Cleveland Data Center Market

The Cleveland data center market is located in the state of Ohio and ranked 49th largest market in United States and ranked 53rd in North America. Cleveland has 21 facilities with 901,065 sqft and 23 megawatts.

The top providers in Cleveland are Lumen Technologies (6 sites) and Involta with 3 facilities. The most popular facilities are H5 Cleveland Technology Center (CTC) and Lumen Akron 2.

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Market Facts

Cleveland Data Center Map

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Data Centers in Cleveland

Name Address Gross SqFt Type
Expedient Garfield Heights 1 15166 Neo Parkway 24,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Lumen Akron 2 110 S Arlington St 12,000 Gross SqFt Carrier
Cogent: 1621 Euclid 1621 Euclid Avenue 3,042 Gross SqFt Carrier
Involta-Akron 191 E Miller Ave 20,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Level3 Cleveland (1228 Euclid) 1228 Euclid Avenue Carrier
Fusion Connect Cleveland 1621 Euclid Ave
SecureData 365 Cleveland 1525 Rockwell Ave 12,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Verizon Cleveland 12,000 Gross SqFt Carrier
H5 Cleveland Technology Center (CTC) 1625 Rockwell Street 64,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Level3 Akron 520 South Main Street Carrier
Involta Canton 4726 Hills and Dales Rd NW 29,960 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Involta Independence 7300 E Pleasant Valley Road 10,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
T5@Cleveland 4100 W 150th Street 50,000 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
DataBank Cleveland CLE1 1255 Euclid Avenue 12,098 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Expedient Garfield Heights 2 15248 Neo Parkway 12,500 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Cleveland Clinic Brecksville 110,000 Gross SqFt Enterprise
Level3 Cleveland (1621 Euclid) 1621 Euclid Avenue Carrier
Lumen Cleveland (4000 Chester) 4000 Chester Avenue 3,500 Gross SqFt Carrier
DataBank Cleveland 1525 Rockwell 7,300 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
XO: 1525 Rockwell 1525 Rockwell Avenue Carrier
Level3 Garfield Heights 15467 Neo Parkway Carrier

Largest Providers in Cleveland

Lumen Technologies
Facilities: 6
Power: 3 MWs
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Facilities: 3
Power: 5 MWs
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Facilities: 2
Power: 1 MWs
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Expedient Data Centers
Facilities: 2
Power: 5 MWs
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Largest Data Centers in Cleveland

Location Gross SqFt Power (MW)
H5 Cleveland Technology Center (CTC) 64,000 SqFt
??? NN
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Cleveland Clinic Brecksville 110,000 SqFt
??? NN
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Expedient Garfield Heights 1 24,000 SqFt
??? NN
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T5@Cleveland 50,000 SqFt
??? NN
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Involta-Akron 20,000 SqFt
??? NN
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Sites Under Construction in Cleveland

Location Building SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Estimated Launch
T5@Cleveland 50,000 SqFt ??? NN
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About This Metro

Cleveland Colocation Providers

  • H5 owns and operates the Cleveland Technology Center (CTC), which is a Cleveland Carrier Hotel that spans from 1525 Rockwell Ave to 1625 Rockwell Ave.
  • XO, SecureData 365, and zColo (Zayo), operates a data center within H5’s CTC facility
  • Sungard operates a data center far South of Cleveland
  • Expedient has 3 small sites near Maple Heights