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Located in the central business district, at 15th Street and Champa, 1500 Champa is an ideal carrier hotel building for companies looking for switch site locations, co-location facilities, data centers, disaster recovery and points of presence in downtown Denver.

1500 Champa is housed with state of the art building systems. 1500 Champa provides an infrastructure ideal for the special needs required by telecommunication carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, collocation companies, Internet service providers and other bandwidth intensive users.

▪ Large floor plates – 138,116/sf building with large floor plates and substantial floor load capacity to support the weight of switching equipment, batteries, and transformers. Structural engineers have tested the building and determined that the live floor load capacity is in excess of 100/lbs throughout.
▪ Access – 1500 Champa provides access to the building and the tenants premises 24 hours and day, 7 days a week. Tenants will also have access to all of their equipment areas, generators, supplemental HVAC, conduits and antennas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
▪ 24/7 Air Conditioning and Cooling – With the extensive cooling required by telecom equipment, 1500 Champa has designated pad site locations available on the roof at no additional charge, for tenants to install their own condensing units and drycoolers to service their cooling needs. Tenants are allowed easements and riser space required for any necessary connections.
▪ Meet-Me-Room – Tenants will also be provided with access to one of two building Meet-Me rooms, where tenants may interconnect and tie into each other’s networks. Tenants will be provided with a secured cage or cabinet in the Meet-Me room to place their equipment at no additional charge. The Landlord provides 24 x 7 HVAC, FM-200 fire suppression, cable trays, power circuits, secured cages, and security inside the Meet Me rooms. Currently 13 fiber providers service the Meet-Me rooms.
▪ Conduits and Risers – Ample conduit space is available for tenants to run fiber optic cables, generator, supplemental HVAC, GPS antennae, ground conductor and generator monitoring lines. There are no riser or conduit fees charged to tenants. Space will also be made available for tenants to run additional conduits for direct connections to other telecom tenants in the building and out to fiber vaults in the street.
▪ Generator Pad Sites – 1500 Champa is one of the few buildings downtown that has secure pad sites available for tenants that require generators for backup power to their equipment. Generators can be placed on the roof of the building on a specially designed roof rack mounting system. Tenants will have the right to test their generators on a weekly basis and will be allowed the benefit of any easement or riser space required for connections.
▪ High Grade Electrical Power – 1500 Champa currently offers 10,000 amps of 480 volt, three phase power. Tenants can also contract directly with Public Service for separately metered power service to accommodate their specific requirements. A massive transformer vault has recently been installed in the basement of 1500 Champa to accommodate any tenants additional power requirements.
▪ Fuel Storage Tanks – 1500 Champa currently has demised fuel storage tank bays available to place fuel storage tanks in the basement of the building. The configuration of the generator farm at 1500 Champa enables each fuel storage tank to have a capacity of up to 12,000 gallons of diesel fuel with special fire rated enclosures.
▪ Space Condition – Space within 1500 Champa will be delivered in a clean and complete shell (slab to slab) condition ready for tenant finish.
▪ Ceiling Heights – The first floor has a 16’ 9” foot clear height. The second floor has a 11’ 6” foot clear height.
▪ Column Spacing – Typically 24’ x 21’.
▪ Antennae Placement – Numerous pad sites are available on the 42,000/sf roof of 1500 Champa for the placement of tenants antennae’s. Tenants will not be charged for antennae pad sites and will be allowed easements and riser space in connection.
▪ Co-location Rights – Tenants will have the right to connect to their customer’s equipment within the premises and or provide a portion of their premises to their customers and vendors at no additional charge.
▪ Fire Suppression – Tenants have the ability to install their own FM 200 fire suppression system independent of the building systems. A building water riser is in place for tenants to tap into for their own wet pre-action fire protection systems.
▪ Thermal Break – 1500 Champa has no windows, which provides a more stable and secure technical environment, than a traditional building, by providing a thermal break from exterior elements.
▪ Security – 1500 Champa provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on site security. A state of the art security system is also in place for tenants, with an alarm system monitoring all points of ingress and egress to the building. Floor access is controlled by elevator keypad, which allows tenants the security they require. 1500 Champa also has 24 x 7 closed circuit television monitoring.
▪ Freight Elevators – Two large 6 x 8 freight elevators located right on the loading dock provide ease of entry for Tenants equipment into the building. The elevators have a capacity of 3,000/lbs and have removable high hats that can accommodate any size rack. Equipment can remain palletized as it is unloaded from the truck and brought directly into the Tenants suite.
▪ Fiber Optic Network – Located adjacent to the Denver Gas and Electric building (Denver’s incumbent carrier hotel building), Qwest’s central switching office, and AT&T’s Denver Main, 1500 Champa is the ideal building in Denver for a telecom carrier hotel. Telecom and data center users can reduce telecommunication link charges by being in the heart of a massive fiber optic intersection. 1500 Champa provides tenants with multiple fiber feeds into the building. Tenants will also have the ability to bring their own fiber into the building and connect with existing fiber service at no additional charge through the building Meet-Me rooms.

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1500 Champa Street
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