Site: OVH Beauharnois Quebec BHS

Company: OVH Group
Metro: Montreal
Province: Quebec Province
Country: Canada
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
Short Code: BHS-1, BHS-2, BHS-3, BHS-4, BHS-5, BHS-6
Utility Provider: Hydro-Quebec
Total Power: 120.0 Megawatts

OVH data center was created on the former Rio Tinto Alcan aluminum plant that is adjacent to Hydro-Quebec's Beauharnois Power Plant which generates its electricity from a 1,903 megawatt dam on the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Map and Nearby Locations:

40 Rue De L'Industrie, Beauharnois, QC J6N 0C2, Canada

SITES within 15 miles of OVH Beauharnois Quebec BHS

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
7.91 miles Compass Montreal II 175,000 30.00
9.50 miles Aptum Kirkland 100,000 16.50
10.35 miles Ericson Vaudreuil 8.00
11.80 miles Hypertec YUL02 26.00
12.29 miles Hypertec YUL01B 35.00
12.33 miles Hypertec Saint-Laurent YUL01 10.00
13.44 miles Cologix MTL8-H (Technoparc)
13.74 miles Cologix MTL6 8,000
13.74 miles Cologix MTL5 4,000
13.82 miles TNW Montréal