CyrusOne Frankfurt II

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Site: CyrusOne Frankfurt II

Company: CyrusOne
Metro: Frankfurt
State: Hesse
Country: Germany / Deutschland
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Address: Leonhard-Heißwolf-Straße 4, 65936 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Gross SqFt: 80,729
Usable SqFt: 27,542
Total Power: 17.6 Megawatts

The facility was previously known as Zenium Frankfurt Two.


  • 8,395 sq m (27,542 sq ft) of technical space within one building over five floors
  • Floor loading 12 kN per sq m
  • Delivery bay with access to two 3-tonne goods lifts
  • Bespoke and scalable data halls
  • Dedicated offices, buildroom and/or ancillary space adjacent to each hall, built to your requirements
  • On-site electric vehicle charging points


  • Operated with 17.6 MW of IT power
  • Active / Active 110 kV dual redundant power supplies with fully flexible IT power solutions
  • Connection to the European high voltage grid via two independent substations
  • N+N power solutions dedicated to each hall
  • Minimum N+N UPS with 10-minute battery back-up as standard
  • Fully rated N+1 MV back-up generators with 48-hour fuel autonomy at full load, capable of continuous running
  • Re-fueling contracts in place to ensure timely replacement
  • All IT power metered and charged as consumed at dedicated MV meters

Map and Nearby Locations:

Leonhard-Heißwolf-Straße 4, 65936 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Floor Layout of CyrusOne's Frankfurt II Building
Source: CyrusOne
Zenium Topping Out Ceremony of their 2nd Facility in FRA
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Second Zenium Facility Under Construction
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October 2018

Frankfurt II Data Sheet (PDF)