Infomart Dallas - Equinix Dallas - 1950 N Stemmons Fwy

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Site: Infomart Dallas - Equinix Dallas - 1950 N Stemmons Fwy

Company: Equinix
Metro: Dallas
State: Texas
Country: United States
Region: North America
Short Code: DA1, DA2, DA3, DA6
Address: 1950 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207
Total Building SqFt: 1,583,309
Gross SqFt: 500,000
Total Power: 60.0 Megawatts
Ownership: Equinix owns the building.

The Dallas Infomart is a 1.5 million square foot (147,000 sqm) building whose design was modled after the The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park.

The Infomart is the center of network Interconnection in Dallas. In fact, the Infomart is the nexus of the Interconnection marketplace for the entire South Central United States. Digital Realty's 2323 Bryant Street building is the only other site in Dallas that has reasonable network density.

  • Infomart Meet-Me-Room is on the 4th floor
  • Open-access parking or dedicated parking is available

Infomart Dallas Tenants and Colocation Providers

Floor / Suite Tenant
Suite 1034 Equinix DA1
Suite 1039A & 2048 Equinix DA3 (was Switch & Data)
Suite 1039A InfoRelay DFW1
Suite 1039E Zayo (zColo)
Suite 1032 & 2010 Cologix DA1 & DAL2
Suite 2027 Equinix DA2
Suite 2033 Flexential DAL01
Suite 2049 & 3050 Equinix DA6
3rd Floor XO Communications
Suite 4006 Zayo (was CoreXchange)

Breakdown of Equinix's Suites at the Infomart

It appears that Equinix operates many 'data centers' in the Infomart. Equinix's website lists DA1, DA2, DA3, and DA6.

In reality, they are different suites in the same building. DA1 was Equinix's original suite and part of the company's launch into six markets in 1999. DA3 was acquired in 2010 from Switch and Data. DA2 and DA4 were organic expansions before Equinix acquired the Infomart building in 2018.

Site Suite Gross SqFt Usable SqFt Power MW Notes
DA1 Suite 1034 61,573 30,355 1.7 Launched in 1999
DA2 Suite 2027
DA3 Suites 1039A, 2048 17,329 12,976 1.6 was Switch & Data's suite
DA6 Suite 2049 & 3050 82,985 53,600
Total 161,887 43,331 3.3

Dallas Infomart from the Air

Dallas Infomart History:

  • 1985: Constructed by Trammell Crow to serve IT companies
  • 2006: DCI Technology Holdings purchased the building for $100 million through foreclosure
  • 2014: ASB Real Estate Fund (a subsidiary of DCI) merged with Fortune Data Centers. The combined company was renamed to Infomart Data Centers.
  • 2018: Equinix acquired the building from Infomart Data Centers for $800 Million.


1950 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207

SITES within 15 miles of Infomart Dallas - Equinix Dallas - 1950 N Stemmons Fwy

Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.0 miles Flexential Dallas Infomart I-V 80,447 6.66
0.0 miles Level3 Dallas (1950 North Stemmons)
0.0 miles Integra Dallas 400 1.50
0.0 miles Atlantic Metro Dallas DFW1 20,000 3.00
0.0 miles Cologix DAL1 & DAL2 40,000
0.0 miles Verizon Dallas (Infomart) 18,816 12.00
0.0 miles zColo Dallas (Infomart) 10,850 2.00
0.04 miles XO Dallas Infomart
1.46 miles Dallas
1.71 miles Level3 Dallas (1201 Main)
Exterior View of Infomart
Infomart from the Air


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