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0.01 miles Equinix Atlanta AT1
Equinix's AT1 site is a 6-story reinforced steel and concrete with brick face building.
0.01 miles Level3 Atlanta (180 Peachtree)
0.22 miles Southern Telecom Atlanta
0.23 miles AT&T Southern Bell Telephone Company Building
The Southern Bell Telephone Company Building, now known as the AT&T Communications Building, is the main telephone exchange for downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It was highlighted in 2018 by the Intercept as a key building for NSA surveillance programs.
0.26 miles American Tower: 55 Marrietta
0.26 miles American Tower: 55 Marietta (Cyber Wurx)
This site was acquired by American Tower in 2021 from Cyber Wurx
0.26 miles Colo Atl-55 Marietta
Colo Atl has no monthly recurring cross connect fees between tenants and provides exceptional customer service.
0.26 miles ATLDC 55 Marietta
0.26 miles Peer 1 Atlanta
0.26 miles Cogent: 55 Marietta
0.27 miles 55 Marietta
It is easy to confuse the 2 at first glance, 55 Marietta (which is across the street) from its more famous neighbor, 56 Marietta
0.27 miles QuadraNet Atlanta
Quadranet's Atlanta facility s located downtown and within walking distance of 56 carrier hotel.
0.28 miles 250 Williams (AT2) Digital Realty
Digital Realty's data center at 250 Williams Street located in the American Cancer Society Center in downtown Atlanta.
0.28 miles Evocative ATL1
Built in 2000 and was subsequently expanded in 2012
0.28 miles Level3 Atlanta (250 Williams)
0.30 miles FOGO Atlanta
Small site with in the 56 carrier hotel.
0.30 miles 56 Marietta Carrier Hotel - Digital Realty
56 Marietta is a Carrier Hotel and one of the most popular buildings in the Atlanta data center market.
0.30 miles Equinix Atlanta AT2 AT3
Equinix AT2 and AT3 are located in the 56 Marietta carrier hotel.
0.30 miles Level3 Atlanta
0.30 miles ColoCrossing GA1
10,000sqft data center with in Atlanta's telecom hotel
0.51 miles Level3 Atlanta (345 Courtland)
0.52 miles H5 Atlanta
The H5 Atlanta colocation facility features direct access to the key Southeastern metro and long haul network providers and is the site of Level (3)'s Atlanta Gateway.
0.74 miles Level3 Atlanta (275 Decatur)
1.17 miles DataBank Atlanta ATL1
The DataBank site is part of the CODA development, a 645,000 sqft mixed-use office complex, currently under construction in Georgia Tech’s Technology Square.
1.70 miles Level3 Atlanta (874 Dekalb)
2.18 miles QTS Atlanta DC2
2.32 miles QTS Atlanta Metro
A massive 970,000 sqft data center is one of the largest in the world.
2.32 miles Internap Atlanta ACS003
Internap's facility at 1033 Jefferson is located within QTS's massive Atlanta Metro data center.
2.73 miles DataBank Atlanta ATL3
2.73 miles Level3 Atlanta (953 Donnelly)
2.74 miles EdgeConneX ATL01
2.74 miles EdgeConneX Atlanta Campus
The Atlanta EdgeConneX site has attracted MSOs (Charter, Comcast) and content companies (Netflix and Twitch) into their data center.
2.76 miles DataBank Atlanta ATL2
2.76 miles EdgeConneX ATL02
4.97 miles Edged Energy: Atlanta
4.97 miles Edged Energy: Atlanta 2
5.77 miles DC BLOX Atlanta
Brookhaven area, DC BLOX’s Atlanta data center is 20 miles from the ATL airport
7.18 miles 760 Doug Davis - Digital Realty
The building is fully leased to a major US based airline
8.20 miles XO: 4000 Highland
8.52 miles American Tower: SW Atlanta
9.61 miles 365 Smyrna, GA
10.09 miles Coloblox
Local provider located in North Atlanta at the junction of I-285 and I-75
10.18 miles Equinix Atlanta AT4
Equinix acquired AT4 from Verizon in May 2017
10.76 miles Microsoft East Point
11.04 miles 101 Aquila - Digital Realty
Digital Realty has fully leased the building to a triple net client. The client is likely Google.
11.14 miles Cyxtera Atlanta AT1
Located in Lithia Springs, GA, the AT1 data center resides in a single-story, purpose-built building and less than a mile from Google's data center.
11.14 miles 375 Riverside - Digital Realty
The facility was built in 1998, renovated in 2008, and offers 32 MW of power. It is occupied by three large tenants from the managed services (Cyxtera), telecommunications (AT&T) and healthcare services industries (Cigna Health Insurance.)
11.14 miles Evoque ATL1
Evoque data center located near the Google data center in Lithia Springs
11.28 miles Google Douglas County Georgia
Google announced in 2018 that it will acquire 78.8 MW of solar power to run the data center.
11.28 miles Capital Internet Atlanta
Small local provider in Sandy Springs
11.45 miles Switch Atlanta: The KEEP
12.03 miles PwC Lithia Springs
12.13 miles Internap Atlanta: 40 Perimeter Center
The facility is located within Lincoln Rackhouse's facility
12.13 miles 40 Perimeter Center: Lincoln Rackhouse
The data center is 30 minutes from Hartsfield International Airport and 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta.
12.47 miles T5@Atlanta Campus
12.71 miles DataSite Atlanta
Freestanding Building on Approximately 7 Acres that is outside the 500 year flood plain
13.09 miles DC BLOX Douglasville
13.09 miles Flexential Douglasville
13.51 miles Level3 Atlanta (Doraville)
13.65 miles Microsoft Douglasville
15.50 miles Equinix Atlanta AT5
Another site Equinix acquired from Verizon.
17.37 miles Mapletree: 2775 Northwoods
17.37 miles Flexential Atlanta-Norcross
The Norcross data center features a cloud node on-site

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Map produced by TAG, the Technology Association of Georgia.
Map of Georgia's Data Centers
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Map produced by TAG, the Technology Association of Georgia.

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