Site: Cologix MTL5

Company: Cologix
Metro: Montreal
Province: Quebec Province
Country: Canada
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
Short Code: MTL5
2351 Alfred Nobel

Gross SqFt: 4,000
Usable SqFt: 2,500

The site was previously owned by Canix

Map and Nearby Locations:

2351 Alfred Nobel

SITES within 15 miles of Cologix MTL5

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Distance Site name SqFt
0.05 miles Cologix MTL6 8,000
0.29 miles Vantage Montréal 43,055
0.36 miles Cologix MTL8-H (Technoparc)
0.72 miles TNW Montréal
0.79 miles Equinix Montreal MT1 62,921
0.82 miles Urbacon Montreal - 544 Inspecteur
1.47 miles Vantage Montreal III (QC6)
2.02 miles Hypertec YUL01B
2.06 miles Vantage Montreal II
3.07 miles Hypertec YUL02