Data Foundry Houston 2

660 Greens Pkwy

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Data Foundry's Houston 2 site their largest purpose-built data center and is situated on 18 acres in North Houston.


  • Houston 2’s power design is 100% concurrently maintainable.
  • Dual underground, concrete-encased utility feeds
  • Closed-transition Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Fault tolerance and concurrent maintainability for single and dual-corded loads
  • 1500 kW PowerWare 9395 UPS lineups per power train
  • N+1 to 2N redundancy available
  • Multiple 2.25 MW Cummins diesel engine-generators
  • 40,000 gallons of fuel on site


  • Houston 2's concurrently maintainable chilled water cooling system is ideal for High Performance Computing (HPC), supporting 50 kW cabinets and blade server environments.
  • 550-ton VFD York chillers with fast restart
  • N+1 redundancy
  • 2800 CFM chilled water Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAHs)
  • N+20% redundancy


  • Built above the 500-year flood plain
  • 12 minutes from George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • A multitude of hotels and restaurants within a 1-mile radius
  • Located in an area of dense fiber-optic connectivity
  • Independent power grid

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660 Greens Pkwy
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Sites within 15 miles of Data Foundry Houston 2

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Distance Site About
0.54 miles Lumen Houston 1
0.55 miles Cogent: 12061 N Freeway
Cogent's 27,000 sqft data center in Houston offers retail colocation
0.56 miles 12001-12235 North Freeway - Digital Realty
Located in Greenspoint, the Digital North Freeway campus consists of multiple buildings. SunGard, Fibertown, and Level3 are all Digital tenants on the campus.
0.57 miles Fibertown Houston
1.38 miles Windstream Houston
Previously a PAETEC data center
3.73 miles Equinix Houston HO1
Equinix acquired HO1 as well as 28 other datacenters from Verizon in 2017. It was formerly named Verizon IAH1.
8.54 miles TRG Spring TX
8.73 miles Lument Houston 5
10.55 miles DataBank Westway Park II
10.58 miles DataBank Westway Park I
DataBank’s HOU1 data center is located on on the Westway Park Campus, 20 mins west of downtown Houston, just off Beltway 8 between I-10 and 290
10.87 miles Databank Westway Park III
At full build the site will offer up to 640,000 square feet of data center shell with 450,000sqft of raised floor. The first phase is approximately 320,000 square feet of shell.
12.86 miles Lumen Houston 4
12.96 miles Lumen Houston 3
13.37 miles LOGIX Houston (777 Walker)
The 777 Walker data center is only one city block from the Alpheus fiber network hub at 1010 Travis, and is interconnected with it on a high capacity DWDM system.
13.37 miles Two Shell Plaza (777 Walker)
13.40 miles Quasar Data Center Houston
13.76 miles Verizon: 1301 Fannin
13.76 miles 1301 Fannin - Netrality Houston
1301 Fannin Street is a 25 story 1.1 million square building which was acquired in 2015 by Netrality. 1301 Fannin is the primary telecom hotel and interconnection point in Houston. Netrality operates as a carrier-neutral facility manages the Meet Me Room
13.85 miles Data Foundry Houston 1
The Houston 1 data center is an 8,000 square foot facility located in the Marathon Oil Tower near downtown Houston and the city’s business district. The facility is elevated 72 feet above street level and features four points of fiber entry and redundant, private fiber transports to Data Foundry’s Houston 2 data center.
14.71 miles Verizon: 2401 Portsmouth
Former XO Communications site
15.07 miles LOGIX 4635 Southwest Fwy
The site was previously operated by Alpheus Communications before it was acquired by Logix.
15.09 miles DataBank Houston Galleria
The data center is conveniently located near three major business districts: Galleria, Greenway Plaza, and Downtown.
16.43 miles Consolidated Woodlands
Purpose-built stand-alone data center building, hardened to withstand 185 MPH winds and uplift Dual underground power feeds from two separate substations
16.45 miles Stream Houston - Woodlands
• Building is hardened to withstand 185 MPH winds and uplift
• Three (3) independent Private Data Center Suites, each with 10,000 SF of raised floor
• Dual underground electric utility feeds power from two substations
• Potential to scale to 6.75 MW of 2N critical load
• Tier III certified by Uptime Institute
17.72 miles Prescott Realty Group-5959 Corporate

Data Foundry Houston 2 Data Center Photos

Data Foundry's 2nd Houston Data Center is in Greenspoint
Source: Data Foundry

Operating Company

Data Foundry is a privately held company, headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Founded in 1994 originally as, it was the first Internet Service Provider in San Antonio, and one of the initial 50 Internet Service Provider in the United States. changed its name to Data Foundry in 2005 to recognize its national and international customer base, and today it is a worldwide trusted data center owner/operator.

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houston-2 August 2019

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