CyrusOne Chicago Aurora CME

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Site: CyrusOne Chicago Aurora CME

Company: CyrusOne
Metro: Chicago
State: Illinois
Country: United States
Region: North America
Address: 2905 Diehl Rd, Aurora, IL 60502
Total Building SqFt: 428,000
Total Power: 57.0 Megawatts
Ownership: CyrusOne owns the building.

In 2016, CyrusOne acquired the CME data center for $130 million. CME hosts its electronic trading platform CME Globex on site. Globex will continue to be hosted on site as part of the 15-year lease agreement between CyrusOne and CME. CME will have 72,000 square feet of data center space.

In Dec 2016 CyrusOne began constructing a 2nd datacenter on a 16 acre adjacent lot. The original CME Globex data center was 428,000sqft and commenced in 2009


  • Expandable power up to 184MW (92MW @ 2N) with wholly-owned substation
    • Siemens Switchgear from 13.8kv Substation #5
    • 2 – 4000 amp breakers (A & B) feeds UPS 4A & 4B
    • Annual Infrared / thermographic inspection of electrical equipment to detect hot-spots
    • 30 ton Stulz CRAC’s for cooling
    • Separate power generation plants deliver two-138,000 volt transmission quality utility services
    • 4-A side transformers, 4-B side transformers
    • Emergency generators provide 54-hour run time without refueling
    • 22 Cummins total generators for a total of 57MW


  • (8) Eight 540 ton chillers (4 compressors each), 8 primary pumps, 5 secondary pumps
  • Free cooling below 30F. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) throughout
  • Color-coded to align with Power Rooms
  • Cooling towers use evaporative condensing chillers utilize highly efficient oil-free centrifugal compressors
  • CRAH units with energy efficient fans
CyrusOne's Chicago - Aurora I Data Center  from the Air CyrusOne's Chicago - Aurora I Data Center (Photo: Business Wire)


2905 Diehl Rd, Aurora, IL 60502