Madrid: Spanish insurer Mapfre looks for buyer of 8MW Madrid data center

Jul 13, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

In anticipation of a potential sale-leaseback transaction, Spanish insurance company Mapfre is listing its data center for sale. According to Cinco Dias, the company has hired CBRE to find a buyer for the Tales de Mileto building in the Alcalá de Henares neighborhood of Madrid.

Mapfre launched the 8MW data center on 172,220 square feet with 258,330 square feet of technical space in 2013. CPD Mapfre Tales de Mileto, a Tier III-certified facility, is listed by Uptime as belonging to Mapfre. CD's ownership of the data center is no longer strategic, according to Mapfre sources. The company intends to retain its IT equipment in the building and continue as a tenant of the prospective buyer. Reportedly, a portion of the infrastructure is leased to technology companies such as IBM.

According to rumors, Mapfre is also contemplating including land adjacent to the complex and other nearby facilities. As per El Economista, the facility has drawn more than 30 bidders, and the insurer hopes to reach an agreement before the year ends.

In 2012, Mapfre commenced constructing the data center to triple the data storage capacity of its existing facilities in Miami, Florida, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Webster, Massachusetts. Enrique Laso, Mapfre's deputy general manager of infrastructure, architecture, and communications, stated at the time of the launch that the site was intended to serve the corporation for twenty years.