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  • Operating 13 data centers in 10 markets.
  • Their largest faciilty is AT&T MIA1.
  • The company has 0 sites under construction.

13 Facilities Owned

10 Markets Served

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AT&T Data Center Map

AT&T Locations



Located in Miami

The AT&T Miami data center is located in Fontainebleau and next to the Mall to the Americas

AT&T Kings Mountain

The $200 million data center was built in 2014 and is located on T5's Kings Mountain Data Center Park. The data center occupies 130 acres. The 14-year expansion plan calls for a total of 900,000 sqft of data floor space.

AT&T Southern Bell Telephone Company Building

The Southern Bell Telephone Company Building, now known as the AT&T Communications Building, is the main telephone exchange for downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It was highlighted in 2018 by the Intercept as a key building for NSA surveillance programs.

AT&T Data Center Photos

Street view of AT&T's data center in Palo Alto
Exterior View
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Street view of AT&T's data center in Palo Alto

Source: Google Maps


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