eStruxture: eStruxture opens another data center in Calgary

Mar 05, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

eStruxture has announced its second colocation data center, namely, Cal-2, in Calgary, Canada, is now open. The data center has reportedly been built to Tier III standards, offering a capacity of 20 MW, spanning 93,000 sq ft (8640 sqm). 

Pegged to attract both jobs and other large tech companies to the area, the facility will also, according to the company, support its "mission to elevate its environmental stewardship."

"This new data center opening is a key milestone for our company, with Calgary becoming one of Canada's critical data center hubs, and it's a great example of our unwavering commitment to growing our business in Canada and to continuing to invest in sustainable and efficient state-of-the-art facilities," commented Todd Coleman, president and CEO of eStruxture.