Atlanta: NCR Resume Additional Services After a Ransomware Breach

Apr 28, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

After a ransomware assault caused a data center outage that disrupted its Aloha cloud-based services and Counterpoint apps, NCR is making progress toward restoring services.  For the subset of CMC customers who were impacted by the incident, online ordering has resumed and NCR's Command Center application has been fully restored, the firm stated in a status report on Monday.  The Atlanta-based business offers restaurants and shops point-of-sale solutions. Additionally, it offers ATM and online banking services. According to the firm, NCR's Back Office is now operational in a new cloud environment and prepared for standard in-store operations, including data imports, personnel additions, and other processes. 

According to the corporation, the back-of-house controller has sales and time data for each site from the outage period. To start synchronizing in the live environment, the data can be imported. To reduce delay, businesses should spread out the import of bulky client data.
In addition, users can add employee records going back to April 10, as well as inventory postings, shift edits, and deposits. Until the Pulse mobile app is back online, the NCR Back Office applet will not be accessible.  

Although NCR stated it is making progress, it is still working to configure the Insight and Pulse cloud infrastructures. Plans for the Aloha Configuration Center are also progressing. The company informed the Securities and Exchange Commission of the ransomware incident in a filing last week. Since April 12 when the outage became apparent, NCR has constantly updated clients on the progress.