Site: CyrusOne Chicago Aurora CME

Company: CyrusOne
Metro: Chicago: Suburban
Metro: Chicago
State: Illinois
Region: Midwest US
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
2905 Diehl Rd

Total Building SqFt: 428,000
Total Power: ??? NN
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Ownership: CyrusOne owns the building.

In 2016, CyrusOne acquired the CME data center for $130 million. CME hosts its electronic trading platform CME Globex on site. Globex will continue to be hosted on site as part of the 15-year lease agreement between CyrusOne and CME. CME will have 72,000 square feet of data center space.

In Dec 2016 CyrusOne began constructing a 2nd datacenter on a 16 acre adjacent lot. The original CME Globex data center was 428,000sqft and commenced in 2009


  • Expandable power up to 184MW (92MW @ 2N) with wholly-owned substation
    • Siemens Switchgear from 13.8kv Substation #5
    • 2 – 4000 amp breakers (A & B) feeds UPS 4A & 4B
    • Annual Infrared / thermographic inspection of electrical equipment to detect hot-spots
    • 30 ton Stulz CRAC’s for cooling
    • Separate power generation plants deliver two-138,000 volt transmission quality utility services
    • 4-A side transformers, 4-B side transformers
    • Emergency generators provide 54-hour run time without refueling
    • 22 Cummins total generators for a total of 57MW


  • (8) Eight 540 ton chillers (4 compressors each), 8 primary pumps, 5 secondary pumps
  • Free cooling below 30F. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) throughout
  • Color-coded to align with Power Rooms
  • Cooling towers use evaporative condensing chillers utilize highly efficient oil-free centrifugal compressors
  • CRAH units with energy efficient fans

Map and Nearby Locations:

2905 Diehl Rd

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2.15 miles 4267 Meridian Pkwy: Lincoln Rackhouse 34,000
2.65 miles NetSource Chicago
5.12 miles Cogent Naperville 1,000
5.50 miles New Continuum: 603 Discovery 80,000
7.64 miles Evoque Lisle CH1 130,000
11.58 miles CyrusOne Chicago Lombard
12.63 miles 360TCS-Lombard 16,000
12.63 miles Digital Fortress: Chicago Lombard 27,000
13.95 miles Verizon Chicago (Downers Grove) 45,000
13.96 miles Equinix Chicago CH7 45,000
The data center was acquired in April 2016
The buildings and next to each other

The data center was acquired in April 2016
Aurora I Facility

The data center was acquired in April 2016

Source: CyrusOne
Rendering of Aurora II
Source: CyrusOne
The buildings and next to each other
CME Campus Layout

The buildings and next to each other

Source: CyrusOne

March 2019

Aurora I Data Sheet (PDF)

March 2019

Aurora II Data Sheet (PDF)

October 2012

CME Aurora Colo Info Sheet from 2012