Site: NTT Frankfurt 3

Company: NTT
Metro: Frankfurt
State: Hesse
Country: Germany / Deutschland
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Short Code: FRA3
Karl-Landsteiner-Ring 4

Gross SqFt: 304,619
Total Power: ??? NN
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e-shelter Frankfurt 3 Campus is located in the business park "Blauer See" in Rüsselsheim. The site was opened at the end of 2015 and now has two buildings. Each building is 4,400 m² of computer center space, an office and reception building and a separate area for emergency workstations.


  • Power supply at 110 kV level from two substations from two separate feeds as well as additional supply by second provider at 20 kV level
  • Own substation with two 110/20 kV transformers n+1
  • Two separate UPS systems (A- and B-supply) and redundant emergency power system with diesel generators


  • Monitoring by e-shelter own 24/7 Security Command and Control Center with security personnel from e-shelter security on-site
  • Standardized security processes and the 7-level security system secure the tenant areas and technical operations
  • Access control via non-contact chip and PIN or optional biometrics signature
  • Secured perimeter zones with electronically monitored security fencing system, incorporating anti-climb and anti-tunneling protection


  • Carrier-neutral
  • Carrier-mix from global Tier 1 supplier to local supplier
  • Via our partner IX Reach direct connection to international internet exchanges
  • Cross-Connects are realized via dedicated, redundant designed pipelines
  • Datacenter Connects between e-shelter data center Frankfurt 3 and other e-shelter locations, e.g. Campus Frankfurt 1 and Berlin; on request as well to commercial third-party data centers in the Rhein-Main area

Map and Nearby Locations:

Karl-Landsteiner-Ring 4

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Outside of Frankfurt3
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Side of the Facility
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Under Construction
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Under Construction in 2014
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Under Construction in 2014
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Empty Colocation Room Ready for a Deployment
Modern Style in the Customer Area
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German Colocation Matrix (2017) Rankings by Research in Action
Posted in Germany / Deutschland
Source: Computer World and Research in Action

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