Element Critical SV1

1360 Kifer Road

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The site was originally Level3's San Francisco (Sunnyvale 2) site. Acquired in 2015.

  • 15-foot ceiling height clearance
  • 24’ Raised Floor
  • Cabinets and Suites available
  • Raised floors with structural capacity of 300 lbs./sq. ft.
  • Three-tiered overhead ladder racking
  • Zone 4 Seismic Code Construction
  • Electrical Power for the Data Center is Provided by PG&E via Two 12.47KV Feeders w/ Area ‘A’ fed by Three ±2,500 KVA Transformers; 2N Configuration
  • Approximately ±6 MW of Generator power in N+1
  • A total of seven ±2 MW emergency backup power generators are built, each with ±4,000 gallon above ground tanks.

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1360 Kifer Road (First Floor)
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Sites within 15 miles of Element Critical SV1

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Distance Site About
0.01 miles Lumen Sunnyvale 1
0.06 miles ColoXchange Sunnyvale
0.11 miles Cyxtera Sunnyvale SN1
0.11 miles Cyxtera Sunnyvale SN2
0.14 miles Equinix Santa Clara SV14
0.18 miles Equinix Santa Clara SV15
0.21 miles Equinix Santa Clara SV16
0.26 miles Equinix Santa Clara SV17
0.61 miles Bowers Data Center
Proposed plans are to demolish the existing approximately 55,000 square foot 2-story building and construct a new 4- story 244,068 square foot data center with a substation.
0.78 miles Vantage Santa Clara SC1
Two (3) 50 MW dedicated substations on-site 45 MW of critical IT load operational
0.79 miles 2820 Northwestern - Digital Realty
This site was acquired through the Telx acquisition and is part of the Vantage Campus in Santa Clara.
0.84 miles CoreSite SV7
0.89 miles CoreSite SV3
0.90 miles CoreSite SV6
0.93 miles CoreSite SV8
CoreSite completed construction on SV8 phases I and 2 in the second half of 2019
0.95 miles CoreSite SV5
0.96 miles CoreSite Santa Clara Campus
CoreSite's Santa Clara Campus contains 5 datacenter buildings. (SV3, SV4, SV5, SV6, SV7 and SV8)
0.97 miles CoreSite SV4
1.00 miles Cyxtera Santa Clara SC5
1.00 miles 2403 Walsh - Digital Realty
Currently leased to a Triple Net customer.
1.01 miles Cyxtera Santa Clara SC4
1.01 miles 2401 Walsh - Digital Realty
Currently leased to a Triple Net customer.
1.01 miles CoreSite SV9
CoreSite is adding its ninth data center in Santa Clara, California. The new 240,000-square-foot (22,300 sqm), facility – known as SV9 and located at 2915 Stender Way – will offer 34MW of IT load, including a new on-site utility substation.
1.43 miles Prime Santa Clara (Martin)
1.44 miles EdgeCore Silicon Valley
EdgeCore Silicon Valley campus is located at 2201 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara. Upon completion, the LEED designed campus will support 72MW across 540,000 sq ft (50,170 sqm) of space.
1.47 miles China Telecom Santa Clara
1.52 miles Cologix Santa Clara
1.55 miles QTS Santa Clara
QTS's Santa Clara campus has two distinct data center buildings
1.64 miles 1725 Comstock - Digital Realty
The building, renovated in 2010, houses three 1,125 kW data rooms and is equal to a power density of 160 watts per raised square foot.
1.66 miles Intel Santa Clara D2P3
The facility uses close-coupled evaporative cooling that relies on recycled water, to help it to reach an annualized PUE of 1.06.
1.66 miles 3205 Alfred - Digital Realty
Located near Highway 101, 3205 Alfred is a two-story data center. The facility is strategically located near three cost-effective substations on the power grids of Silicon Valley Power.
1.67 miles 3105 Alfred - Digital Realty
1.69 miles Amazon 2305 Mission College Blvd
Amazon Web Services (AWS) paid $101.4 million for a two-story, 358,000 sqft building at 2305 Mission College Blvd. in Santa Clara.
1.71 miles EdgeConneX Santa Clara
1.72 miles NTT Silicon Valley SV1
A 160,000 sq. ft., four-story data center built on a 3.3 acre site
1.74 miles 4650 Old Ironsides
1.74 miles Cyxtera Santa Clara SC9
1.75 miles 1500 Space Park - Digital Realty
The data center was renovated in June of 2008 into a two-story facility that services an IT services tenant with 9 MW of total power, and is Gold LEED certified.
1.75 miles 1525 Comstock - Digital Realty
1.76 miles Evocative Santa Clara SJC14
1.79 miles EdgeConneX: 1600 Memorex
Expansion site
1.79 miles OpenColo
1.80 miles Digital Realty: SJC14
1.81 miles Prime: 1231 Comstock
1.82 miles Cyxtera Santa Clara SC8
1.82 miles 4700 Old Ironsides
1.82 miles Evocative Santa Clara SJC11
Formerly known as Internap Santa Clara SJE-011 before being acquired in September 2022 by Evocative
1.85 miles Equinix Santa Clara SV2
1.86 miles 1201 Comstock - Digital Realty
The facility was renovated in 2008 and provides IT services customer with 2,250 kW of critical IT power
1.86 miles AWS: Santa Clara, CA
Amazon has acquired a former insulation factory located at 960 Central Expressway just west of San Jose Mineta International Airport in Santa Clara, California.
1.88 miles Evocative: Santa Clara, SJC3
Evocative's Santa Clara Data Center (SJC3), located at 3080 Raymond St, Santa Clara, CA , was constructed in 1980. Spanning an impressive 25000 square feet, this colocation site offers ample space to accommodate various data center operations and infrastructure requirements.
1.89 miles Layer42 Santa Clara
1.91 miles Tata San Francisco
1.91 miles 1100 Space Park (SCL1) Digital Realty
Digital Realty acquired the 3 story facility in 2006. Telx formerly operated the building MMR. Digital Realty acquired Telx in 2015.
1.91 miles Prime Santa Clara
Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this new Santa Clara data center facility will be delivered as turn-key, or is available as powered shell, with 10 MW of critical power with N+1 configuration and up to 14MW of critical power with N configuration.
1.92 miles Colovore
1.99 miles Lumen Santa Clara
2.01 miles STACK SVY02A
STACK Infrastructure is constructing a new data center facility at 1200 Memorex Drive, located in an industrial corner of Santa Clara. The four-story data center will contain 472,920 square feet
2.10 miles Skybox Santa Clara
2.13 miles 2805 Lafayette Street: Digital Realty
2.14 miles StratCap: 3205 Bassett
StratCap acquired a purpose-built data center in Santa Clara that is 100 percent leased to a ‘top-tier wireless carrier,’ and serves as a network switch facility.
2.16 miles 3011 Lafayette - Digital Realty
2.25 miles 641 Walsh - Digital Realty
2.29 miles Vantage Santa Clara SC2
The Vantage's long-term plan calls for four data center buildings totaling 560,000 square feet and 55 megawatts of critical load.
2.33 miles 2045 & 2055 Lafayette - Digital Realty
Digital Realty acquired the facility in 2004 and fully leased it to Savvis. In 2007, Microsoft acquired that lease and is now the sole tenant of the facility.
2.36 miles Equinix Sunnyvale SV6
2.51 miles Cyrusone Santa Clara
2.54 miles Santa Clara (SC1) Digital Realty
2.66 miles DataBank Santa Clara SFO1
3.22 miles Equinix Sunnyvale SV4
3.59 miles 2950 Zanker
The building is 100% leased on a long-term basis to a major telecommunications company.
3.62 miles NaviSite Santa Clara
4.00 miles 400 Holger Way, San Jose
4.53 miles CoreSite Milpitas SV2
4.70 miles Microsoft San Jose (Prospective)
Microsoft paid $73.2 million for the land on the western banks of Coyote Creek in September 2017.
4.88 miles Evocative: San Jose SJC7
Evocative's San Jose Data Center (SJC7) facility, located at 534 Stockton Ave, San Jose, CA, was constructed in 1946. Previously owned by Equinix, this data center facility in San Jose offers an impressive 21,000 square feet of space.
4.88 miles 365 San Jose
4.89 miles VPLS SV7
5.30 miles Cerulean San Jose
5.31 miles Fibernet San Jose
5.42 miles H5 San Jose
The H5 San Jose data center is in a 73,000 SF data center located at 2030 Fortune Drive near downtown San Jose.
5.42 miles Equinix San Jose SV13
5.45 miles Stack: SVY01C
Stack Infrastructure has broken ground on a 60MW data center expansion in Silicon Valley, California.
5.49 miles Stack: SVY01D
Stack Infrastructure has broken ground on a 60MW data center expansion in Silicon Valley, California.
5.55 miles Equinix San Jose SV3
5.57 miles STACK Silicon Valley SVY01
Phase I supports 9.3 MW of critical power
5.62 miles STACK SVY01B
Stack Infrastructure has launched a 32MW SVY01B facility on its Silicon Valley campus in California
5.82 miles 2334 Lundy Place - Digital Realty
Currently leased to a Triple Net customer, NTT Communications.
5.92 miles Atlantic Metro San Jose SJC1
5.93 miles Hurricane San Jose
Multiple racks in cages in the same building as CoreSite Any2 San Jose 20+ Carriers with Diverse Fiber In Building
5.93 miles HostPapa SJ1
SJ1 is located within CoreSite's 55 S Market building which is a legacy telecom and Internet hub.
5.93 miles CoreSite SV1 55 S Market
55 S Market is a legacy Carrier Hotel in San Jose
5.97 miles Layer 42 Mountain View
6.08 miles 150 S 1st
6.15 miles Rackspace San Jose SJC2
Colocated within the Digital Reality's building
7.77 miles Hurricane Electric Fremont 2
3 Internet Exchange Points (SFMIX, AMS-IX Bay, and FCIX) 70 Internet Networks 7 Carriers with Diverse Fiber
7.95 miles Verizon: Fremont
The site is a previous XO Communications facility
8.67 miles Hurricane Electric Fremont 1
2 Internet Exchange Points (SFMIX and AMS-IX Bay) 20 Internet Networks 6 Carriers with Diverse Fiber
9.45 miles T5@Silicon Valley (Newark)
T5 acquired the facility from Apple in 2020.
10.69 miles AT&T Palo Alto
10.75 miles Equinix Palo Alto SV8
Equinix SV8 is the home of the legendary Palo Alto Internet Exchange.
10.75 miles Menlo: Bryant Street Landlord
14.36 miles Equinix SV11
14.39 miles Equinix SV10
14.45 miles Equinix San Jose Campus
The three 4 building Equinix campus in Silicon Valley lies to the far south in San Jose, yet it is one of the best-connected data centers in the Bay Area.
14.50 miles Equinix SV5
14.70 miles Equinix: SV12
14.74 miles Equinix: SV19
14.74 miles China Mobile San Jose
In 2023, after many delays, the building was commissioned
14.76 miles RICloud: 6580 Via del Oro
In 2017, RiCloud Corp acquired from Briggs Development and spent about $100 million renovating the property.
14.93 miles Equinix: SV18
18.80 miles Prime Hayward
This 20MW two-story flex building comprising 145,850 square feet on 4 acres is 100% leased by a leading Fortune 50. The property was built in 2015 as a build-to-suit.
19.94 miles Lumen Hayward 1

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Element Critical owns and operates data centers in Sunnyvale, California, and Northern Virginia. Central Colo was rebranded to Element Critical in 2017.

6 Facilities Owned
5 Markets Served
52.0 Megawatts
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