Site: Infinity Romford North and South

Company: Infinity SDC
Metro: London
Country: England
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe
Short Code: Romford North; Romford South
Address: 3 King George Close, Romford RM7 7PS, UK
Gross SqFt: 107,639
Total Power: 30.4 Megawatts

Infinity SDC's Romford datacenter is advertised as North and South, but in reality they are the same datacenter campus. The Romford campus is one of the few datacenters East of the Docklands in London which make it an attractive for enterprises located in Canary Wharf or East of the city.

Site SqFt SqM Power (MW)
Romford North 107,639 10,000 30.4
Romford South 60,278 5,600 12.8
Total 167,917 15,600 43.2


3 King George Close, Romford RM7 7PS, UK

SITES within 15 miles of Infinity Romford North and South

Distance Site name SqFt MW
3.36 miles e-shelter Dagenham UK London 1
6.46 miles OVH London LON-1
8.66 miles Infinity SDC HereEast 110,868 28.00
8.94 miles Verizon London THW 8,072
8.95 miles Netwise Hosting Telehouse North
8.95 miles Telehouse London Docklands (North, East, West) 786,000 40.00
8.99 miles Global Switch London Docklands Campus 53.37
9.0 miles GTT London GS2 0.69
9.08 miles Level3 London (E India Dock)
9.1 miles Sungard Docklands UK