Microsoft DUB 13

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Sites within 15 miles of Microsoft DUB 13

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Distance Site About
0.08 miles Microsoft DUB 12
0.16 miles Microsoft DUB 10
0.21 miles Microsoft DUB 15
0.23 miles Microsoft DUB 08
0.25 miles Microsoft DUB 09
0.27 miles Microsoft DUB 14
0.30 miles Equinix Dublin DB2
Located in Grange Castle business park, DB2 is a former Telecity site that was acquired by Equinix in January 2016.
0.30 miles Microsoft DUB 07
0.36 miles Microsoft DUB 06
0.40 miles Microsoft Dublin Grange Castle
Commissioned in 2009, the site was Microsoft's first data center outside of the United States.
0.41 miles Microsoft Dublin DB3 Grange
0.41 miles Google Dublin Grange Castle
South Data Center is two stories and approximately 80,000 sqft. The North data center is two stories and approximately 230,000 sqft
0.43 miles Digital Grange Castle
0.46 miles CyrusOne Dublin I
0.53 miles Digital Profile Park Dublin
Digital Realty owns the 10 acre site at Profile Park and will have access to both power and fiber. The company has secured planning approval to construct 193,384 gross sq ft in two phases and over four buildings.
0.65 miles Edgeconnex Dublin
EdgeConnex plans to build two more of the high-tech facilities at its existing site in Lucan, Dublin. The Lucan business park is also home to a massive Microsoft data centre facility
0.67 miles EdgeConnex DUB04
0.69 miles CyrusOne Dublin Grange Castle
Approved in October 2018, CyrusOne is building a three building campus with 74 MW of power.
0.74 miles Interxion Dublin DUB3
Located in the Grange Castle data centre cluster, the DUB3 data center will offer 2,300 square meters (approx 24,750 sq ft) in phase one and power densities of up to 2kW per square meter, with 4.6MW available for the entire data center.
0.83 miles EdgeConnex DUB05
1.98 miles Equinix Dublin DB1
1.98 miles BT Citywest Ireland Dublin
The BT data centre is adjacent to Equinix's DB1 site.
2.36 miles Keppel DC Dublin1
2.36 miles Amazon DUB-2
2.52 miles Echelon Clondalkin
3.51 miles Interxion Dublin 1
3.52 miles Interxion Dublin 2
3.64 miles Amazon DUB Jacob's Irish biscuits, Belgard Road
4.31 miles Amazon DUB-9
The Amazon AWS site is a former Tesco storage facility at Greenhills Industrial Estate in Dublin 24.
4.41 miles Amazon DUB-53
6.53 miles Facebook Clonee Ireland
Facebook broke ground on the Clonee data centre in 2016 and the first building became operational in December 2017. The centre is built on a 250-acre site that was formerly two farms adjoining the headquarters of the Kepak meat business.
6.66 miles Amazon DUB-8
6.90 miles Keppel DC Dublin 2
6.91 miles Keppel Dublin 2
6.98 miles Blanchardstown Dublin - Digital Realty
Digital Realty’s Blanchardstown Data Centre is a Tier Ill designed building, the two-story building is 120,000sqft. The facility also hosts Servecentric Blanchardstown in the building.
6.98 miles Servecentric Blanchardstown
7.01 miles Amazon Dublin Mulhuddart Campus
7.07 miles K2 Dublin 1
7.19 miles Amazon DUB-3
7.53 miles EngineNode Meath
The EngineNode campus is proposed to the North of the Facebook Clonee data center and South of the Bracetown Business Park.
7.60 miles Equinix Dublin DB3 & DB4
7.60 miles Equinix Dublin DB4
10.80 miles Amazon: ADSIL Clonshaugh
10.87 miles Amazon DUB-10-50-51
10.88 miles Amazon Clonshaugh Park
Amazon is planning to build two data center buildings in Clonshaugh close to existing and future planned facilities within the Clonshaugh Business and Technology Park. The site currently holds a former Ricoh building and was once earmarked for a T5 data center.
10.97 miles Amazon DUB4 and DUB7
10.97 miles Amazon DUB Clonshaugh
10.98 miles Digital Realty: Clonshaugh
11.04 miles GTT Dublin International Exchange Center
11.09 miles Vodafone Dublin
11.12 miles Verizon Dublin

Microsoft DUB 13 Data Center Photos

State of Azure Locations as of July 2019
Posted in Microsoft Azure
Source: Microsoft

Conceptual Azure Regions and Availability Zones diagram
Posted in Microsoft Azure
Source: Microsoft

Operating Company

Microsoft uses Containers (called ITPACs) to build out its data centers. These Containers are Shipping Containers fitted with all the necessary climate control, networking, server racks and other hardware necessary to be a “mini” data center all in one.

Azure Regions

An Azure region is a set of data centers deployed within a latency-defined perimeter and connected through a dedicated regional low-latency network.

With more global regions than any other cloud provider, Azure gives customers the flexibility to deploy applications where they need to. Azure is generally available in 46 regions around the world, with plans announced for 8 additional regions.


An Azure geography is a discrete market, typically containing two or more regions, that preserves data residency and compliance boundaries.

Geographies allow customers with specific data-residency and compliance needs to keep their data and applications close. Geographies are fault-tolerant to withstand complete region failure through their connection to our dedicated high-capacity networking infrastructure.

Availability Zones

Availability Zones are physically separate locations within an Azure region. Each Availability Zone is made up of one or more data centers equipped with independent power, cooling, and networking.

Availability Zones allow customers to run mission-critical applications with high availability and low-latency replication.

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2940.4 Megawatts
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