California Data Center Market

The California data center market is located in the region of Pacific US and within United States. California has 260 facilities with 7,488,067 sqft and 1,139 megawatts.

The top providers in California are Lumen Technologies (26 sites) and Digital Realty Trust with 24 facilities. The most popular facilities are Equinix Palo Alto SV8 and Equinix San Jose Campus SV1, SV5, & SV10.

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Market Facts

California Data Center Map

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Largest Providers in California

Lumen Technologies
Facilities: 26
Power: 27 MWs
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Digital Realty Trust
Facilities: 24
Power: 232 MWs
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Facilities: 20
Power: 101 MWs
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Facilities: 13
Power: 104 MWs
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Regions in California

About This Metro

California is the largest state in the United States, as measured by both population (39.5 million people and economy ($2.7 Trillion GDP in 2017.)

California Data Center Markets

Silicon Valley and Los Angeles Data Center Markets are dominant in the state. Followed by Sacramento and San Diego.

Equinix and Digital Realty Trust are by far the largest data center providers in California. Ragingwire's campus in Sacramento is one of the largest in California.