Lumen Phoenix 1

801 South 16th Street

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Former Global Crossing site

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801 South 16th Street
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Distance Site About
0.07 miles CenturyLink: 811 S. 16th
0.18 miles Windstream Phoenix
1.66 miles XO: 120 Van Buren
1.66 miles AIS Van Buren (VBDC)
1.66 miles 120 E Van Buren - Digital Realty
120 E Van Buren is Phoenix's carrier hotel and the building is the best connected in Phoenix. The building is also home to many colocation operators including AIS, QTS, Sungard, XO
1.67 miles QTS Phoenix Van Buren
QTS acquired this site via the Carpathia acquisition in 2015.
2.74 miles PhoenixNAP-Phoenix
2.74 miles Cyxtera Phoenix PH1
2.89 miles Lumen Phoenix 2
3.06 miles STACK Phoenix PHX02 Campus
3.08 miles XO: 3930 Watkins
3.31 miles QTS Phoenix
QTS expansion with an 84-acre campus with 5 planned buildings with 280 MW of critical power
3.42 miles DataBank Phoenix PHX1
3.89 miles eBay Arizona
eBay's data center is also known as Project Mercury.
4.15 miles Internap Phoenix
4.15 miles Iron Mountain Phoenix
Iron Mountain acquired the site in January 2018 in a $1.34 Billion acquisition of IO Datacenter's operations in the United States which included 4 sites (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Edison New Jersey, and Columbus Ohio) 41-acre Iron Mountain Hyperscale-Ready campus 588,000 gross square feet 32 MW – redundant feeds
4.15 miles redIT Phoenix
4.19 miles DataBank PHX2
5.41 miles EdgeConneX Phoenix
6.32 miles OneNeck Phoenix 2
9.41 miles Blue Cross Blue Shield Phoenix
9.41 miles Expedient Phoenix
The site was originally a build-to-suit Tier-III data center for Blue Cross commissioned in 2010, the data center is part of a complex of Blue Cross-occupied facilities
9.84 miles Liquid Web Phoenix
10.73 miles 2055 E Technology - Digital Realty
Located in the Arizona State University Research Park and downtown Phoenix Central Business District, the facility was redeveloped in 2007. Digital Realty's 76,000 square foot data center at 2055 E. Technology Circle is approximately 15 miles away from downtown Phoenix. The building is SOC2 certified with 24/7 security and critical facilities management.
10.89 miles Evoque PHX1
10.90 miles 2010 East Centennial
Digital Realty sold the office & data center building in 2018 to an unnamed company. We believe Fox Sports is the tenant.
13.39 miles 2500 W Frye
13.39 miles Internap Phoenix 2500 W Frye Rd
The site was launched in 2018 in conjunction with Lincoln Rackhouse, Internap's landlord
13.98 miles OneNeck Phoenix 1
14.46 miles 1900 S Price - Digital Realty
The Building is 1 story Flood Zone: Zone X Seismic Zone: Zone 1
14.62 miles H5 Phoenix
H5 acquired the site when it bought NextFort in January 2016H5 acquired the site when it bought NextFort in January 20
14.67 miles 2121 S Price - Digital Realty
In 2010, DRT acquired this site from 365 Main portfolio.
14.67 miles redIT Chandler
14.90 miles CyrusOne PHX9
14.97 miles CyrusOne PHX10
15.00 miles CyrusOne PHX2
15.00 miles CyrusOne PHX3
15.04 miles Aligned: PHX-04
Construction began in July 2022.
15.10 miles Aligned: PHX-06
PHX06 is a two-phase development that will total 456,946 SqFt
15.10 miles CyrusOne Chandler Phoenix Campus
CyrusOne plans to build nearly 2 million square-feet data center campus. There are two buildings on the campus currently
15.11 miles CyrusOne PHX1
15.15 miles CyrusOne PHX5
15.19 miles CyrusOne PHX4
15.24 miles CyrusOne PHX6
15.26 miles CyrusOne PHX8
15.34 miles CyrusOne PHX7
15.41 miles Prime Phoenix
15.52 miles Aligned Phoenix
At full buildout the 550,000sqft facility will have 62 MW of capacity. 12.5MW Phase 1.
15.52 miles VPLS PX1
16.13 miles Aligned: PHX-08
16.20 miles Aligned: PHX-07
16.54 miles 20435 N 26th
16.56 miles Cyxtera Phoenix PH2
16.56 miles Iron Mountain Scottsdale
Arizona Public Service, the electric utility provider, serves the site with 24MW of utility power
16.56 miles LexisNexis Scottsdale
16.80 miles Cybertrails Phoenix
17.09 miles Flexential Phoenix Deer Valley
Flexential's Phoenix site is former ViaWest. A and B source power circuit delivery capabilities Multiple medium voltage utility power feeds
18.01 miles STACK Phoenix
18.11 miles Stream Goodyear AZ
Phoenix I is the first of five 40MW buildings.
18.59 miles Microsoft PHX11
18.59 miles Microsoft PHX10
18.97 miles Compass Phoenix
18.98 miles Vantage Phoenix
In January 2019 Vantage announced it acquired 50 acres outside Phoenix in Goodyear, Arizona, to build a 160MW mega-scale data center campus. Construction began in early 2019, with the first 32MW phase coming online in 2022.
19.08 miles Microsoft El Mirage

Lumen Phoenix 1 Data Center Photos

Operating Company

The combined company of CenturyLink and Level(3) has one of the largest networks in the world.

The combined company of CenturyLink and Level 3 is a patchwork of data centers that span over Europe, North America, and Latin America. The data centers came through acquisitions that include Global Crossing (2011) and TW Telecom (2014).

A Timeline of Level 3 Acquisitions

  • 2020: CenturyLink rebrands as Lumen Technologies
  • 2017: CenturyLink acquired Level 3's data centers and network for $34 billion
  • 2015: Black Lotus (for Level3's DDoS mitigation product)
  • 2014 Level 3 acquired TW Telecom for $5.7 billion
  • 2012 Level 3 acquired Voxility
  • 2011 Level 3 acquired Global Crossing (GX) for $2.0 Billion
  • 2007: Level(3) acquired Broadwing for $1.4 billion
  • 2006: Level(3) acquired Progress Telecom for $137 million
  • 2006: Level3 acquired Looking Glass Networks for $96 million
  • 2006: Level3 acquired Telcove (Adelphia Business Solutions) for $1.2 billion
  • 2006: Level3 acquired ICG Communications for $163 million
  • 2005: Level 3 acquired WilTel for $680 million
  • 2002: Level3 acquired Genuity for $242 million
281 Facilities Owned
164 Markets Served
93.8 Megawatts
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