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Aligned Data Centers is an infrastructure technology company that offers colocation and build-to-scale solutions to cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers.

In early 2022, Aligned Energy was rebranded to Aligned Data Centers.

  • Operating 26 data centers in 8 markets.
  • Their largest faciilty is Aligned Phoenix.
  • The company hierarchy includes 1 subsidiary.
  • The company has 7 sites under construction.

26 Facilities Owned

8 Markets Served

Aligned Data Center Map

Aligned Locations

Aligned IAD03

Aligned IAD-03 is Aligned's third data center in Northern Virginia and first in Sterling. The four-story hyper-scale data center building offers 72MW across 430,000 sq ft (40,000 sq m).

Aligned Hillsboro PDX-01

Aligned's Hillsboro campus spreads across 27.2 acres of land at the intersection of NE 30th Ave. and NE Evergreen Rd. The initial data center facility, dubbed PDX-01, is anticipated to deliver 72MW of critical capacity.

Aligned IAD02

Aligned IAD-02 is the second building on Aligned's 26-acre campus in Ashburn, VA located at 21821 Uunet Dr. The facility has a 120 MW capacity.

Aligned: PHX-04

Aligned Energy Data Center PHX04 – has been under construction for months. Construction began in July 2022. At full buildout, the center will total 396,343SF. The site is located at the NEC of Price Road and Innovation Street.

Aligned: Pataskala

Aligned Data Centers, appears to be targeting Pataskala for its second development in the Buckeye State. Aligned broke into the Ohio market with a $202 million project in Sandusky.

Aligned ORD-02

Aligned's ORD-02 is a data center located in Northlake, IL near downtown Chicago. Part of Aligned's 18.5-acre hyperscale campus, ORD-02 offers exceptional connectivity at the convergence of over 12 metro/long-haul networks. At full build, ORD-02 building will provide 36MW of critical load capacity expandable to ~52 MW.

Aligned Phoenix

Aligned's PHX-01/02/03 data center campus in Union Hills, Phoenix, AZ, spans 550,000 sq ft with 180 MW of capacity.

Aligned Plano

Aligned Plano

Located in Dallas

Aligned's DFW-01 data center is located on a 19-acre campus at 2800 Summit Avenue in Plano. The facility offers 375000 gross square feet of space and 60 megawatts of power.

Aligned SLC-02

Aligned's SLC-02 Data Center is located in West Jordan, Utah. This is the second building of Aligned's Salt Lake City data center campus with 48MW capacity.

Aligned: DFW-03

Aligned: DFW-03

Located in Dallas

Aligned Data Centers is constructing a large data center building on 44 acres on the west side of North Star Road. The two-story building with external generators will total more than 429,603 square feet. A new electrical substation is also planned on the site.

Aligned Salt Lake City

Situated on 55 acres, including a dedicated on-site substation, the former Fairchild Semiconductor chip fabrication facility is being renovated to become a colocation data center delivering 34 MW of critical capacity.

Aligned: DFW-02

Aligned: DFW-02

Located in Dallas

Aligned DFW-02 is the second building of Aligned's Plano Data center campus. DFW-02 is part of a 19-acre campus offering 36 megawatts of critical capacity across 220,000 sq. ft.

Aligned Chicago ORD-01

Aligned's ORD-01 data center is a state-of-the-art facility located in Northlake, IL, just outside of downtown Chicago. At full build, Aligned’s Chicago campus covers 520,000 sq. ft. and offers ~ 100 MW of critical load.

Aligned SLC-04

Aligned's SLC-04 is located in West Valley City, Utah, which is part of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. SLC-04 is the first facility of approximately 270MW of new data center development that Aligned has planned.

Aligned: ORD-03

Aligned is about to build a datacenter campus after acquiring an assemblage of beleaguered office properties near O’Hare International. The company’s plan for the 36-acre site calls for a pair of two-story, 520,000-square-foot data centers.

Aligned Data Center Photos

Rendering of Aligned Energy in Dallas
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Construction progress as of June 2020 on Aligned's 2nd facility in SLC
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Rendering of the Aligned Energy data center campus in Ashburn, Virginia
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Rendering of Aligned two-building SLC Campus
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Rendering of the new facility
Posted in Aligned SLC-04

Rendering of the proposed Aligned data center in Sterling, VA
Posted in Aligned IAD03

Rendering of Aligned Chicago Data Center
Posted in Aligned Chicago ORD-01

Aligned SLC-02 data center
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Rendering of Aligned's SLC-03 data center
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Aligned SLC-04 data center
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Aligned's SLC-01 data center
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Aligned DFW-01 data center
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Aligned IAD-02 data center under construction
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Aligned's Sterling Data center IAD-03 under construction
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