Verizon: 3 Allegheny Ctr

3 Allegheny Center

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Former XO Communications site

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3 Allegheny Center
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Distance Site About
0.06 miles Expedient Pittsburgh (North Side)
The site is known as Nova Place or "North Side". It was formerly known as Allegheny Center Mall (ACM)
0.08 miles DataBank Pittsburgh PIT1
0.80 miles Cogent: 650 Smithfield
0.95 miles DQE Communications Pittsburgh
1.25 miles H5 Pittsburgh
1.93 miles EdgeConneX Pittsburgh
2.56 miles Level3 Pittsburgh
2.58 miles Expedient Pittsburgh (Green Tree)
4.08 miles American Tower: Pittsburgh
4.61 miles Consolidated Evergreen
7.27 miles Ardent (Northern Data): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ardent Data Centers, a Northern Data Group company, has finalized the acquisition of a new data center site in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The 41,000 sq ft (3,900 sqm) building currently offers 5MW with an aim expand the site to 20MW;.
9.76 miles DataBank Pittsburgh PIT2
Databank acquired the facility in 2019 from PNC Bank in a sale-leaseback transaction. BNC Bank occupies the entire second floor.
14.43 miles Consolidated Rockpointe

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69 Facilities Owned
47 Markets Served
53.25 Megawatts
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