CoreSite Los Angeles (LA2) 900 N Alameda

900 N Alameda

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CoreSite's LA2 facility at 900 N Alameda is an elegant building that was built in 1940 as a Postal Annex. It was the central mail processing facility for Los Angeles until 1989. The site is now owned by CoreSite and is being incrementally converted to data center space. CoreSite considers LA1 and LA2 as a virtual campus. To enable the 'campus', LA2 is connected via dark fiber bundles to LA1 at One Wilshire.


CoreSite has diverse conduit paths with high count dark fiber running between LA2 and LA1 (One Wilshire.) If you are ordering more than one pair of fiber be sure to request diverse paths in the service order.

  • Any2Exchange and BBIX Peering Exchanges
    • Diverse POEs, MDFs and IDFs
  • Cloud Access
    • The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange
    • AWS Direct Connect
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
    • SoftLayer Direct Link
  • Cross-Connects: CoreSite provides Fiber, copper and coaxial XCs to other providers. XCs have a MRC and NRC

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900 N Alameda
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Sites within 15 miles of CoreSite Los Angeles (LA2) 900 N Alameda

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Distance Site About
0.00 miles ARP Networks
0.00 miles Tata Los Angeles
0.01 miles Fiberhub LAX1
0.09 miles CoreSite LA3
1.16 miles AT&T Switching Center Los Angeles
1.30 miles QuadraNet Los Angeles 530
1.33 miles United Layer-LA4
1.33 miles Colocation America (LA4)
1.33 miles Telecom Center LA Building (530 West 6th)
1.33 miles Sprocket Los Angeles
1.33 miles Cogent: 530 West 6th
1.33 miles Wilcon 530 West 6th
1.33 miles HostPapa LA1
1.35 miles DataBank LAX1
1.36 miles InfoRelay LAX1, LAX2, LAX3
1.37 miles One Wilshire Building
One Wilshire is an iconic building in downtown Los Angeles. The 30 story building is easy to spot on the LA skyline with a giant "One Wilshire" sign at the top of the building.
1.37 miles CoreSite Los Angeles (LA1) One Wilshire
CoreSite's Any2 IXP (Peering Exchange) is the largest public IXP in the Western United States. The Unity Trans-Pacific submarine cable, also lands in the building, which provides undersea connectivity to Asia.
1.37 miles Crown Castle LA
1.37 miles US Colo (One Wilshire)
1.39 miles Aon Center
Known as the Aon Center and owned by Shorenstein Properties, the 62-story office skyscraper hosts a number of colocation companies that offer raised floor in the building.
1.41 miles US Colo (Quinby)
1.42 miles Telehouse 626 Wilshire
1.43 miles Wilcon 607 West 7th
1.46 miles Evocative: Los Angeles, LAX2
Evocative's LAX2 data center facility, located at 600 W 7th St, Los Angeles, was constructed in 1999. Spanning an impressive 30000
square feet building.
1.47 miles Verizon: (600 West 7th)
1.47 miles AT&T Los Angeles 2
1.47 miles Aptum Los Angeles
1.47 miles China Telecom Los Angeles
1.47 miles 600 W 7th St, Los Angeles - Digital Realty
The 7-story building at 600 West 7th is one of the best-connected buildings in Los Angeles (second to One Wilshire.) Digital Realty operates the building's Meet Me Room and offers connections into Equinix LA1 space.
1.47 miles Equinix Los Angeles LA1
1.48 miles VPLS LA2
1.53 miles Lumen Los Angeles 1
1.53 miles Verizon: (818 West 7th)
1.53 miles 818 West 7th
1.53 miles Equinix Los Angeles LA2
1.60 miles NYI Los Angeles
1.60 miles 800 South Hope
1.60 miles US Colo (800 Hope)
1.83 miles VPLS LA1
1.84 miles Equinix Los Angeles LA5
1.84 miles West 7 Center (1200 West 7th)
1.84 miles Alchemy Downtown
3.94 miles Prime Vernon
10.45 miles Centersquare: Hawthorne LAX1
Centersquare’s Hawthorne facility is a massive data center with more than 288,000 Total square feet, located less than 6 miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), with easy access from downtown Los Angeles.
10.69 miles 2301 West 120th, Hawthorne
11.33 miles Cogent Pasadena
11.60 miles Cyxtera Burbank BR1
2 Story Structure Utility: Burbank Water and Power
11.60 miles 3015 Winona - Digital Realty
11.93 miles Alchemy LAX
11.93 miles QuadraNet LAX (Century)
12.72 miles Equinix El Segundo LA4
12.79 miles Serverfarm LAX1
The site is served by a 16.5 MW substation on-site.
12.89 miles Equinix El Segundo LA3
13.00 miles Cyxtera El Segundo LA1
13.00 miles 200 North Nash - Digital Realty
200 Nash is fully leased to Cyxtera, a Triple Net tenant
13.01 miles 2260 E El Segundo - Digital Realty
In 2010, DRT acquired this site from 365 Main. The transaction included 4 other data centers and was for a total of $725 Million
13.05 miles Evocative: Los Angeles, LAX10
Evocative's LAX10 data center facility is located at 2260 E El Segundo Blvd, El Segundo, CA. Spanning an impressive 1 square feet, this colocation site offers ample space to accommodate various data center operations and infrastructure requirements.
13.99 miles Evocative Redondo LAX14
INAP's flagship location in Los Angeles Datacenter was constructed in 2012 Electric Utility Provider: Southern California Edison
14.86 miles Equinix Los Angeles LA7
17.16 miles Cogent: 16680 Valley View

CoreSite Los Angeles (LA2) 900 N Alameda Data Center Photos

Site Plan for LA3
Posted in CoreSite LA3
Source: ADSP

Rendering of LA3 next to LA2
Posted in CoreSite LA3

900 North Alameda

Source: COR

Cabinet Colocation Area
Source: COR

Large Concrete Columns Throughout Building
For the price of a cross-connect one can order an "extended cross connect" between CoreSite's LA data centers. This allows a customer to deploy in the more robust data center (LA2) while taking adv...

CoreSite Operated Fiber Paths between LA1 and LA2/LA3

For the price of a cross-connect one can order an "extended cross connect" between CoreSite's LA data centers. This allows a customer to deploy in the more robust data center (LA2) while taking advantage of LA1's network density.

Operating Company

CoreSite Realty is a data center REIT with a focus on network dense buildings. The company operates the Any2 Peering Exchange, which is the largest Internet Exchange in the Western US.

CoreSite History

CoreSite Realty Corporation was founded in 2001 as CRG West, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group. CRG West initially started with two data center buildings; One Wilshire in Los Angeles and 55 South Market in San Jose. The buildings were popular network interconnection and peering points. Although 55 S Market has declined as an interconnection point, One Wilshire continues to be a popular building for network interconnection.

2007: Sold the Company's Jewel to Fuel Expansion

In August, the company sold the One Wilshire Building to Hines REIT for $287 million. The large transaction gave CRG West additional capital to fund the company's growth into new markets.

In May, CRG West acquires buildings in Chicago (for $34 million) and Sommerville just outside of Boston. The Chicago building at 427 S LaSalle was originally designed and built by Western Union. Western Union buildings have traditionally been converted into Carrier Hotels because the telegraph infrastructure with their risers of conduits works well for the telecom industry. The facility is situated across from One Financial Plaza and adjacent to the Chicago Board of Trade.

CoreSite Boston at 70 Innerbelt Road, Somerville, MA is located less than two miles from downtown Boston and Cambridge. The large building has SunGard and Internap as significant tenants also offering colocation

2008: Added Reston

CRG West acquired their Reston facility at 12100 Sunrise Valley.

2009: Rebranded

CRG West rebranded as CoreSite.

2010: IPO added More Capital to Expand

In September, CoreSite became publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: COR). The Carlyle Group still owned ~50% of the newly public company at the time of the IPO. The Carlyle Group has since reduced their ownership to less than 30%.

2012 Added Denver

In April, CoreSite acquired Comfluent and their two Denver data centers. The data centers were small, but pivotal to the Denver Interconnection and Peering Market. DE1 is located in 910 15th Street, Denver's Telecom Hotel, the Denver Gas & Electric Building (DGEB.) Comfluent was the defacto meet me room for the building. DE2 was 639 E 18th Ave, which was adjacent to Level 3's Denver Gateway site.

CoreSite was headquarted in Denver, but until 2012 did not have any data centers in Colorado.


SV5 was built and leased to a single tenant

2014: New Buildings

  • VA2 launched with an initial build of 50,000 of 198,000 sqft
  • NY2 launched with an initial build of 65,000 of 283,000 sqft

2016: Change at the Top

Tom Ray, CoreSite's CEO since inception retired. Paul Szurek became CoreSites new CEO.

In August, Sunrise Technology Park (STP) was acquired for $60 million with a plan to significantly expand the campus.

Reston Campus Expansions

12100 Sunrise Valley was first acquired in 2008 and CoreSite has since turned the Reston site into a campus. The company constructed a building (VA2) in the parking lot. In 2018, Coresite acquired a 22-acre lot a few blocks away at 12379 Sunrise Valley Drive. The lot will serve to virtually expand the Reston Campus.

The development has four phases and involves building new 3-story data centers and demolishing the old buildings. CoreSite has begun work on VA3 on the new lot.

28 Facilities Owned
10 Markets Served
253.0 Megawatts
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la2-facility-slick October 2018

Data Sheet for CoreSite's LA2