Zenium London One

65 Grosvenor St

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Operated by:


  • Fully-flexible solutions with IT power of 2,000W/sq m and higher if required
  • Highly resilient, concurrently maintainable power and cooling to Tier III+
  • Dedicated electrical plant to each data hall
  • Mains power supplied via 100% rated A&B 33 kV incomers diversely routed Active / Active with a capacity of up to 15 MVA
  • All IT power metered and charged as consumed at dedicated MV meters
  • N+N power solutions dedicated to each hall, with separate UPS strings
  • Minimum N+N UPS with 10 minute battery back-up as standard
  • Fully rated N+1 back-up generators with 48 hour N+1 fuel autonomy at full load, capable of continuous running
  • Refuelling contracts to ensure timely replacement


  • N+1 adiabatic cooling plant, dedicated to each hall
  • Modular cooling infrastructure individually managed and linked to BMS
  • Dedicated Pressurisation AHU’s at N+1 to each hall
  • Independently regulated temperature and humidity to each space

Security and Compliance:

  • 3 metre high secure perimeter fence
  • External CCTV and Geoquip trembler wire to fence
  • Vehicle lock to site entrance with dual gates and rising bollards
  • 24 x 7 x 365 on-site security located in secure control room
  • Extensive CCTV and access control throughout the facility
  • Progressive layers of security to restrict access through the site
  • Mantraps with biometric readers into data halls can be provided if required
  • Industry leading multi-layer security with 24 x 7 x 365 on-site personnel

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65 Grosvenor St
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Sites within 15 miles of Zenium London One

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Distance Site About
1.18 miles aptum London
1.54 miles Visa United Kingdom
1.78 miles Verizon London UK5
1.86 miles Level3 London (10 Fleet)
2.11 miles Volta EC1
The data centre is stacked vertically over seven stories and has a Tier III data centre design.
2.25 miles Level3 London (Goswell)
2.71 miles 1 Olivers Yard - Digital Realty
This site was formerly a Telecity site that was acquired by Equinix (January 2016) and subsequently sold to Digital Realty Trust (July 2016.)
2.77 miles iomart DC2 London
2.81 miles Telehouse London Metro
2.82 miles Epsilon London Telephone House
2.84 miles Redcentric London
3.01 miles Colt House London
3.19 miles Interxion LON1 LON3
3.19 miles Level3 London (Braham)
3.27 miles Interxion London 2
3.28 miles Internap London
3.34 miles Level3 London (120 Leman)
3.41 miles Netwise London Central
3.83 miles Colt London I
4.87 miles Coreix Docklands
4.94 miles Equinix London LD9 Powergate
LD9 is located in West London's Park Royal campus. The data centre was a Telecity managed facility before Equinix acquired Telecity in July 2016.
4.94 miles Colt Powergate
The Powergate data center is outside of the heart of the city but within zone 2, making the site easily accessible. This Colt tier III facility provides over 3,700m2 of data centre space and 15 MVA of power.
4.96 miles Vantage London I Campus
5.08 miles Vantage London II
5.16 miles Options West London
5.36 miles LDeX London LDeX1
5.46 miles AIMES DC3 Mastmaker Road
5.54 miles GTT London Citi
5.57 miles Equinix London LD3
5.58 miles DRT London (Bonnington House)
5.62 miles Echelon LCY10
5.62 miles Cyxtera London LO3 & LO4
5.62 miles Keppel GV7 London
The Keppel London GV7 Data Centre is a newly refurbished data centre located in a secure estate within Canary Wharf, London.
5.64 miles Digital Docklands: Cloud House
5.64 miles City Reach London Docklands
5.76 miles Equinix London LD8 Harbour Exchange (Docklands)
Equinix LD8 was known as Telecity Harbour Exchange (HEX) until July 2016. The facility is the second most connected data centre ecosystem in London.
5.80 miles Infinity SDC HereEast
5.85 miles Digital Meridian Gate (215 Marsh)
Located in London Docklands, the Memaco House facility sits in close proximity to the city's many transport links. Memaco House provides 1,630 sq m of well-connected premium customer space over four floors.
5.90 miles Digital Sovereign House (227 Marsh Wall)
6.04 miles Level3 London (E India Dock)
6.14 miles GTT London GS2
6.15 miles Global Switch London Docklands Campus
6.15 miles Global Switch: London South
Global Switch plans for the construction of a new data center in London Docklands. The new five-floor 290,625sqft data center, known as London South, will expand Global Switch’s London site.
6.17 miles Telehouse South
6.18 miles Telehouse London Docklands (North, East, West)
Telehouse operates five data centers in London, four at its Docklands campus in East London, consisting of Telehouse North (opened 1990), Telehouse East (opened 1999), Telehouse West (opened 2010), and Telehouse North Two (opened in 2016.)
6.19 miles Verizon London THW
6.43 miles Kao Data: Bidder Street, Newham
A new data center named as Bidder Street Data Center has been proposed in the Newham area of East London, UK. At full build out the multi-story data center will total approximately 60,510 sqm (651,325 sq ft).
7.03 miles Redwire
8.72 miles Ark: Meridian Park
8.84 miles DRT London (Croydon)
9.35 miles Netwise London East (NLE)
9.62 miles Barclays Data Centre
10.18 miles Coreix Enfield
10.46 miles VIRTUS London1 Enfield
11.00 miles Pulsant South London
11.14 miles VIRTUS Hayes London2
11.22 miles Redcentric Hounslow
11.32 miles Ark: Union Park
There are 21 Data Halls of approximately 1250m2 each, to be deployed at approximately 3MW per hall.
11.65 miles DRT London (Chessington)
The 50,000 sq ft technical Tier III+ rated Chessington facility has five data halls each of about 1,000 sq m and with 1,440kW Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capacity
11.81 miles Verizon London UK4
12.93 miles CyrusOne London II (Stockley Park)
The London II datacenter was originally built by Infinity SDC.
13.03 miles CyrusOne: London II
13.28 miles VIRTUS Stockley Park Campus
LONDON6 was opened
13.50 miles OVH London LON-1
The OVH site of the new London facility was previously owned by a telecoms operator and it is near two substations, providing the required high electrical capacity
13.66 miles DRT London (West Drayton)
13.98 miles ServerFarm London
3,000 m² of data hall expansion space available within 6 – 9 months Concurrently maintainable standards
14.03 miles NTT London 1 (Dagenham)
The NTT LON1 facility will be 24,000 sqm and 60MW critical IT load once fully developed.
14.44 miles Infinity Romford North and South
15.13 miles DRT London (Chess Building)
17.87 miles Custodian Dartford DA2
18.26 miles Digital Redhill (Foxboro Park)
1 Foxboro Park, Redhill is fully leased
2 Foxboro Park, Redhill is fully leased
18.26 miles LexisNexis Redhill UK
18.34 miles 4D Surrey
Based in Byfleet, 4D's Tier-3 Surrey data centre is close to M25 and about 30 minutes to London Waterloo. It's carrier neutral and offers u-space, quarter, half and full racks with options for data halls and suites.
18.42 miles Yondr Slough
The 1st phase was completed in 2024. The 2nd phase will be completed in late 2025.
19.56 miles Zayo Egham
19.97 miles INAP North London
INAP's North London data center is located within Colt's facility on Black Fan Road
19.97 miles Colt London North: Welwyn Garden City
London, Welwyn Garden City is a carrier neutral facility situated just 35 minutes train journey north of London’s Kings Cross station.

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Zenium’s founder and CEO Franek Sodzawiczny co-founded Sentrum, a London colocation provider whose three-site greater-London portfolio was acquired by Digital Realty Trust in 2012 for £716 million.

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