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American Tower Corporation (also referred to as American Tower or ATC) is an American publicly held company, owner and operator of wireless and broadcast communications infrastructure in several countries. American Tower is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and has local offices worldwide. The company was formed in 1995 as a unit of American Radio Systems, and was spun off from that company in 1998 when that company merged with CBS Corporation. Following the merger, American Tower began international expansion by establishing operations in Mexico in 1998 and Brazil in 1999. The company is structured as a real estate investment trust (REIT.) Source: Wikipedia

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CoreSite SV9

CoreSite is adding its ninth data center in Santa Clara, California. The new 240,000-square-foot (22,300 sqm), facility – known as SV9 and located at 2915 Stender Way – will offer 34MW of IT load, including a new on-site utility substation.

CoreSite Somerville BO1

CoreSite’s Boston data center (BO1) borders Cambridge and Boston’s central business district, serving the many healthcare, financial, technological and educational enterprises located in the area.

CoreSite Reston VA3

As part of VA3 Phase 1B, CoreSite will build the shell of an 80,000 Gross sqft, 12 megawatt building, and a 77,000 NRSF centralized infrastructure building. which will serve the entire VA3 property.

CoreSite Miami MI1

CoreSite’s MI1 data center in Miami provides connectivity from the U.S. to South America, as well as existing and scalable connectivity to NAP of the Americas. Built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

CoreSite Los Angeles (LA2) 900 N Alameda

CoreSite's LA2 facility at 900 N Alameda is an elegant building that was built in 1940 as a Postal Annex. It was the central mail processing facility for Los Angeles until 1989. The site is now owned by CoreSite and is being incrementally converted to data center space.

Colo Atl-55 Marietta

Colo Atl has no monthly recurring cross connect fees between tenants and provides exceptional customer service.

CoreSite DE2

CoreSite DE2

Located in Denver

This is the legacy Comfluent Denver 2 site that is adjacent to the Level 3's Denver gateway site

CoreSite Los Angeles (LA1) One Wilshire

CoreSite's Any2 IXP (Peering Exchange) is the largest public IXP in the Western United States. The Unity Trans-Pacific submarine cable, also lands in the building, which provides undersea connectivity to Asia.

CoreSite Denver DE1

Acquired from Comfluent, data center has the acted as the defacto building Meet-Me Room until 910Telecom set up its own MMR.

CoreSite Chicago CH2

In February 2018, CoreSite acquired a two-acre land parcel in downtown Chicago, Illinois, on which CoreSite built CH2, a greenfield development of a 175,000-square-foot, turn-key, four-story data center supporting 18 critical megawatts of power capacity. The building was completed in June 2020.

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0007-slk-prod-azure-20161219 June 2019

CoreSite marketing slick describing how to make connections from CoreSite locations to Microsoft Azure's ExpressRoute service.

idc-coresite-white-paper September 2018

IDC Vendor Profile for Coresite

credit_suisse-coresite_realty_equity_report-cor-2018 January 2018

CS CoreSite Equity Research Report (2018)

credit_suisse-coresite_realty_equity_report-cor-2017 June 2017

CS CoreSite Equity Research Report (2017)