Site: QTS Chicago

Company: QTS Data Centers
Site is located within: 350 E Cermak - Digital Realty building
Metro: Chicago: Downtown
Metro: Chicago
State: Illinois
Region: Midwest US
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
2800 S. Ashland Ave

Total Building SqFt: 317,000
Total Office SqFt: 2,925
Gross SqFt: 48,000
Total Power: ??? NN
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Ownership: QTS Data Centers owns the building.

Data Center Notes:

  • The campus was a former Sun Times Press Facility and was acquired in 2014. [1]
  • The campus is 30 acres (an unusually large plot of land) near downtown Chicago.)
  • 467,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 208,000 sq. ft. raised floor within existing building
    • DH1 is 48,000 sq. ft
    • DH2 is 80,000 sq. ft
    • DH3 80,000 sq. ft
  • 2,925 sq. ft. leasable office space
  • Three loading docks available with dock levelers
  • LEED Gold Certified


  • Configuration options: N+1, 2N
  • 125MW of critical power capacity
  • UPS power in an N+1 configuration
  • Generator power in an N+1 configuration


  • 26+ indirect heat exchanger cooling units 400/367/250 kW
  • Temperature and humidity sensors installed in data halls providing
  • remote indications and alarms to on-site and off-site facility personnel
  • VESDA smoke detection above and below raised floors
  • Fully automated Building Management System providing remote
  • indications and operations capabilities
  • WonderWare monitoring for electrical systems

Future Expansion

QTS has the ability to add an additional 213,000 square feet of raised floor and 32 megawatts of power in Building 2 for a total of 346,000 square feet of raised floor and 56 megawatts of power within the campus.

Building Gross SqFt Currently Built-Out Future GrossSqFt to be Added Total When Built Out
Building 1 48,000 85,000 133,000
Building 2 0 213,000 213,000

Data Center Access

For the first data room, the company built a configuration room next to the receiving area, so technicians can unload and unpack equipment without moving it greater distances. QTS installed the lift next to the configuration room so servers can be conveniently transferred to the raised computing floor. Similarly, the site plan calls for each data room to have its own secure receiving area, configuration room and lift.


1. QTS Press Release July 9, 2014

Map and Nearby Locations:

2800 S. Ashland Ave

SITES within 15 miles of QTS Chicago

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Distance Site name SqFt
1.53 miles Metro Edge: Illinois Medical District (IMD)
1.99 miles CoreSite Chicago CH2 56,000
2.43 miles First Communications Chicago
2.43 miles TierPoint Chicago Polk 25,000
2.46 miles Server Farm Realty 840 South Canal
2.46 miles DataBank (ORD2) 840 S Canal 10,000
2.68 miles Atlantic Metro ORD0 20,000
2.68 miles Cyxtera Chicago CH4 41,073
2.68 miles 350 E Cermak - Digital Realty
2.68 miles Equinix Chicago CH1, CH2, & CH4 296,927
Phase 1 has 6 MW of power and 48,000 square feet of raised floor space

Diagram of QTS's Site in Chicago
Source: QTS
Exterior View of QTS's Chicago Building
Source: QTS
Raw Space Ready for Build-out
Source: Bisnow/Dees Stribling
Lobby Entrance
Phase 1 has 6 MW of power and 48,000 square feet of raised floor space
QTS Chicago Site Layout

Phase 1 has 6 MW of power and 48,000 square feet of raised floor space

Source: QTS
KyotoCooling System
Chicago SunTimes Building Before QTS's Acquisition
Kyoto Units Installed on the Roof
Source: Mission Critical Magazine

October 2016

Four page data sheet from 2016.