QuadraNet Los Angeles 530

530 W 6th Street

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530 W 6th Street
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0.04 miles United Layer-LA4
0.04 miles Colocation America (LA4)
0.04 miles Telecom Center LA Building (530 West 6th)
0.04 miles Sprocket Los Angeles
0.04 miles Cogent: 530 West 6th
0.04 miles Wilcon 530 West 6th
0.04 miles ColoCrossing LA1
0.05 miles DataBank LAX1
0.06 miles InfoRelay LAX1, LAX2, LAX3
0.07 miles CoreSite Los Angeles (LA1) One Wilshire
CoreSite's Any2 IXP (Peering Exchange) is the largest public IXP in the Western United States. The Unity Trans-Pacific submarine cable, also lands in the building, which provides undersea connectivity to Asia.
0.07 miles US Colo (One Wilshire)
0.07 miles Crown Castle LA
0.07 miles One Wilshire Building
One Wilshire is an iconic building in downtown Los Angeles. The 30 story building is easy to spot on the LA skyline with a giant "One Wilshire" sign at the top of the building.
0.07 miles Atlantic Metro-Los Angeles LAX0
0.10 miles US Colo (Quinby)
0.13 miles Wilcon 607 West 7th
0.13 miles Telehouse 626 Wilshire
0.16 miles Aon Center
0.17 miles China Telecom Los Angeles
0.17 miles 600 W 7th St, Los Angeles - Digital Realty
The 7-story building at 600 West 7th is one of the best-connected buildings in Los Angeles (second to One Wilshire.) Digital Realty operates the building's Meet Me Room and offers connections into Equinix LA1 space.
0.17 miles Aptum Los Angeles
0.17 miles XO: (600 West 7th)
0.17 miles AT&T Los Angeles 2
0.17 miles ANEXIO LAX6
The data center is in suite 550 and the office is in suite 560
0.18 miles Equinix Los Angeles LA1
0.18 miles AT&T Switching Center Los Angeles
0.18 miles VPLS LA2
0.28 miles XO: (818 West 7th)
0.28 miles Equinix Los Angeles LA2
0.28 miles Lumen Los Angeles 1
0.28 miles 818 West 7th
0.29 miles NYI Los Angeles
0.29 miles 800 South Hope
0.29 miles US Colo (800 Hope)
0.69 miles VPLS LA1
0.70 miles ANEXIO LAX1
0.70 miles West 7 Center (1200 West 7th)
0.70 miles Alchemy Downtown
0.70 miles Equinix Los Angeles LA5
1.30 miles Fiberhub LAX1
1.30 miles CoreSite Los Angeles (LA2) 900 N Alameda
CoreSite's LA2 facility at 900 N Alameda is an elegant building that was built in 1940 as a Postal Annex. It was the central mail processing facility for Los Angeles until 1989. The site is now owned by CoreSite and is being incrementally converted to data center space.
1.30 miles Tata Los Angeles
1.30 miles ARP Networks
1.34 miles CoreSite LA3
3.37 miles Prime Vernon
9.57 miles 2301 West 120th, Hawthorne
10.65 miles Alchemy LAX
10.65 miles QuadraNet LAX (Century)
11.48 miles Equinix El Segundo LA4
11.54 miles Serverfarm LAX1
The site is served by a 16.5 MW substation on-site.
11.62 miles Equinix El Segundo LA3
11.65 miles 3015 Winona - Digital Realty
11.65 miles Cyxtera Burbank BR1
2 Story Structure Utility: Burbank Water and Power
11.76 miles Cyxtera El Segundo LA1
11.76 miles 200 North Nash - Digital Realty
200 Nash is fully leased to Cyxtera, a Triple Net tenant
11.77 miles ANEXIO LAX4- El Segundo
Located within the DRT building in El Sengundo
11.77 miles 2260 E El Segundo - Digital Realty
In 2010, DRT acquired this site from 365 Main. The transaction included 4 other data centers and was for a total of $725 Million
12.61 miles Cogent Pasadena
12.82 miles Evocative Redondo LAX14
INAP's flagship location in Los Angeles Datacenter was constructed in 2012 Electric Utility Provider: Southern California Edison
13.94 miles Equinix Los Angeles LA7
17.49 miles Cogent: 16680 Valley View

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QuadraNet was originally formed in 2001 as a telecommunications provider in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The company has since expanded to become a colocation provider in many of the tier 1 markets in the US.

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1.0 Megawatts
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