QTS Data Centers: QTS to expand into New Albany, Ohio

Oct 25, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

QTS has revealed plans to expand into New Albany, Ohio by developing new data center campuses covering over a million square feet and 200MW. These new campuses will be on Beech Road; two on one site, a 57-acre piece of property, and another two on a nearby 37-acre site and construction should reportedly start in  March 2024 and be finished around March 2025.

New Albany’s official LinkedIn page notes, “New Albany City Council has approved community reinvestment area (CRA) agreements for Kansas-based QTS Data Centers, which will allow the company to invest roughly $1.5 billion in four data centers for future end users.”

Sara Zeigler, CGBP, economic development manager for the City of New Albany, “Data centers are key assets to the New Albany community, allowing us to diversify the types of companies within our business portfolio. QTS has a great track record of being invested in the communities where they have built facilities. The company’s core values align closely with ours, and we’re excited that they are choosing to call New Albany home.”