "Gyron Ajax 1 - Slough" before being acquired by NTT.

Map and Nearby Locations:

670 Ajax Ave, Slough, United Kingdom

SITES within 15 miles of NTT Slough 2

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.03 miles NTT Slough 3 56,700 2.70
0.18 miles VIRTUS LONDON9 107,639 24.00
0.26 miles Cyxtera Slough LO5 69,539 13.50
0.28 miles GoDaddy Slough (HEG)
0.28 miles Rackspace London Slough (LON3) 54,519 12.00
0.33 miles Logicalis Slough
0.33 miles VIRTUS LONDON10 32,292 6.60
0.41 miles Level3 Slough
0.43 miles Equinix Slough Campus LD4, LD5, LD6, LD10
0.49 miles Iron Mountain London LON-2
Outside of SL2

July 2022

SL2 Data Sheet (PDF)