Site: CyrusOne Frankfurt II

Company: CyrusOne
Metro: Frankfurt
State: Hesse
Country: Germany / Deutschland
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Gross SqFt: 80,729
Usable SqFt: 27,542
Total Power: ??? NN
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The facility was previously known as Zenium Frankfurt Two.


  • 8,395 sq m (27,542 sq ft) of technical space within one building over five floors
  • Floor loading 12 kN per sq m
  • Delivery bay with access to two 3-tonne goods lifts
  • Bespoke and scalable data halls
  • Dedicated offices, buildroom and/or ancillary space adjacent to each hall, built to your requirements
  • On-site electric vehicle charging points


  • Operated with 17.6 MW of IT power
  • Active / Active 110 kV dual redundant power supplies with fully flexible IT power solutions
  • Connection to the European high voltage grid via two independent substations
  • N+N power solutions dedicated to each hall
  • Minimum N+N UPS with 10-minute battery back-up as standard
  • Fully rated N+1 MV back-up generators with 48-hour fuel autonomy at full load, capable of continuous running
  • Re-fueling contracts in place to ensure timely replacement
  • All IT power metered and charged as consumed at dedicated MV meters

Map and Nearby Locations:

Leonhard-Heißwolf-Straße 4, 65936 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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0.00 miles CyrusOne Frankfurt I 53,819 36.00
0.01 miles CyrusOne Frankfurt III 123,786 22.00
0.06 miles CyrusOne Frankfurt IV 51,667 11.00
0.13 miles Digital Frankfurt Sossenheim 179,757 27.00
0.29 miles Colt Frankfurt West 107,639 25.20
0.69 miles Global Switch Frankfurt 304,705 22.40
0.80 miles NTT Frankfurt 1 Campus 699,654 62.00
0.82 miles Amazon FRA54
2.09 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR4 FR6 86,002
2.13 miles Equinix Frankfurt FR8 51,600

CONE FRankfurt 2 Site
Floor Layout of CyrusOne's Frankfurt II Building
Source: CyrusOne
Zenium Topping Out Ceremony of their 2nd Facility in FRA
Source: Zenium
Second Zenium Facility Under Construction
Source: Zenium
German Colocation Matrix (2017) Rankings by Research in Action
Posted in Germany / Deutschland
Source: Computer World and Research in Action

October 2018

Frankfurt II Data Sheet (PDF)