eStruxture MTL-4 Kirkland

17500 Trans Canada Hwy. S. Service Rd

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The site, formerly known as Cogeco Peer 1 Kirkland, was built to Tier 3 standards, the 100,000 square foot, secure facility is designed to Uptime Institute Standards and equipped with primary and secondary power redundancy, state-of-the-art cooling featuring hot aisle containment, advanced fire suppression systems, 24x7x365 security and monitoring, biometric access controls, video surveillance, raised floors, cage whitespace and high density power racks-all supported by an industry leading 100% uptime SLA.

The Montreal Data Center is strategically located approximately 25 kilometres from the Montreal downtown core, an ideal location for enterprise customers that require easy access to a primary or secondary site for their disaster recovery and offsite backup requirements. The facility is also suited for customers looking for a single, highly secure location to house all of their core and legacy IT applications but with the added capability of elasticity to quickly adapt to changing business requirements and burst to an enterprise cloud for emerging applications, while ensuring their sensitive data remains compliant. The Montreal Data Center is carrier neutral and equipped with multiple high bandwidth, low latency connectivity options including our 10Gbps ready all optical network-services include high availability Internet, Metrolan/LANX Ethernet, IPVPN, Wavelength, Dark Fibre and third party connectivity services, ensuring that you have easy access to global carrier meet me points.

Address in French: 17500 Route Transcanadienne, Kirkland, QC H9J 3A3, Canada

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17500 Trans Canada Hwy. S. Service Rd
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Sites within 15 miles of eStruxture MTL-4 Kirkland

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Distance Site About
2.66 miles Compass Montreal II
Compass's Montreal II currently supports 30MW of power, but when fully built, the site will host 50MW of total capacity and will be one of Canada’s largest wholesale data centers.
2.94 miles Hypertec YUL02
3.88 miles Vantage Montreal II
3.90 miles Hypertec YUL01B
5.54 miles Cologix MTL8-H (Technoparc)
5.58 miles TNW Montréal
5.90 miles Cologix MTL5
5.92 miles Cologix MTL6
6.15 miles Vantage Montreal III (QC6)
6.19 miles Vantage Montréal
The site use to be called 4degrees Montréal before being acquired by Vantage in December 2019. The Montréal centre is now connected to the Québec City centre via Videotron’s fibre optic network.
6.69 miles Equinix Montreal MT1
6.72 miles Urbacon Montreal - 544 Inspecteur
Located in downtown Montreal only 800 metres from the city’s financial core, this 16 MVA fibre-ready data centre serves as a global telecom node and is the only stand alone purpose built facility of its kind in the city.
9.11 miles Ericsson Vaudreuil
The 215,000 square foot data center was completed in December 2016. The facility has been built with N+1 redundancy across critical systems.
9.50 miles OVH Beauharnois Quebec BHS
OVH data center was created on the former Rio Tinto Alcan aluminum plant that is adjacent to Hydro-Quebec's Beauharnois Power Plant.
10.94 miles Compass Montreal I
10.97 miles Cronomagic
11.41 miles Google Beauharnois
11.52 miles eStruxture Montréal MTL2
The facility includes more than 150,000 square feet of colocation space and is served by multiple power substations operated by Hydro Quebec, with a total planned capacity of 30MW.
12.13 miles Enovum DC
14.88 miles Cologix MTL3
The site was previously owned by Canix
15.03 miles Beanfield Montreal (Openface)
With proximity to ample hydroelectricity, the site has 750kW of reliable power onsite, redundant N+1 power availability 208VAC or 120VAC in 15A, 20A, 30A & 60A multiples in both single or 3-phase configurations. The site was previously known at Openface Montreal before being acquired by Beanfield in February 2020.
15.12 miles Cologix MTL7
The Cologix's seventh site in the city was previously owned by Canix
15.15 miles Cologix MTL1
The site was previously owned by Canix
15.21 miles Cologix MTL11
The site was previously a "Metro Optic" site. Metro Optic acquired the I.C.E Montreal facility, but subsequently sold it to Cologix.
15.22 miles eStruxture MTL-5
15.38 miles eStruxture Montreal MTL1
Netelligent Hosting Services originally built the site in 2013 with an initial 12,000 sqft. In 2015 the site expanded by an additional 10,000 sqft for a total of 22,000sqft. eStruxture acquired Netelligent in 2017.
15.96 miles Cologix MTL2
Located on Nun’s Island (Île des Sœurs) in Montréal, Québec, the purpose-built MTL2 colocation facility is one of seven Cologix data centres throughout Montréal, spanning approximately 100,000 SQF and including Montréal’s only carrier hotel.
16.05 miles Cologix MTL12
16.12 miles Internap Montreal
17.95 miles Cologix MTL4
Cologix offers secure Montréal data centre and colocation services in the purpose-built facility at 2341 Alfred Nobel

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eStruxture offers colocation, private cloud, and managed services. Headquartered in Montreal, the company provides access to an ecosystem of over 850 customers.

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