Telehouse: Telehouse launches from three data centers in Toronto, Canada

Jun 13, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

KDDI-owned Telehouse Canada this week officially launched its first three data centers in downtown Toronto and is now offering services from three carrier-neutral data centers, located at 151 Front Street West, 250 Front Street West, and 905 King Street West.

"We are the first global leader with specialized data center expertise to own and operate these facilities, and we're bringing more than three decades of experience helping organizations grow," said Satoshi Adachi, president and CEO of Telehouse Canada. "We're well-equipped to help accelerate Canada's digital economy and support Canadian businesses as they scale their digital operations and look to reach new global markets."

151 and 250 Front St. are cooled primarily through a Deep Lake Water Cooling System (DLWC) from Enwave. The system harnesses the cold temperature at the bottom of Lake Ontario to cool nearby 190 buildings including hospitals, data centers, educational campuses, and more.