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Rebstöcker Str. 25

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Rebstöcker Str. 25
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0.00 miles NewTelco Frankfurt (Rebstöckerstrasse)
0.05 miles Amazon FRA50
0.07 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR5
0.07 miles ITENOS Frankfurt
0.13 miles Level3 Frankfurt (Kleyerstraße)
0.29 miles Verizon Frankfurt
0.29 miles Telehouse Frankfurt
0.56 miles Level3 Frankfurt (Rüsselsheimer)
0.58 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR7
0.58 miles INAP FRA Gutleutstraße 310
0.79 miles euNetworks Frankfurt
1.30 miles Digital Lyoner Strasse 28
1.90 miles CyrusOne Frankfurt FRA7
1.96 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR4 FR6
2.02 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR8
Located in the Lärchenstrasse Campus, FR8 data center provides secure, resilient colocation services covered by 100% renewable energy.
2.36 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR1
2.36 miles Rackspace Frankfurt FRA1
2.38 miles Amazon FRA54
2.39 miles NTT Frankfurt 1 Campus
The almost 54,000 sqm campus, which is owned by e-shelter, offers space for five free-standing buildings
2.40 miles Colt Frankfurt City
2.55 miles Global Switch Frankfurt
Global Switch’s Frankfurt campus – comprising two data centres – Frankfurt North (launching 2019) and Frankfurt South is located close to the financial district and city centre and Frankfurt International Airport is just 15 minutes away by car.
2.59 miles Colt Frankfurt Three
2.63 miles Colt Frankfurt West
Colt's new data center in Sossenheim is under construction and will be delivered in Q4 2021
2.77 miles Digital Realty FRA29
2.79 miles Digital Frankfurt Sossenheim
Located within an established data centre hub to the north west of Frankfurt, Digital Frankfurt – Wilhelm Fay Strasse provides a campus of 3 buildings, totaling 180,000 sqft. of net technical space. Each building provides 6 data suites of 10,000 sqft (Net space), together with 60,000 sq. ft. of ancillary space including dedicated offices, de-box rooms, test rooms and dedicated plant areas.
2.79 miles Digital Realty FRA32
2.79 miles Digital Realty FRA31
2.91 miles CyrusOne Frankfurt IV
2.92 miles CyrusOne Frankfurt II
The facility was previously known as Zenium Frankfurt Two.
2.92 miles CyrusOne Frankfurt I
2.92 miles CyrusOne Frankfurt III
4.33 miles First Colo Frankfurt
4.42 miles NTT Frankfurt 2
4.65 miles Goodman: FRA II
Located at the former printing plant of German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau
4.81 miles Cyxtera Frankfurt FR6
4.85 miles Amazon FRA52
4.90 miles Interxion Frankfurt Campus
Interxion's Frankfurt campus has the densest concentration networks in Frankfurt. The campus consists of 15 buildings that are all within a few block radius.
4.94 miles maincubes FRA01
The IT area is 4,200sqm, on three levels with two IT rooms of 700 sqm each
4.94 miles Keppel Maincubes Frankfurt
5.01 miles Vantage FRA1
5.37 miles Iron Mountain Frankfurt FRA-1
Iron Mountain developed FRA-1 thanks to a joint venture with AGC Equity Partners and in 2021 added FRA-2 through acquisition.
5.46 miles Interxion FRA23
5.48 miles Interxion FRA17
5.51 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR11x
5.56 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR9x
5.64 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR2
Located in Frankfurt, Germany's capital, Equinix FR2 is a financial low latency trading hub where many financial market participants deploy to get a low latency edge.
5.65 miles Interxion FRA18
5.70 miles Interxion FRA20
5.72 miles Interxion FRA27
5.77 miles Keppel Kelsterbach
The data centre has a total lettable area of approximately 540,869 sqft, and fully leased on a triple-net basis until the end of 2025.
6.28 miles Citigroup Frankfurt
6.36 miles STACK FRAL1
6.64 miles Iron Mountain Frankfurt FRA-2
The facility was previously known as "Keppel DC Frankfurt 1 (KDC FRA 1)" before being acquired by Iron Mountain in July 2021.
6.68 miles IBM Frankfurt
7.05 miles NTT Frankfurt 4
7.25 miles Digital Realty: Digital Park Hattersheim Campus
The first 10MW phase is went live in at the end of 2023, with full build-out of 40 total MWs is scheduled by Q4 2026.
7.71 miles CloudHQ Offenbach Campus
8.12 miles China Mobile Frankfurt
9.57 miles Vantage FRA2
11.81 miles Amazon FRA53
11.85 miles NTT Frankfurt 3
e-shelter Frankfurt 3 Campus is located in the business park "Blauer See" in Rüsselsheim.
14.05 miles CyrusOne Frankfurt V
15.15 miles Yondr: Frankfurt
18.03 miles NewTelco: Karlstein, Germany
German data center provider NewTelco has opened a new data center with an IT capacity of 5MW in Karlstein am Main, Germany. The facility is located in the Karlstein municipality just east of Frankfurt.
19.24 miles ITecon Mainz

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German Colocation Matrix (2017) Rankings by Research in Action
Posted in Germany / Deutschland
Source: Computer World and Research in Action

Operating Company

The combined company of CenturyLink and Level(3) has one of the largest networks in the world.

The combined company of CenturyLink and Level 3 is a patchwork of data centers that span over Europe, North America, and Latin America. The data centers came through acquisitions that include Global Crossing (2011) and TW Telecom (2014).

A Timeline of Level 3 Acquisitions

  • 2020: CenturyLink rebrands as Lumen Technologies
  • 2017: CenturyLink acquired Level 3's data centers and network for $34 billion
  • 2015: Black Lotus (for Level3's DDoS mitigation product)
  • 2014 Level 3 acquired TW Telecom for $5.7 billion
  • 2012 Level 3 acquired Voxility
  • 2011 Level 3 acquired Global Crossing (GX) for $2.0 Billion
  • 2007: Level(3) acquired Broadwing for $1.4 billion
  • 2006: Level(3) acquired Progress Telecom for $137 million
  • 2006: Level3 acquired Looking Glass Networks for $96 million
  • 2006: Level3 acquired Telcove (Adelphia Business Solutions) for $1.2 billion
  • 2006: Level3 acquired ICG Communications for $163 million
  • 2005: Level 3 acquired WilTel for $680 million
  • 2002: Level3 acquired Genuity for $242 million
280 Facilities Owned
121 Markets Served
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