Priority Colo TOR2

600 Cochrane Dr

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Operated by:

  • 1.25mva utility, 1.75mva generator
  • 2 x Powerware 9395-275/550 UPS's (A/B, or A/A, customer choice).
  • The 9395's are setup for 550kva/field upgrade for the +275kva (IE: 275/ea. now, 550/ea. when the next module is dropped in place).

Map and Nearby Locations:

600 Cochrane Dr (Suite 302)
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Sites within 15 miles of Priority Colo TOR2

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Distance Site About
0.09 miles Rogers Markham TOR DC3
0.93 miles Pathway Communications
1.21 miles 1547 Ontario TOON1
The building was sold to 1547 Critical Systems Realty in 2018. As part of the deal, 1547 will handle wholesale deals in the building. While I.C.E will manage all the retail colocation deployments.
1.21 miles Cologix TOR4
Close to downtown Toronto in Markham, the Scalelogix TOR4-S data center has diverse dark fiber connectivity between TOR4-S and TOR1 at 151 Front Street
1.21 miles CORE: Markham
1.60 miles Equinix Markham TR5
2.01 miles Nüday Networks
2.17 miles 371 Gough - Digital Realty
The site will support (5) 1,350 kW data center suites measuring approximately 10,000 sq. ft. each
2.49 miles Cyxtera Markham TR3
2.73 miles Edgeconnex Toronto
2.95 miles Urbacon - Richmond Hill, ON
5.91 miles ILAP 210 Sheppard
6.53 miles eStruxture TOR-4 Scarborough
6.93 miles TeraGo Vaughn
7.45 miles Canada Cloud Data Centre
8.29 miles Lumen Toronto 1
10.06 miles 1 Century Place (TOR1) Digital Realty
This site was originally operated by Dupont Fabros as TOR1 before being acquired in Sept 2017 by Digital Realty Trust in a $7.6 Billion 12 datacenter deal. Located just outside the city of Toronto in nearby Vaughan, this Canadian wholesale data centre spans over 66,000 square metres (711,000 square feet) with a critical power capacity of up to 46 megawatts. The site was the former Toronto Star Printing plant.
10.32 miles Compass: North York
11.32 miles STACK Toronto TOR01
Stack Infrastructure's TOR01 Campus is just seven miles away from 151 Front Street, Toronto's largest carrier hotel and primary internet exchange point. Toronto-based developer First Gulf partnered with STACK to deliver the initial 8MW data center by renovating an existing building TOR01A.
11.36 miles ServerFarm Toronto TOR1
Site is approximately 7.14 acres Three 10,000 SF data halls with ample office and conference space
11.38 miles Stack: TOR01C
Stack Infrastructure's TOR01C facility is just seven miles away from 151 Front Street. The third phase will offer 24MW to support client growth on a campus tailored as a purpose-built solution for scalability.
11.41 miles Stack: TOR01B
Stack Infrastructure's TOR01B facility is just seven miles away from 151 Front Street. The 24MW phase of development features committed power from Toronto Hydro from three diverse substations using 100% renewable energy sources.
13.40 miles Urbacon Toronto - 281 Front Street
At the intersection of Front Street East and Parliament Street, 281 Front is less than one and a half kilometres from Canada’s financial heart, and directly abutting 151 Front Street, which is Toronto's carrier hotel.
13.44 miles Equinix Toronto TR2
TR2 is also known as Parliament Street Data Centre TR2 has metro connections to TR1, which is home to one of Canada's largest financial trading ecosystems. TR2 hosts Internet Exchange, Ethernet Exchange and Equinix Cloud Exchange™ connectivity to TR1.
13.52 miles TNW Toronto
13.71 miles eStruxture TOR-2
13.75 miles Equinix Toronto TR4
The site was formerly known as "Q9 Toronto 2, 3, and 4" which were acquired by Equinix from Bell Canada in 2020.
13.79 miles CenriLogic Toronto
13.90 miles Priority Colo TOR1
13.90 miles eStruxture TOR-1
13.90 miles Digital Realty 151 Front
13.90 miles 151 Front Street
151 Front Street is Canada's largest carrier hotel, where the telecom, Internet service providers, and content companies colocate to exchange traffic (peer) between their respective networks.
13.90 miles Equinix Toronto TR1
Equinix's facilities in Toronto has a long history that includes several acquisitions. The original suites now operated by Equinix at 151 Front Street began with RACO, a Canadian company that Switch and Data acquired in 2004.
13.90 miles Neutral Data Toronto
13.90 miles Cologix Toronto TOR1
Cologix operates seven discrete Toronto data centres at 151 Front Street West (TOR 1), Canada’s largest and most important carrier hotel.
13.91 miles 250 Front Street - Allied
Also known as the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the building is a block away from Allied's carrier hotel, 151 Front Street.
14.27 miles Cologix Toronto TOR2
Cologix’s second Toronto data centre site at 905 King Street (TOR 2) was built using standards for concurrent maintainability for space, power, mechanical systems and security. The TOR 2 data centre can be utilized as a stand-alone, diverse bypass facility to Cologix's TOR 1 data centre at 151 Front Street.
14.27 miles Contegix Toronto
14.27 miles Beanfield 905 King St
14.27 miles 905 King Street W
14.75 miles Beanfield 23 Fraser
16.74 miles Cogent Mississauga
17.71 miles Canada15Edge Toronto West
18.73 miles Compass Toronto Etobicoke
18.74 miles TeraGo Mississauga
18.86 miles Equinix Brampton TR6
18.89 miles Equinix Brampton TR7
The site was formerly known as "Q9 Toronto Two" which was acquired by Equinix in 2020 from Bell Canada.
18.91 miles eStruxture TOR-3 (Etobicoke)

Priority Colo TOR2 Data Center Photos

Cold Aisle Containment
Source: Priority Colo

Row of lockable cabinets
Source: Priority Colo

Network between TOR1 and TOR2
Posted in Priority Colo
Source: Priority Colo

Operating Company

Priority Colo was founded by Myles Loosley-Millman, a young entrepreneur in Toronto, who started out by providing colocation services to small businesses in a single 50 sq ft cage in 2002. Word-of-mouth and a strong reputation for reliability and consistency in the colocation and telecommunications community led to steady growth year over year.

2 Facilities Owned
1 Markets Served
1.32 Megawatts
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